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Jan 09 2016

Open Thread


Via The Daily Ummah, on a tip from Bodhisattva.

  • ThisObamaNation

    It is NOT the meek who will inherit the earth, it is those who do not practice both control or abort their own children who will inherit the earth.

  • Jester

    Even a stopped clock (Saturday Night Live) is right twice a day…..

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  • US.Patriot1776

    Fmr Pacific Fleet Admiral: Seal Six Shoot-down a ‘Capital Crime’

    (THE UNITED WEST) Tom Trento, executive producer of the new movie “Fallen Angel – The Cover-up of the Shoot-Down of SEAL Team Six”
    which investigates the deaths of 30 U.S. special forces units in
    Afghanistan (the largest single day loss of life of SEALs in U.S.
    History), interviews retired U.S. Navy Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, the
    former commander-in-chief U.S. Pacific Fleet.

    Lyons states the shoot-down of SEAL Team SIX was a “dereliction of
    duty” and further states that the Obama-Clinton restrictive rules of
    engagement also directly led to the deaths of 30 of our nations finest

    According to Don Brown, former U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General officer and author of “Call Sign Extortion 17 – the Shoot-Down of SEAL Team Six“
    states that under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, dereliction of
    duty in wartime situations is an extremely serious charge and is
    punishable by death.

    Lyon’s joins other top military officers such as former Delta Force
    commander retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, former
    head of NORAD Alaska retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney,
    U.S. Army Major Gen. Paul E. Vallely, former Rep. Allen West (R-FL), and
    many other top military analyst who believe that the deaths of 15
    members of SEAL Team Six on August 6, 2011 in Afghanistan is a massive
    Clinton-Obama cover-up that is far bigger than Benghazi.

  • Technically, it’s Sunday, so here’s a little Rule 5.

  • Rotohammer

    Low impulse-control and thuggery on display in Steelers-Bengals game. I watched the game. Refs had to baby sit between every play.

  • Mistywmiller1

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  • There is a lot in this link (see below), but this was the part that caught my eye, considering how it’s potentially not the first time someone conveniently died just as potential serious legal problems for the Clintons were heating up – and the death relieved some of the worst pressure:

    An email to Hillary from a close Clinton confidant late on June 8, 2011 about Sudan turns out to have explosive material in it. This message includes a detailed intelligence report from Sid Blumenthal, Hillary’s close friend, confidant, and factotum, who regularly supplied her with information from his private intelligence service. His usual source was Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA senior official and veteran spy-gadfly, who conveniently died just before EmailGate became a serious problem for Hillary’s campaign.


    Obama administration withholds details as more attacks occur

    Following the discovery of a terrorist cell in Texas allegedly operated by an Iraqi who entered the United States as a refugee, theWashington Free Beacon has learned of an additional 41 individuals who have been implicated in terrorist plots in the United States since 2014, bringing the total number of terrorists discovered since that time to 113, according to information provided by Congressional sources.

    Since August, however, the Obama administration has stonewalled Congressional efforts to obtain more detailed immigration histories of these individuals, prompting frustration on Capitol Hill and accusation that the administration is covering up these histories to avoid exposing flaws in the U.S. screening process.

    The disclosure of these additional 41 individuals linked to terror operations—many already identified as immigrants, others’ immigration histories shrouded in secrecy—has stoked further concerns about flaws in the U.S. screening process and is likely to prompt further congressional inquiry into Obama administration efforts to withhold details about these suspects, sources said.

    As the number of legal immigrants connected to terrorism continues to grow, the Obama administration has sought to quash congressional inquiries and rally its allies behind an effort to fund efforts to boost the number of immigrants and refugees from the Middle East.


    Sean Penn Secretly Interviewed ‘El Chapo,’ Mexican Drug Lord

    Joaquín Guzmán Loera, the Mexican drug lord known as El Chapo, started out in business not long after turning 6, selling oranges and soft drinks. By 15, he said in an interview conducted in a jungle clearing by the actor and director Sean Penn for Rolling Stone magazine, he had begun to grow marijuana and poppies because there was no other way for his impoverished family to survive.

