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Jan 04 2016

Mississippi Councilman Urges Blacks to Throw Bricks at Police

Looks like Jackson, Mississippi is a sanctuary city not only for illegal aliens. A local councilman urges blacks to attack police who chase suspects into Jackson:

Jackson Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes wants to send a message to police from other jurisdictions who chase misdemeanor suspects through Jackson. …

[T]he councilman told reporters that police from surrounding cities put Jackson children in danger when they chase people on neighborhood streets. He says he’d like black leadership to team up and use force.

“What I suggest is we get the black leadership together, and as these jurisdictions come into Jackson we throw rocks and bricks and bottles at them. That will send a message we don’t want you in here,” he says.

Democracy is only a suitable approach to government among communities that are capable of self-rule. This would not seem to apply to the constituency that elected Stokes.

Things are better at the state level. Governor Phil Bryant has called for an investigation to determine whether Stokes’ sociopathic ravings constitute “criminal threats against law enforcement officers.”

It’s nice to see that Councilman Stokes has been eating well.

On tips from Rob E and Stormfax.

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  • JinMs

    Search Jackson Jambalaya for some other antics of this pos if you’re interested. He’s a real piece of work.

  • bob e

    we really need more black politicians .. eh ??

  • DJ

    This is the predicted result of the idiocy of negroid activists:
    Deadliest year in Baltimore history ends with 344 homicides
    Ask me if I care……

  • Fiberal

    You know, it turns out that the cause of all this black violence is the fault of white hearing problems and not paying enough attention to the black condition.

    It’s something of a relief to know that the war on whites is not an actual war on
    whites, but a logical reaction to the poor hearing capacity of whites.

    As Colin Flaherty (known racist) documents here, turns out that whites are not listening to black problems close enough and are therefore getting what they deserve.

    Ironically, a callous hearing problem was what got Peter Marvit, a white dancer at a Baltimore Symphony practice and nationally-recognized expert in audition, murdered.

    You didn’t hear about it?

  • Henry

    Better yet, forbid the police from entering that shit hole and let the negroes kill each other. In a few years, the the area can be reclaimed and rehabilitated for human occupation.

  • Admiral Ackbar!

    Look at the size of that one! Now, there’s a fine tribute to our WIC and food stamp programs! Wonder how much free cheese he got as a child? Made for strong teeth and bones, eh?

  • Jack

    The POPO should throw bullets back at the rock throwing neanderthals.

  • Or maybe just napalm the entire ghetto and be done with this crap. Nothing cleans like fire….

  • liz

    Ha! – “Being black is exhausting.” – Yes, all that pillaging, looting, beating and raping, not to mention “stealing bubble gum” – has got to be pretty exhausting.

  • Fiberal

    I for one, refuse to make any lazy or porch jokes.

  • Circa53

    Paging Bernie..

  • TED

    AND of course HE’S BLACK! Urging violence isn’t a reason to throw his black ass out OF OFFICE??! Oh that’s right BLACK PRIVLEDGE!

  • TED


  • TED


  • TED


  • TED

    Actually the problems started when they were allowed to vote. We ARE NOT the same species!!

  • Turn Jackson into a sanctuary city for fleeing felons from outside the jurisdiction. Brilliant.

  • Fiberal

    Goetz is indeed an American hero – wherein he defended himself, went to
    jail for it, was vilified and turned into a joke by the MSM while his
    attackers were made into martyrs.

    But actually, since they have the same objective, it’s good to see that blacks— with their much more transparent modus operandi — join the MSM in the job of vilification of white victims.

  • Agrippa

    ” . . . whether Stokes’ sociopathic ravings constitute ‘criminal threats against law enforcement officers.'” Gee, ya think so? What the hell are you waiting for, Governor — impeach or recall this bum immediately! Anything else means you condone this crap, Gov!

  • Unapologetic American

    Isn’t this the same guy that assaulted the mayor behind the city council chambers a few weeks ago? Oh, that’s right it wasn’t in Jackson Mississippi that incident occurred in Birmingham Alabama, well it easy to get confused BOTH violent city councilman are “brothers” and look so muck alike (is that “ray-ciss”?).

  • Unapologetic American

    “Who Ever Takes, ‘Goetz'”

    All hail the original “thug-buster”, Bernie Goetz.

  • DJ

    Bernie Goetz would make a great Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Unapologetic American

    …. and Liberals routinely claim an armed citizen will wound or kill innocents if they defend themselves with a firearm when set attacked by violent thugs in public. Bernie Goetz was on a crowded subway car when he was assaulted and shot his assailants, NOT one innocent rider was injured or killed and Goetz hit every one of attackers, now that’s the kind of “gun control” I can live with.

  • Unapologetic American

    Did you see Twitchy? The “rev?” Westley West (mammy couldn’t think of another name), an agitator during the riots, announced yesterday he is running for Baltimore’s City Council, TODAY he was charged with “theft”. It seems the “man of God” ripped off his church, stole an ex-employer’s identity then donated to his own campaign using the stolen identity. Really, you can’t make this crap up, they are an amazing “community” especially these “reverends”. I’m sure Jesse “Philandering Embezzler” Jackson, Al “Race-Huslting Tax Cheat” Sharpton, and Louis “Kill Whitey” Farrahkan are all beaming with pride.


  • Fred

    If Kenneth Stokes would keep his feral thugs from leaving his ward ( ward 3 ) and committing crimes in outlying cities like Madison, Clinton, Ridgeland, Richland and Pearl maybe the police departments in those cities wouldn’t have to chase the thugs back into Jackson Kenny. I guess he wants to make ward 3 a safe zone for his thugs.

  • TED

    THE LEFT ARE THER CRIMINALS, why else would they be so worried about OTHER people having guns!

  • guest with a good arm

    It would be easy to hit that fat fuk with brick… u reckon?

  • bobwhite

    I suggest Councilman Cornbread be the first to try that.

  • bob

    it already is a sanctuary city for felons. I can tell you from experience the only people who live in Jackson, white or black, are the ones who can’t afford to move. Stokes is a miniature al Sharpton, only dumber.

  • bob

    stokes is an absolute idiot. He is a perfect example of what “equality” has done to every major city in America.

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