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Jan 13 2016

Feds Won’t Permit Asking Welfare Moochers About Immigration Status

When you consider the motives for providing welfare benefits to foreigners who are in the country illegally, this certainly makes sense:

Federal officials have told Sedgwick County [Kansas] it could lose federal grant money for its health department if it insists on asking health clinic clients about their immigration or citizenship status.

The Sedgwick County Commission in October asked the state to block illegal immigrants from the federal Women, Infants and Children nutritional program, but there is no eligibility requirement based on immigration status, The Wichita Eagle reported.

Commissioners also asked county staff that month to create a form asking all people who use the county health department about their immigration or citizenship status. Supporters said the intent was to collect data to learn who the department serves – not to deny services to anyone.

Sorry; that’s forbidden. How are you going to use extravagantly generous welfare programs to lure in enough freeloaders from the Third World to displace the native population if they think they might get questioned about whether they are in the country legally? Also, it is important to keep the shrinking core population from knowing exactly how many foreigners we are supporting on a slave basis.

Commissioner Jim Howell said the USDA was making assumptions about the motives and consequences of using the form.

“When we take federal money on these types of programs, it limits our ability to do commonsense things,” Howell said. “It’s unfortunate the federal government would try to control us with threats of defunding.”

But of course, control is the whole point of federal funding. Not a penny of the states’ money comes back from the Debt Star without strings attached. All the strings together comprise a rope, tied into a noose around our necks.

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  • rambler

    Immigrants shouldn’t have to be asked their status. They should have to prove their status and illegals should get zippola. The gov bennies should not be handed out to non-citizens nor should they be given to parents of anchor babies. Give them a ticket home and that should be that. We didn’t sign on to support every person who thinks that just because their country is a failure that they people get to come here and mooch. Go the flip home.

  • ThisObamaNation

    It’s as if we aren’t 19 trillion dollars in debt and there is no limit to how much more debt can be heap upon the taxpayers. If I didn’t know any better I would say that it looks like Obama is intentionally trying to collapse our economy.

  • Jack Bauer

    Here’s a thought………
    Since it was the states that got together and CREATED the Federal Government in the first place, how about a Constitutional amendment, giving the states the right to vote to simply disband portions of the Federal government that abuse, threaten, or attempt to control the actions of the states.

    Like the USDA in this case, or as another example, when the feds took a state to court, simply because that state wanted to enforce existing FEDERAL laws regarding immigration, and the Federal government said “no”.
    There’s a long list, but you could start with the USDA, followed closely behind by the Dept. of (Socialist) Education, the E.P.A. (since it is populated with communists), and the TSA (since it fails nearly every test in terms of weapons smuggling through our airports, yet continues to insist on groping children and old ladies in wheelchairs as though they are potential terrorist threats).

    As a side benefit, think about how much money taxpayers could keep in their pockets by the elimination of useless federal agencies.

    Quite a long list really….

  • ThisObamaNation

    This is how the democrats are buying the illegal votes.

  • Mannie

    Cloward Piven in action.

    No non citizen should receive government welfare.

  • Robb

    Only 3 more months to get your taxes in, slaves!

  • rambler

    At some point those illegals won’t want the dems as middlemen and they will elect one of their own to run things.

  • Circa53

    Whitey gets to pay for it..

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