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Jan 05 2016

Another Massive Turnout for Trump Rally in Massachusetts

Only one candidate is doing this; fortunately, it isn’t Hillary:

Trump filled every seat in the 8,000-seat arena, in freezing weather, in moonbatty Massachusetts.

It looks like his message of defending the border, enforcing immigration law, and putting a hold on the hijrah is resonating.

In contrast, when Shrillary steels herself to face the public she so palpably despises, the crowd tends to look like this:

On tips from Fiberal, Torcer, and IslandLifer.

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  • AnalogMan

    That’s a women’s event? Where are the women?

  • Agrippa

    Who the hell wants to listen to this harridan shriek for an hour or two? I’ll watch some zombie movie if I want unending BS — much more fun!

  • ray

    The women are up front there in those chairs. Twenty-five or thirty maybe. In the corner of some rented hall.
    Speaking of Area 51, would somebody like to explain to me what nation’s flag that is? The one there where the American flag is supposed to be?
    Is that the banner of the Vagina Party? or ‘W’ for Wicked Witch of the West? Love the ripoff of Oblammy’s solar logo, couldn’t even think up their own gimmick . . . guess the red goes with her politics.

  • Momster

    Those are the slavish MSM reporters–the only ones who attended.

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  • TED

    Ya gotta remember, the DEAD voters don’t show at HER rally’s, Apparently there will be MORE of them than alive this year! AND they need to blurr the picture to allow for the multiple votes…

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  • Eddie_Valiant

    Something odd about Massachusetts democrats – when they don’t like a candidate, they’ll stop talking about that person. No one in this area mentions Shrillary’s name, unless it’s preceded by a four letter word.

    I watched a good portion of Trump’s rally on and my take is he could use that video for any of his rallies. Trump talks about many things, but doesn’t offer much substance. My memory may not be what it once was but it seems to me we had another candidate in 2008 that did much the same. It worked for him; he’s the Kenyan Village Idiot living in DC now.

  • IslandLifer

    There were plenty of warning flags against Obama, the media kept them hidden as their agenda always does. Trump has offered up several ideas on what he wants to do so I’m not exactly sure what substance you want. Comparing the two is apples and oranges.

  • Robb

    lol. the state of ohio’s flag.

  • ray

    Hey, ho, way to go Ohio.

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