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Jan 23 2016

Refugees Masturbate, Defecate in German Public Pools

If you ever find yourself in a country that has been invaded by savages, avoid public pools:

A group of migrant men and women were caught on security camera at the Johannisbad baths in Zwickau, Saxony engaging in unacceptable behaviour, including masturbating into the jacuzzi. In separate incidents other groups of migrants were caught “contaminating” the children’s training pool by “emptying their bowels in the water”, and sexually assaulting other bathers, reports Bild.

Administrator Rainer Kallweit wrote up a report on this adventure in multiculturalism:

“An asylum seeker has masturbated in the hot tub and ejaculated into the basin. This is also recorded on the surveillance camera”. He wrote that the group desecrating the jacuzzi, having been thrown out by the lifeguards later returned took “selfies” of themselves while they were in the tub, “jeering” the whole time.

Writing of another pool under his jurisdiction in the down of Zwickau, the town employee continued to say a group of “young unaccompanied women and children” used the children’s training pool, as none of the party could swim. He wrote, in classic civil servants language they “contaminated the pool by getting rid of the contents of their intestines. Native people immediately left the pool”.

This was not the only assault on the pool. The day before, wrote Mr. Kallweit “8 foreign men … in the sauna” harassed locals, forcing pool staff to pretend the Sauna was out of action when enquiries were made my migrant men, if there were at that time local women using it. He told his superiors: “furthermore, the lifeguards have to protect women and girls from the asylum seekers. Young men wanted to forcibly penetrate the female changing room”.

Migrants have been banned from the pool, but no doubt this will be denounced as racist and rescinded.

This behaviour in Zwickau is not by any means unique in Germany. Breitbart London has reported on a number of sex attacks on children in swimming baths over the past week, with girls as young as 11 and boys as young as three being targeted by migrant gangs. On one occasion in Munich, a pair of young girls enjoying the waterslide at their local pool were groped, “allegedly under their bathing suits”, “and possibly raped” by a gang of “refugees”.

The men believed to be responsible, Syrian and Afghan asylum seekers, were arrested and released by police.

Keeping them in prison for their quaint ethnic practices would probably be racist too.

From the point of view of the ruling class, an advantage of importing vast numbers of hostile savages from the Islamic world is that it destroys social cohesion. There can be no public life when you cannot so much as visit a swimming pool without barbarians crapping in the water and attempting to rape your daughter. People will stay home, behind locked doors, everyone feeling isolated and alienated, interacting with the outer world only passively, through their televisions. That’s how “multiculturalism” makes them easier to rule.

Care to rethink that?

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and Sean C. Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

  • physicsnut

    sheesh – and people wonder why Trump leads

    National Review supported PAUL RYAN – nuff said.

    Michelle Malkin and John Miano were on BOOK-TV
    discussing “SOLD-OUT”
    explaining much about immigration and visa abuse
    It is amusing to hear callers say that they never agree with Malkin about anything – except this !!!

    I keep saying – we can not continue to ship jobs out, and import tens of millions
    without ending up in SERFDOM. It is a squeeze play, and Americans should have been looking at this 30 years ago, and figuring out what to DO about it.
    // we have reached the fork in the road
    // johnny carson – carol wayne – FORK IN THE ROAD

  • MsnDxn

    Such cute little tarts holding that sign. They’ll make fine sex slaves for their Muslim masters. Until, of course, they’re beheaded or stoned to death.

  • KHarn

    Proof that the globalists DON’T want “fairness” or any other “noble” cause; they simply want to DESTROY civilization.

  • RKae

    Like dinosaurs holding up a “Welcome meteor!” sign.

  • RKae

    No, they want to “enrich” civilization…

    …with poop.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Or Polish Jews holding up a “Welcome Goebbels” sign.

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  • rex freeway

    Except Dinosaurs wouldn’t have known better. These 3 must completely lack common sense.


    Shouldn’t the sign read: “WILLING RAPEES” ?

  • RKae

    Strange how a “Kick me” sign has to be put on a person’s back unwittingly, but a “Rape me” sign (which is what this is) they will willingly hold up while smiling.

  • Donna M

    Hey Dave,
    Google’s editing my FREE SPEECH AND LIBERTY!

  • Donna M


  • ed357

    It’s what they do……

    “Colognize” Western Countries……

    and then turn them into copies of the moslem $hitholes they just left.

    I’ll bet that bathhouse/pool……only has moslem patrons now.

  • ThisObamaNation

    This is what happens when there aren’t any real men left to beat some sense into these savages. I promise you if string a few of them up, and castrate one or two others they will start to learn how to behave in polite society. But if you walk on eggshells and apologize for your timid testicles they will only be emboldened by your cowardice and they will take it as an invitation to do whatever they like.

  • Mike_W20

    Everything is jihad for them; even going for a swim.

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  • James McEnanly

    You would think that they would attempt to hold these refugees to at least the same standards that we have for our dogs.

  • roger

    3 sluts waiting to get gang raped by subhumans. so they can prove how progressive they are

  • Freddie Sykes

    RE Young men wanted to forcibly penetrate the female changing room…

    They were probably just transsexuals trying to use the facilities. src

  • magic1114

    At least they saved their buddy Obola from drowning…

  • The Bilderberg Group would like to welcome you all to the 2016 NWO.
    Poverty by Design, Lowered IQ by Design, Lower Life Expectancy by Design & One Monotheist Religion to Rule Them All with an Iron Fist.
    Hello Sheeple, Hello Slaves, Welcome to your new Millennia !

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