    Now, unapologetically, he said: “I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world. I have a fleet of submarines, airplanes, trucks and boats.”

    Though his fortune, estimated at $1 billion, has come with a trail of blood, he does not consider himself a violent man. “Look, all I do is defend myself, nothing more,” he told Mr. Penn. “But do I start trouble? Never.”

  • Prime real estate:

    The Playboy mansion is for sale, but there’s one huge catch:

    Hugh Hefner gets to stay.

    There are several strings attached. We’re told whoever buys it will be required to give Hugh Hefner a life estate, meaning he can continue to live in the mansion until he dies.

    As for the other string … we’re told prospective buyers can tour the property but one area is off limits … Hef’s bedroom.


    Left wing lunatic whack jobs on the view get a dose of their own intolerance – but they meant no harm – when an offhand remark blows up in their faces and they start losing advertisers in droves.

    The exact same thing they’ve encouraged to happen over and over when conservatives are caught making supposedly similar gaffes.


    Chloe Goins claimed she woke up in a bedroom at the Playboy Mansion only to find her breasts were moist and Cosby was at the foot of her bed biting her toe and masturbating. She claimed the incident occurred at a Playboy Mansion summer party and Cosby had an alibi that he was out of town, plus he was not on the guest lists for any events at the Mansion that summer.

    The D.A. had problems with a second case because the alleged victim changed her story … initially saying the incident occurred when she was 18 and later saying she was 17. That incident allegedly occurred in 1965.

    The statute of limitations ran out long ago for both cases as well.

  • I have an answer for all the whiney liberals that feel ‘triggered’:

    And you know, the truth is the fossil fuel producers are a big part of the reasons why these things are true.

  • Momster

    Yup. The muzzies will win the battle of the cradle.

  • Saxon Warrior
  • Momster

    Take heart. The Florida RICO case against the Clinton foundation and BillHillary is slated for Jan. 20, 2016. Let’s see what happens.

  • apostle53

    The above muslim/white European reproduction equations are quite true. However here whites have no children except Christians, blacks have huge abortion rates and high youth black on black murder rates and we are importing illegal Hispanics and “peaceful Muslims” to make up for the deficits. Remember, Jeb saying the Hispanics are a “fertile” people; just like black slavery once was to provide cheap labor. Blacks are stupid to support illegal immigration, planned parenthood, Democrats and Muslim refugees. Whites are suicidal putting careers, same-sex marriage, transgender issues, Anti-Christ agenda, illegal immigrants, Muslim refugees and white guilt above reproduction.

  • Feet2Fire

    That graphic above, “Europe in a Nutshell,” pretty much says it all… (unfortunately).

  • Feet2Fire

    “Whatever works.”

  • Feet2Fire

    Perfect. Hope you don’t mind if we “steal” (borrow) it…

    Thanks! 😀

  • DJ

    The graphic misses the main point which is the traitorous anti-white elites invited those muzzies into European countries knowing full well they will eventually displace the native populations.

  • DJ

    On a related note: Father of dead Seal wants Hillary to take lie detector test

  • DJ

    Trump urged to apologise to Muslim protester ejected from rally
    [Cuckservative presidential candidate, John Kasich, condemns Trump supporters.]
    TRUMP 2016

  • SineWaveII

    Yep. Although Europe does need to repopulate. The better solution is still to just keep the ones on top out even if the ones on the bottom don’t want to.

  • SineWaveII

    Except for the government inviting the ones on top in. When there was no good reason for it.

  • Arkindole
  • Spartan24708

    Unfortunately they make it so expensive to have a baby that those of us that don’t qualify for Medicaid can’t afford to have more than two kids. I wish that we could have had more.

  • Torcer

    No worries!

  • seaoh

    Im so wasted

  • seaoh


  • Bill T
  • Bill T

    Nah he’s probably in need of some quick pocket change.

  • Idiocracy…

  • seaoh
  • seaoh


  • Gennybrelyea4

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  • Henry

    Go Pat, go!

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