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Jan 18 2016

Watch the Donald Praising Hillary Clinton, Affirming His New York Values on Partial Birth Abortion

Evidence accrues that we are getting played:

Trump is a top-notch real estate investor. The aptitude that most requires it to recognize opportunities and exploit them. Trump’s fellow New Yorker, the leftist nanny state fascist Michael Bloomberg, showed a similar aptitude when he saw nothing but unhinged moonbats who were unelectable right after 9/11 running as Democrats, and exploited the situation by running for mayor as a Republican. After achieving power, he renounced the GOP.

Those who don’t learn from history…

Speaking of New York, here Trump announces that he would not ban partial birth abortion (a.k.a. infanticide) because of his New York values:

Maybe Trump would be so strong on Third World immigration that it would make up for his liberal proclivities. It’s even possible that he is undergoing a conversion to conservatism. But at the very least people need to keep their eyes open.

Hat tip: Right Wing News.

  • Former Trumpkin

    “I know Hillary and I think she’d make a great president or vice-president.” – Trump, 2008

    “Well, I think Hillary is terrific and I think Rudy is terrific. And I’ll have to make a choice, assuming they both win. But she’s been a friend of mine and he’s been a friend of mine. And they’re both terrific.” Trump 2007

    June 18, 2015… Co-host Mark Halperin asked Trump of the recent presidents Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, or Obama, which one was his favorite and why?
    Trump responded, “Well, I would say Clinton probably. I would have to say Clinton.”

    “Hillary’s always surrounded herself with very good people. I think Hillary would do a good job.” -Trump, 2007

    “Trump was also asked about Hillary Clinton’s 2007 health care proposal, at the center of which was an “individual mandate” similar to the one President Obama would later include in his plan.
    “I think it was very good. I think she came out with an idea. It’s a very, very complex set of things going on right now in terms of healthcare. But she came out with an idea, it sounds like a pretty good idea, and a lot of people like it and embraced it.””

    “He [Trump] did say of Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — who is facing a primary challenge from a wealthy tea party candidate and a potentially stiff general election contest: “It would be a shame if he didn’t win, because he has such power, it’s so good for his state.” NBC News, Aug. 2013

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  • trapper2013

    I agree with him about Clinton. Even though Clinton is slime ball at least the Republicans had a pair between their legs and actually did some good!

  • Kevin R.

    What would a Donald Trump Cabinet look like? Who would he want to put on the Supreme Court?


    If we could go back in time and offer Stanley-Ann a free partial birth abortion…. wouldn’t that be okay? Same for Shillary Rodham and Slick Willy’s slut mothers


    The frying pan looks pretty good when compared with the kiln and the smelter….

  • ThisObamaNation

    I think Trump has undergone a conversion. I suspect that he was deeply effected by what he witnessed in NYC on 911. As someone who has also slowly transitioned from the far left over to the far right over the course of a lifetime, I know that such a conversion is quite possible and very real.

  • Hans Pfall

    OK, so Trump is an opportunist. I think he sees the opportunity with being conservative now. Good. I don’t want to marry him, I don’t want to look at him as a saviour. I want to get a snarling dog in there who is more-or-less on MY side for a change. I think Trump is that guy. Don’t forget, this stuff (a lot of it from 10+ years ago) will also play with those fence-sitting “independents” who might otherwise go for a total disaster like Sanders or Granny.

    We have no other choice that I can see right now. Unless a miracle happens, Ted Cruz is done, and the rest of the Repubs aren’t even worth the time.

  • Hans Pfall

    Damn right. Happened to me. Sooner than it did Trump (my eyes opened around 1984 or 5). Prior to that, I thought I was a liberal. Turns out I never really was, but if you’d have heard me talk, you’d have thought so.

    …and remember, Trump is running for office, not as The Savior. He ain’t gonna be perfect.

  • Stephen

    Very well stated. I’m not looking for a savior, I’m looking for a snarling dog thats defending my interests.

  • SolidFPlus

    Of course it would be okay, it’s just “Health Care”.

  • Just another fascist

    Americans supporting Trump are mindless lazy cretins. We’ve accelerated to the point we are at, this complete state of evil debauchery with unbelievable speed. Just what makes anyone think Trump won’t complete the demise of this nation. Twentieth century fascism ain’t got nothing on 2016 and following.

  • Wombat

    Trump is a fucking liar and you trumpettes are too stupid to care. Fucking morons.

  • IslandLifer

    And you’re a cocksucker with shit for brains hanging out of your ear from negative pressure.

