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Jan 05 2016

Hate Hoax in the Iowa State Legislature

Please welcome to the Hate Hoax List former legislative clerk Michael Dekota McRae, who worked for Iowa State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad:

“Michael Dekota McRae, 28, pleaded guilty to conveying false information concerning a biological weapon,” NBC’s 13 WHOTV in Des Moines reported. “In a plea agreement, McRae admitted to writing a letter to Representative Ako Abdul-Samad and threatening to kill both Abdul-Samad and himself. Authorities said the letter contained racial slurs and a white powder.

The letter, sending powder “in a lot of different directions,” was opened on the Iowa State Legislature floor during an active chamber session, forcing an evacuation of the Capitol.

“I’m going to kill you and Mike,” the report quoted from the terror threat note.

For reasons only the reporters can say, they did not elect to present or describe the remainder of what it said, presented with a bit of judicious blurring by Iowa Firearms Coalition. The group’s Vice President, Kurt Liske, has done a first rate job of reporting, something “official media” can’t be counted on to do, providing what the late Paul Harvey called “the rest of the story”:


One of the first questions the media should be asking, which means it won’t, is why was this perpetrator of a terror act, one that also has blatant racist motivation, only charged with “false information and hoaxes”? …

And why is the media not mentioning McRae’s anti-gun activism as the co-organizer of a protest attended by Abdul-Samad against “stand your ground” laws, which he made a central point in his terror note? That’s absolutely relevant. And why is the fact that he intended to stir up dangerous anger against whites by faking a “hate crime” not being mentioned?

The answer: media moonbats are quasi-accomplices in most hate hoaxes, hyping them to the sky until they have been debunked, then discreetly sweeping them under the rug.

Don’t expect any investigations into whether Abdul-Samad put McRae up to it.

Michael Dekota McRae and Ako Abdul-Samad.

On a tip from Jim W.

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  • bumpsmcginty

    Why is Ako wearing a salad bowl on his head? Is that the latest fad?

  • Jack

    Black Christians and Black Muslims working together for the death of America. Warms the heart,

  • grayjohn

    Give them a choice. Deportation forever, or life in prison eating pork 3 times a day.

  • Unapologetic American

    That’s his “poop scoop” for the times when a Muslim male just “has to go”, he takes it off his head, places it under his ass and lets “moo-HAM-mud” out, the burka wearing females just squat and go anywhere they please including supermarket aisles.

    Vote Trump!.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    if you don’t have any facts of evidence to ‘prove’ your crusade is holy, then just make some up. It’s the libtard way.

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  • Albrecht

    The media are only “quasi-accomplices”? Why not full-on accomplices.”Abdul” and his partner could never have gotten near the state legislature without the malign falsehoods spewed every day by activist journalists. In truth the “media” are now nothing more than an open mic for any and all who seek the destruction of this nation.

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