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Jan 15 2016

Jesus Francisco Cabrera Stabbed by Imaginary Xenophobes

It’s a wonder Third Worlders are willing to colonize our country, considering what violent bigots we are. Prepare to gasp in shock at raw xenophobia:

Last July 15th Jesus Francisco Cabrera was walking to his car in a parking deck in downtown Palo Alto, CA. He says three white men approached him and began making derogatory comments about his ethnicity. Cabrera claims the racist gringos said he didn’t belong in this country.

From there, the three white guys suddenly became two white guys, which should have sent up red flags for the police, but it didn’t. In any case the two white guys attacked Cabrera. One grabbed him from behind, while the other stabbed him in the leg, Cabrera said. Then, the two white guys ran off.

Cabrera went to the hospital with a leg wound and filed a police report. Because of the sensitive racial nature of Cabrera’s story, the ultra-sympathetic Northern California police immediately labeled it a hate crime. Not only were massive resources poured into this case, Palo Alto’s Human Relations Commission asked the police to make a hate crime presentation based on this supposed racially motivated attack.

By now you know how the story turns out…

SFGate reports that after months of investigating, the cops have now come to the conclusion that Cabrera made the whole thing up. They couldn’t find any evidence that these suspects actually existed and Cabrera kept changing his story. Eventually Cabrera admitted he was lying.

It turns out the what really happened was Cabrera got into a fight with a rival tagger gang over some illegible graffiti and was stabbed by someone he considers a friend or acquaintance. It appears as if he didn’t want to snitch on one of his homeboys, so he concocted the story…

If the authorities were more interested in fighting crime than in propping up political correctness, they would assume that any tale of a person of political privilege being attacked by members of the hated core population is a hoax unless there is compelling evidence to the contrary. That would free up police resources to deal with actual crimes, the majority of which are committed by persons of political privilege.

Please welcome Jesus Francisco Cabrera to the Hate Hoax List.

Also, the racist gringos wrecked Cabrera’s complexion.

On a tip from Dave F.

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  • Jodie

    “From there, the three white guys suddenly became two white guys,”

    Which reminds me of how all of the original stories that came out about the San Bernardino slaughter were stating that there were “THREE white guys”. There were a lot of survivors/witnesses who were confirming this. It suddenly turned into two Muslims and hardly anyone is questioning what happened to the third person. Other than Rush Limbaugh, me, and a couple of other commenters, barely anyone seems to be curious about this.

  • bobdog19006

    His photo shows some experience posing for mug shots, like this guy.

  • Jack

    Al Sharpton honed the craft of blaming Whitey to an art form. Obama elevated it a federally encouraged minority sacrament.

  • ThisObamaNation

    The first red flag should have been when this gang related POS described his attackers as being white. Not that it never happens, but we all know the perps in crimes such as these almost always turn out to be muslim, black, or Hispanic. So called hate crimes usually turn out to be hoaxes that are used to gain sympathy and political leverage. If the attackers were actually white, if there was an actual attack by white men, it would be a statistical anomaly.

  • ThisObamaNation

    Nothing says inbred fucktard like pig tails on a gang related POS. That must be his prison bitch hairdo.

  • Bucky Barkingham

    Unfortunately this story has now entered the litany of “hate crimes” that will be cited forever more by LibDems as another example of white bigotry.

  • Xavier

    They’re going to ride him like a Harley.

  • ObonzoLovesBananas

    Has this ILLEGAL been deported yet?

  • Hungjumper

    His homeboys doing a job white Americans wouldn’t do.

  • magic1114

    The fact that there were no “Crackers” involved doesn’t matter to the knuckleheads of the Bay Area… They’re going to believe it and spread this story like it’s gospel.

  • MAS

    The fruit of importing gobs of South America’s “best and brightest”.

  • those racist gringos didn’t do much for his earlobes, either…..

  • bob e

    i think his face caught on fire & he put it out with an ice pic ..

  • 0hiojoe

    Dang his ears are almost as big as obungles, are they related?

  • Ty Mcwilliams

    His first mistake was claiming it happened in Palo Alto. Not that there aren’t racists in Palo Alto, it’s just that they’re of the liberal variety and for the most part pussies.

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