  • JustMyOpinion

    this is from 17 years ago, I know views I had 17 years ago have changed.

  • Hans Pfall

    Exactly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump snags us on a few issues. He is NOT the perfect candidate, but a damn site better than anyone else I see.

    The hoot is that the establishment RINO’s…the same ones who were OH SO conservative before the 2014 landslide, and subsequently caved on EVERY SINGLE THING THAT OBAMA DEMANDED…are telling us we can’t trust Trump to be a true conservative!

    Unless or until something earthshaking happens, I have to go with Trump.

  • Hans Pfall

    Well said, and very true (speaking for myself).

  • Hans Pfall

    That’s “Trumpians” to you, boy. And he may be a liar, but he is OUR liar and will do a whole lotta good for America. Now shush your mouth.

  • DejavuIKU

    Well, as a mindless, lazy cretin (however, my punctuation is better than yours). What the hell are you talking about? Trump hasn’t sped up debauchery in this country. Nope, that would be the liberals who support the slippery slope of gay marriage, right into pedophilia and incest being A-OK.

    By the way, I agree, ” twentieth century fascism ain’t got nothing on 2016 and following”. Last century’s fascism was nothing, compared to the totalitarian fascism.that is being employed by the political PTB against White people and White civilization.

  • Xavier

    Meh. Hillary’s already got the ballots printed.

  • jack burns

    His appearance might be too timely and his message might be too spot on. If this country is going to be taken back it very likely won’t be without bloodshed. Big money wants a worldwide labor pool, and big money hasn’t lost yet.

  • TED

    WE HOPE.

  • IslandLifer

    How about Cruz being for Syrian refugees before he was against it? And you don’t have to dig this far back in order to see it. So you Cruzettes can dig up old dirt but beware of playing the game of 2012.

  • Nobama

    Lately I’ve been wondering too if we’re all be played. I guess one could argue that Trump was simply hedging his bets by keeping all politicians on good terms, especially those in his home state. And what better way to do that than to praise them publicly.

    Unfortunately I’m not sure what other choice we have at this point. Trump’s a bit crazy, no doubt, with very questionable conservative beliefs. But he has broad appeal, even with Dems (unlike Cruz). And he’s strongest against illegal and Muslim immigration, the most important issue of our time. If we lose another large state to Democrat welfare-dependent voters, our country is finished. Nothing else matters.

    The only real assurance I have that Trump will pull through for us is knowing that he hates to lose. If he doesn’t build that wall after all his talk and bluster, he’ll be a one-termer. And that’s the last thing a narcissist like him wants.

  • TED

    NO, this DID NOT come from TRUMPS web site!

  • IslandLifer

    Like that hypocrite Levin who kept shrieking “we can’t have infighting amongst the candidates!” and then goes ripping Trump on his show. I’m done with these mighty holier than thou conservatives who paint themselves in the American flag but whine when their dog is losing. Trump has balls and has said enough for my vote and then some. I’ve never spoken ill of Cruz but his fans are rabid. America first! I believe Trump will make her great again.

  • MAS

    Maybe it’s just my lack of network TV watching (Netflix) and very little reality show exposure but I watch Mr Trump and see another scripted reality show performer. Good entertainment but the question remains for Trump as it does for any of the others…is it real or just a performance taylored for glass teat addicts?

  • Hans Pfall

    Funny you should mention that. I like Levin, but for some bizarre reason, he went off the rails with Trump. Yeah, I kind of see his point about not going after Cruz like he did…but ever single time he’s done what I would have said “don’t do”, he jumps up in the polls like crazy…so who is wrong, me or Trump?

    Levin’s stand on the Constitution is fantastic, he’s been pretty much spot on about Hillary, Obama, the whole mess in Congress with the RINO’s…so I don’t get the Cruz/Trump deal. Bottom line, I want to win, and I’m not into the cult of personality. If Levin jumps the shark, bye bye Levin. Same goes for all of them. It’s not about my favorite guy anymore, this is last-resort survival!

  • Teufel

    I never met any constitution lawyer pursuing a political career unaware of their dual citizenship. Maybe Levin has. I had issues with his Fast Track Bill, and not showing up to the Armed Services hearings last spring/summer. Has his US birth cert sealed has displayed his canadian one. Mr. Flipflop misremembered a couple million dollar ‘personal’ loan. It’s hard to trust a cuban who’s father is a communist. Ovomit 2.0?

  • Teufel


  • Teufel

    Two weeks past including yesterday, he’s scrambling propping and defending cruz, at times insanely. Show after show after show on this birther defense. red alerts kicked in. I’ve been listening to Mark since late ’08 but lately t’s been irritating and what you wrote is how I feel as well.

