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Jan 04 2016

Trump Earns Crucial Endorsement

What endorsement could be more valuable than a denunciation from Code Pink?

This ad…

…evoked this outraged reaction:

For those who don’t remember all the noise Code Pink made during the George W days, this radical left organization so openly opposes the USA that it raised $600,000 for Muslim terrorists fighting American troops in Fallujah (with help from Democrat officer holders). If Code Pink hates you, you must be doing something right.

Via Weasel Zippers, on tips from Torcer, Rob E, and Fiberal.

  • SineWaveII

    They’re so stupid they don’t know that “cut the head off isis” is a metaphor.

  • Irving

    I remember Code Stank shamelessly photoshopping brave female Iranian protestors as if they were Stank members.

    There’s no depth that Medea and the Collaborators won’t reach.

  • DJ

    I get great satisfaction from how the Cossacks in in Russia handle those that are inspired by the likes of Medea Benjamin.

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Code Pinko or Code Stank? Both work I guess..

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  • Xavier

    Why do they were those pink canoe costumes? Weird.

  • Henry

    So that’s what happened to Code Stink!

    They’ve been so quiet during ObrownMao’s disastrous Presidency I thought they had disbanded.

  • JacksonPearson

    Code Pink are an enemy and scum within America. IMO, the lot should be prosecuted for treason against the United States and executed…..

  • Hans Pfall

    Code Pink hates Trump almost as much as Megyn “Cupcake” Kelly on Fox News does. She (Cupcake) did another hatchet job on Trump tonight. Meanwhile, Fox’s Man Of The Hour (Jebbie Boy) is still rock-solid, holding at an impressive 3%. He is “poised to make his move”.

  • Hans Pfall

    Personally, I don’t think it SHOULD be a metaphor.

  • Hans Pfall

    Bottom line: the Russians know who their enemies are, and don’t f*** around when dealing with them.

  • Agrippa

    The Donald: “Wow! So Code Stink hates me, eh? Couldn’t have asked for a better endorsement! White House, here I come!”
    Would vastly prefer Ted Cruz, but give The Donald his due when it comes to slapping down the Beast — all his comments on BJ Bill have shut that stupid bitch right up!

  • Agrippa

    Poised indeed, straight into the toilet (one hopes!); as if a miserable 3% were not in the sewer already!

  • bobwhite

    I’d get greater satisfaction seeing that happen to the Code Pink sphincters.

  • cam_jobs

    ha, did you see Scott Adams’ (dilbert) review of the 1st Trump ad?

    Part of the brilliance here is that Trump just got CP to post a link … TO HIS AD. BAM. Once again, he buys one ad and it gets plastered ALL OVER the internet and TV … for free.

    He’s doubling or tripling the number of eyeballs seeing the ad simply because it’s a trump ad.

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