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Jan 05 2016

Sharia on Twitter

It isn’t only Muslims striving to impose sharia tyranny on the West. Even Twitter has joined in.

As Andrew McCarthy notes,

[T]he top agenda item of Islamic supremacists has long been the imposition of sharia blasphemy standards on the West. This campaign is not waged exclusively or even primarily by violent jihadists. Instead, its leading proponents are the Muslim Brotherhood’s network of Islamist activist groups in the West and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (a 57-government bloc of, mainly, majority-Muslim countries).

It is also waged by treasonous Islamophiles among the liberal ruling class.

[T]he Obama administration — particularly the president and his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton — has colluded with them. So have other left-leaning governments and institutions that are naturally hostile to free speech and open debate. One prominent result … is U.N. Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18. This blatantly unconstitutional provision, co-sponsored by Obama, Clinton, and OIC members, calls on all nations to ban speech that could promote mere hostility to Islam. Essentially, this is a codification of sharia, which prohibits all expression that subjects Islam to critical examination.

How can we defend ourselves against ever-encroaching Islam if we are not allowed to say anything that Islamists deem to be unsupportive of their expansionist ideology?

That anyone purporting to or aspiring to represent the American people would go along with this would have been unthinkable prior to Hope & Change. But by now we are accustomed to treason at the highest levels of government.

Obama is motivated by his openly stated Muslim sympathies and his anti-Western ideology. Shrillary hoovers up Saudi money through the Clinton Foundation money-laundering operation.

The jihad also has support from the private sector, now including Twitter.

Twitter has announced new regulations on content communicated via its social-networking service. They are prohibitions on speech similar in effect to Resolution 16/18. As usual, this is shrewdly done under the guise of suppressing “hate” speech. In fact, the regulations cast a much wider net that potentially calls for the suppression of political and educational speech.

Twitter effectively equates “hate speech” with violence, then goes even further by prohibiting the promotion of “sensitive topics.” The policy applies (but is not limited to) “advocacy against” an individual, organization, or group that has “protected status.” Since 9/11, no status is more protected under the rules of political correctness than Muslim status.

Anything that could put Islam in a bad light — i.e., most any truthful information about Islam — violates the policy, which goes further still by banning “inflammatory content which is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction.”

But it’s still okay to tweet about gardening and crochet.

Here’s a remarkable coincidence:

One of the prime movers in the campaign to impose Islamic blasphemy standards and other aspects of sharia law on the West is Saudi Arabia. In 2011, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal — a prominent member of the Saudi royal family with a prodigious record of buying up and influencing Western media and educational institutions — ponied up $300 million to purchase Twitter stock. By the end of 2015, bin Talal had doubled his investment in Twitter: His stake now has a market value of approximately $1 billion, good enough for a 5 percent share.

The First Amendment does not apply to private services like Twitter, unlike sharia, which when fully imposed will apply to every conceivable aspect of existence.

Twitter is however subject to the laws of the free market, which will banish it to obscurity if the new restrictions are imposed to the fullest extent.

With help from Obama, Shrillary, and Twitter.

On tips from Torcer and Stormfax.

  • ThisObamaNation

    I guess twitter plans on banning or censoring Donald Trump’s anti-Islamic comments.
    That ought to go over like a lead balloon.
    It’s freedom of speech until the libtards decide that you have said too much.

  • Jack Fisher

    “This blatantly unconstitutional provision,”

    here’s part of the UN Resolution text. what is blatantly unconstitutional? I see a lot of weasel words, and, regardless, the idea that sharia law could trump the Constitution is childish.

    “Resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council* 16/18, Combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of, and discrimination, incitement to violence and violence against, persons based on religion or belief

    6. Calls upon all States:

    (a) To take effective measures to ensure that public functionaries in the conduct
    of their public duties do not discriminate against an individual on the basis of religion or belief;

    (b) To foster religious freedom and pluralism by promoting the ability of members of all religious communities to manifest their religion, and to contribute openly
    and on an equal footing to society;

    (c) To encourage the representation and meaningful participation of individuals,
    irrespective of their religion, in all sectors of society;

    (d) To make a strong effort to counter religious profiling, which is understood to
    be the invidious use of religion as a criterion in conducting questionings, searches and other law enforcement investigative procedures;

    7. Encourages States to consider providing updates on efforts made in this
    regard as part of ongoing reporting to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights;

    8. Calls upon States to adopt measures and policies to promote the full respect
    for and protection of places of worship and religious sites, cemeteries and shrines, and to take measures in cases where they are vulnerable to vandalism or destruction;

    9. Calls for strengthened international efforts to foster a global dialogue for the
    promotion of a culture of tolerance and peace at all levels, based on respect for human rights and diversity of religions and beliefs, and decides to convene a panel discussion on this issue at its seventeenth session, within existing resources.”

  • Rotohammer

    Yeah, and freedom for Moslems to operate within our system until they have enough power to do away with our system.

  • Rotohammer

    The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. -Barry

  • Jack

    Which U.N. Human Rights Resolutions bans speech hateful to Christians? To Jews? To Witches & Warlocks?

    U.N. Human Rights Council Resolution

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  • Jack Fisher

    I don’t see where 16/18 bans any hate speech. In any event, so what? it’s a UN resolution.

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  • fredrickbarbarossa
  • Jack Fisher

    It doesn’t explain anything because it doesn’t talk about the UN resolution. Did you read the resolution? That’s not a rhetorical question. You didn’t so go back and read it and then point out what part is “blatantly unconstitutional.”

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about what someone’s blahg says about anything (especially someone who claims the law of the land is defined in the Declaration of Independence, one of many clues that Rose is another dumbass loon). If you can support your opinion, I’d be glad to discuss this further.

    This is something you and Rose are going to absolute hate. Parties can contractually agree to have disputes arbitrated under sharia law (this is typically sharia commercial law), and so long as the arbitration ruling doesn’t violate US constitutional norms, any court in the US will enforce the arbitral award under contract theory. In fact, it is routine for US citizens to agree to submit to laws of foreign states.

  • fredrickbarbarossa

    Ok so I get it, so what are you? An unemployed or underemployed lawyer? A career student? An apologist for the Totalitarian Party? get real dude, our criminal justice system does what it wants and no longer represents justice, it represents and is a tool of power.

  • grayjohn

    If you use Twitter after this, you agree with their filthy treasonous bullshit.

  • Jack Fisher

    you “get” nothing. it doesn’t matter what I am. it only matters that you can’t back up your argument. so you lose.

    one more time, loser. what — exactly — in the UN resolution is unconstitutional? quote it. or just admit you’ve lost and go away.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    muck fuslims!

  • fredrickbarbarossa

    Work for CAIR tough guy? Or our government?

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  • Jack Fisher

    kid, you’ve lost this argument. you’ve been pwned. don’t embarrass yourself further. I understand you feel like you’ve lost control of your world and you’re frustrated and the internet is the only place where anyone pays you any attention.

    we can try this again and you can lose again. you said the UN resolution was unconstitutional. I’ve linked it. quote what parts are.

    ProTip: if you’re going to use the name of an emperor as your handle, at least spell his name correctly.

  • fredrickbarbarossa

    Thank you for understanding what it feels like to be out- smarted by the third alternate of the local high school model u.n. team.. I have to hand it to you, I thought you were just another sharia boy. Btw, pwned is spelled pawned.

  • whotothewhat

    Swat Tw&tter.

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