  • bobwhite

    He’s going to be the next President so “get over it” you vile Leftist Cur.

  • Renee Wild

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  • Augusto

    Well, what’s the alternative? ¡Jeb!? The way I see it, there’s no downside to Trump. If Trump turns out to do what he says he’s going to do – hooray! If not, we’ll have been screwed again, which wouldn’t be any different from the last dozen times I voted for a cuckservative. Who else you got?

  • TED
  • TED


  • TED
  • DJ

    Trump has many flaws but he’s the only candidate with the popularity it’ll take to beat Hillary in the general. Moreover he’s not bought and paid for by pro open-borders billionaires like ALL the other top tier Gooper candidates are – Cruz included, but I repeat myself.
    Cruz is more conservative than Trump, BUT, he can’t win against Hillary. The forces aligned against Cruz (the MSM, the Democrat Party, the GOP establishment, and last but not least: a very dumbed down Americano electorate) are too much for him to overcome. Trump has proven — thus far — he CAN overpower those aforementioned forces.
    Make America Great Again!
    TRUMP 2016

  • TED
  • Fiberal

    This site posts non-stop on the death throes of America.
    Now coupled with a purity test like that?


    be -leave- able

    When everyone and their blind neutered dog, from Fox News to Londonistan England, start beating on Cruz, —-and he still gets thousands of people at his rallies, I’ll believe he has a chance.

  • Nobama

    Good question. I know this though. The next President will likely appoint 4 more judges. If Hillary or Bernie gets in, we’re certain to get many more Ginsburgs and Sotormayors.

    No matter who wins, we must take our country back through a Convention of States to amend the Constitution. I see no other way to avoid another civil war.

    Get involved locally if you haven’t already.

  • Lousy humpkin

    Pretty frickin stupid opinion to hold. Not real interested are you. Kinda wish you didn’t have to deal with reality. Maybe someone will think for you. Typical Trump moron.

  • Nobama

    Cruz also went to the border with Glenn Beck to greet all the illegal alien children with teddy bears and soccer balls in 2014. Just sayin.

  • Nobama
  • Nobama

    Levin has been very clear that his beef with Trump is all about the way he’s been attacking Cruz. Personally I’m not happy with it either, and I think it will hurt trump more than help him. Calling Cruz “a nasty person that not one likes” is way over the top for me. I wish he’d save that kind of talk for Hillary. So far, he’s been pretty easy on her. I certainly hope he uses that kind of vitriol for her in the general election.

  • jack burns

    He would never be elected. But, he would be the logical choice if it comes to secession.

  • MAS

    When everyone from Faux News to the UK begin pounding on Cruz it can also mean he is a threat to the status quo they love so much. I don’t know for sure, not even 50%, but when all the dogs of the establishment on both sides pile on it sure does make me wonder. Sort of like when we get those election fliers in the mail from “Citizens Against bla bla bla” and the supporters turn out to be Acorn/SEIU/etc…it is a simple choice to make for voting against what they are for and for what they are against.

  • MAS

    Just a blast from the past but I remember Ross Perot, who dropped out of the race when Ol’ Bill was way ahead of Bush The First (twice). Remember Perot who was beholding to no one because he was so wealthy and all? After the election Perot won (I say won but they were unopposed contracts) some Federal and NY contracts that were very lucrative for him…like this one;

    Make one go “Hmmmmm…”.

  • Hans Pfall

    Yep. I don’t know what’s going on. I agree with Nobama in that I don’t LIKE what Trump’s doing, but it seems to be working. It might even be a strategy between Trump and Cruz, and next week they’re buddies again, who knows?

    The Levin thing is more troubling to me. It’s like people are just coming unhinged. I see Levin’s point, but this goes deeper. It’s like he’s obsessed with it. (Don’t forget…and I feel bad saying this…but Levin is a troubled guy. I know he loves his pet dogs, but the guy went into months of mourning because one of his pooches died. He still has a prominent part of his webpage dedicated to his dead dogs. I mean, which one of us could…or would…take extended leave time from work to grieve for a dog? Not the most stable behavior, sorry.)

    So we’ll see how this shakes out. The world is changing!

  • Hans Pfall

    Oh, we’re dealing with reality alright. That’s what scares people like you. Scares you bad, too!

