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Jan 04 2016

A Multicultural New Year in Brussels

There is one positive aspect to the Islamization of Europe; New Year celebrations are more vibrantly festive. Already more than a quarter of the population of Brussels is Muslim. This makes for colorful celebrations:

Belgian blog sites are reporting on mayhem in Brussels in New Year’s Eve (where they cancelled New Year’s celebrations entirely in a vain attempt to avoid Muslim violence). The stories are being buried/spun by media -despite their magnitude- because the EU, MSM, and Belgian government feel a persistent need to lie to their people about the reckless Islamic invasion they’ve brought upon Europe…

Violent scum described as ‘Belgian youths’ (by any site that dared report it) pushed a small car down the steps of a Brussels subway station as terrified (actual) Belgians on the escalator alongside watched it roll-on-by… nobody was hurt, but ironically it was some liberal’s electric car. …

Nearby, (perhaps the same) hoods actually blew-up a Christmas tree, but these ‘Belgian youths’ were also Moroccan in appearance and shouted ‘Alahhu Akbar’ as they departed the scene of the crime… a tradition with drunken Belgian youths, apparently.

On top of all that 804 cars burned throughout the city -and throughout the night- in the style of the Paris Muslim riots– causing millions of dollars of damage.

Things will be different after Muslims achieve a majority in Belgium. First it will resemble 1980s Lebanon, as the last non-Muslims are forced to convert or leave. Then it will resemble Syria.

Anyone who has helped import Islam into Europe or the USA is guilty of treason.

Caution: Muslims at play.

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