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Jan 07 2016

Experiment Proves That Facebook Takes Sides Between Israelis and Terrorists

Who do you suppose Fakebook would side with — Israelis, or the terrorists devoted to pushing them into the sea? No need to make assumptions; Shurat HaDin has conducted an experiment to determine the answer:

This demonstrates how social media restrictions such as those recently announced by Twitter will inevitably be selectively applied to silence those the liberals in charge want silenced, while leaving the bad guys free to scream for blood and organize jihad.

On a tip from Shawn R. Hat tip: Pamela Geller.

  • DJ

    The State of Israelis’ days are numbered. Every rational person knows that. Most of all the Jews know it.

  • my facebook… is now officially disabled. why? well i posted too much of my own opinion on the facts regarding israel and obama… poor me. not. well the cia has no other way to PROFILE me now i guess. i wonder why they removed my page, has been on facebook since facebook started. they support everything i do not and i think they finally decided to stop allowing me to post my opposition to the leftists marxist agenda. facebook is trash. 35,000 photos uploaded since i opened my account and they just make it gone in 5 seconds… mark zuckerberg is a real creep.

  • i suppose you are right but i do not think it will be. i think sharia is coming to europe and the usa. if these two places do not stop it the cancer will darken the western world. israel is no longer the main target since obama has entered the picture in 2008… islam is a death cult intent on spreading it’s disease to the world. ask the folks in paris or san bernadino…

  • Joey

    According to the Bible, which I believe, the Nation of Israel will survive. The signs point to the aligning of the nations of the world against Israel. But God will intervene and the judgment of the nations will be based on how they treated Israel.

  • JacksonPearson

    Yes, prophecy from “Revelation” and “The Book of Daniel” says it all.

  • Jim Bob Bubba

    I canceled my facebook account in 2012, I did not use it much, but I am still embarrassed that it took me that long to do so. Why would any non-marxist still be on it supporting zucerberg?

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