  • William F. Cuckley, Jr.
  • DJ

    Great articled.
    I been thinking for quite some time now that “conservatism” (as it has evolved) is too weak a philosophy to go up against progressivism/Cultural Marxism. What is needed, IMHO, is for “conservatism” to be replaced with racial nationalism, viz White Nationalism.
    Trump is defiantly hinting in that direction. That’s precisely what makes the donor-class along with the establishment cuckservatives (et al) so threatened by him.

  • DJ

    Bad news for Cruz.
    Sarah Palin to endorse Trump.
    Stay tuned………………………………..

  • DJ
  • Fiberal

    Sure. The establishment beats on Trump bc he is a threat to whatever it is they hold onto. It would be the same for Cruz if he constituted the same threat level; but he doesn’t.

    There can be no better endorsement for Trump than his vilification by the MSM, the entrenched establishment, the dimocrats, the UK weenies and their muslim buddies, the Rapeugees, Mexican criminals and every mentally-defective syphilitic morphidyte out there.

    Moreover, Trump got the MSM to pay for his campaign; it would seem that he should have a chance to get Mexico to pay for a wall.

    What it means for conservatives is that while they don’t take Trump seriously, their enemies certainly do.

  • Fiberal

    Ha…. Palin endorses Trump.

    I suppose now all of the true, real, genuine, absolutest, right-thinking, Ayn-Rand-Christopher-Hitchens hating, Romney- burying, evolution-denying, stay-at-home-on-election-day, bitter clinging conservatives will need to come up with a purity test to try and invalidate her as well.

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  • Johnny Monday

    Trump will be as bad as Obama if elected. I will remind everyone that I told you so when the time comes.

  • JoeK

    OMG!!! I gotta chubb when I read just the headlines!!

  • JoeK

    I gave up t.v. a few yrs ago! Hell I don’t even watch netflix!! Well, once in a blue moon I might watch something my wife strong suggests.insists on me watching!! For the most part I find watching t.v. or even going to the movies a brain draining, I.Q. points dropping experience!! I can find anything I want on my p.c., so I’m good w/o t.v.!!

  • JoeK

    Uuhmm! I believe the definition of a “MORON” would be anyone willing to cast their vote(s) for 1. A international criminal, pathological liar, sociopath, under investigation from the F.B.I. with more than enough evidence against her to put her away for several lifetimes. 2. A paranoid, sociopathic socialist/communism, curmudgeon who is ignorant of all things within the realm of capitalism economics!!

    That IS the definition of a FUCKING MORON = ANY democRAT!!

  • S_O_T_A
  • S_O_T_A

    And there’s this:

    “But Hillary’s a great friend of mine. Her husband is a great friend of mine. They’re fantastic people. I mean, they’re — you know, the thing, they get a bad knock. She’s a very nice woman. People think, tough, tough. And I guess she’s tough, but she’s a very nice woman. And he’s a very nice guy. We know all about the smarts and how smart they are, and all, but they are good people.”

  • MAS

    “For the most part I find watching t.v. or even going to the movies a brain draining, I.Q. points dropping experience!!”

    Well said. When you do get a view, does it shock you at the decline? Sure does me. I wonder how many TV addicts swallow the bull scat from politicians etc simply because too much reality show viewing and stuff like the Simpsons has numbed their critical thinking abilities.

  • TED


  • folks are we being played? attacking ben carson and now ted cruz… sounds like trump is showing his true colors by continuing his birther attack on cruz. maybe this tactic will see trump on his way to losing those of us who agree with many of the things he’s said and possibly helping hillary. trump is making a huge tactical error and if his advisors had any sense he’d be working with cruz not trying to destroy him. i smell something and trump needs to wise up. people pay very close attention to the way trump is handling this campaign. it is not looking good for trump. wise up sir. as i stated before attack carson and i’m out. keep attacking ted cruz at your own peril.

  • wildjew

    Just saw one of your comments on Breitbart: “Nationalism and populism is exactly what gave rise to Hitler.” Word of caution. I had been posting on Breitbart for several months warning about Mr. Trump. Some one assumed my Disqus name (maybe it was “Vugarian,” I am not sure) and began posting obscene things in my name. Breitbart banned me.

  • JoeK

    LOL!! It’s funny you mention The Simpsons!! Before I went to college, at age 35, I was a huge t.v. junkie and the Simpsons were one of my favorite shows!! When I started school I gave up t.v. cold turkey, all of it!! Except for Sunday nights at 8 oclock!! I would still allow myself to watch the Simpsons and King of the Hill before going back down in my dungeon to continue studying!! But I do believe that long term exposure to t.v. by the masses reduced 55% to 65% of the populace to Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokels’~!~!~!

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