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Jan 26 2016

Trump Emphasizes His Ability to Work With Democrats

Marco Rubio is regarded as politically unclean because he was the lone conservative to participate in Chuck Schumer’s infamous Gang of Eight. Yet no doubt Trump’s supporters will give him a pass even on this:

“I think I’m going to be able to get along with Pelosi — I’ve always had a good relationship with Nancy Pelosi,” Trump said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” referring to the House minority leader.

“Reid’s going to be gone. I’ve always had a decent relationship with Reid,” Trump said, referring to Harry Reid (D-Nev.), the Senate minority leader. “I always had a great relationship with Harry Reid.”

Trump said he thought he’d get along with “just about everybody,” including Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), likely to be the next Senate Democratic leader, who Trump said he was “close to … in many in ways [sic].”

The real estate mogul is targeting GOP rival Ted Cruz, against whom Trump is running neck and neck in Iowa a week out from the state’s caucuses. Trump argues that the Texas senator won’t work with others in Congress…

But Trump sure will. After all, he is the guy who makes deals. Also, he is unencumbered by conservative principles.

Those who believe Trump will stem the tide of immigration rather than cut an amnesty deal with Pelosi, Schumer, et al. have been hypnotized. If he is elected, the heartbreak of his supporters when they belatedly admit they were conned will be a sad sight to behold.

Two statists who will get along fine.

On tips from Torcer and Xavier.

  • Hans Pfall

    Yep. We’re all hypnotized. We’re all “Trumpist” zombies who can’t figure anything out. Trump is a sell out. He’s the ONLY politician who is totally lying. He’s the world’s biggest flim-flam man. Americans are just THAT STUPID!

    If only we’d just get on board with the REAL conservatives, the REAL honest brokers, the REAL leaders, we’d be winners for sure!

  • DJ

    “Trump argues that the Texas senator won’t work with others in Congress”
    Well, it’s well known Cruz doesn’t get along with his fellow senators. Trump’s zeroing in on that negative and it only stands to reason he’d exploit it to his advantage. DUH!
    It may very well backfire. We shall see soon enough. Only six days to Iowa.

  • Hans Pfall

    Sigh. We just will NOT listen to those who know better…those who really know how to win, those that shoved McCain, Romney and our current Congress up our butts.

    Meantime, those pesky voters are messing up the whole works:

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  • Hans Pfall

    See, this works both ways, too. “Trump can’t be trusted…he’ll sell out to the Dem progressives ’cause he gets along with them.” Right. He does have a little support there, but this cuts both ways. They might think they’ve got a whipping boy, and he might just turn it right around and leave THEM in the dust.

    Trump is a wild card. We’ve seen what the status quo will do. Screw THAT. It’s “time for a change”. Besides, the rest of the GOP field are boring, non-energetic LOSERS, so if you run ’em, we’ll get a BONAFIDE Dem prog.

    I’m sticking with Trump.

  • Dolan Trump

    “He [Trump] did say of Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — who is facing a primary challenge from a wealthy tea party candidate and a potentially stiff general election contest: “It would be a shame if he didn’t win, because he has such power, it’s so good for his state.” – NBC News, Aug. 2013

  • DJ

    Why I Support Donald Trump and Not Ted Cruz

  • Hans Pfall


    The bottom line is this: Trump isn’t anywhere near my perfect guy. But since we ONLY have people that are (a) much more likely to be prog sell-outs, (b) never-gonna-make-it losers or (c) a combination of both, I stick with Trump. He’s energized people, he’s brash, he’ll play both sides of the fence (and…gulp…maybe actually get some good things done) and will sell us out far less than the rest of the RINO’s. Remember, he’s given as much praise to the conservatives as he has the progs. A man for all seasons! lol

    IT’S TRUMP OR HILLARY (or Bernie or, God help us, Biden or Bloomberg). Which would YOU rather have?

  • Hans Pfall

    Granted, Trump plays the fence. He’s also praised lots of conservatives. He’s no saint, he’s no purist or ideologue. He’s cut deals with the progs, you bet. He’ll also cut them off at the knees. He’ll do things that are great for America and conservatives and some things we don’t like.

    My guess is it’ll be a net plus for the nation, and he’ll SURE AS SH** not bow down to the Moslems, the unions or the illegals.

    Good enough for me.

  • ThisObamaNation

    I think that Trump is faking to the left, rather than running to right because he wants to capture a large percentage of the Independent and Democratic vote. There are many old school democrats that are too conventional or conservative to vote for Shillery or Col. Sanders.
    To get their votes he will have to fake to the left before he cuts to the right. Why? Because before he can do anything, he has got to win the election first! In order to win he has to position himself as moderate. Why? Because that’s how elections are won, by appealing to the broadest group of people that one can.

  • Dolan Trump

    From what ive seen progressives don’t cut deals unless they come out on top. That’s the thing about ideological purity. Since Trump doesn’t have ideological purity he will be the one to compromise not the ideological purists. You have to fight ideological purity with ideological purity, otherwise you’ll always blink first.

  • DJ

    Mentock the Mindtaker Trump hypnotizes another one:
    Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. endorses Trump

    Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., the son of the late televangelist, endorsed Donald Trump on Tuesday, giving the Republican front-runner the blessing of one of the evangelical community’s biggest names just days before the Iowa caucuses.

    In a statement, Falwell called Trump “a successful executive and entrepreneur, a wonderful father and a man who I believe can lead our country to greatness again.”

  • Torcer

    How do you know he will ‘He’ll also cut them off at the knees.’?

  • MicahStone

    “Trump Emphasizes His Ability to Work With Democrats”
    —gee, I wonder what that leads to ? — if ONLY we had an example !!!!!

  • DJ

    ““He [Trump] cannot be bought, he’s not a puppet on a string like many other candidates … who have wealthy donors as their puppet masters,” ( –Jerry Falwell Jr.)

  • Silence Dogood

    We don’t want to work with them. Have you not gotten the clue yet? We want them STOPPED.

  • Silence Dogood

    That’s the same hope and change that Obama peddled. i’m not buying it.

  • Torcer


    (is that emphatic enough?)

  • Silence Dogood

    OH, I’m sure the deals will be YUUUUUUGGGEEE! And we’ll get the bill.

  • Jim

    I’m fed up. I don’t want to work with democrats, I want them to work with us.

  • Torcer


    The Big Cruz/Feinstein Blowup
    There is a classic scene from Seinfeld where Jerry shows up to a car rental place and tells them he has a reservation. They say they ran out of cars. He says: “But the reservation keeps the car here. That’s why you have the reservation!” The haughty lady behind the counter says: “I know why we have reservations.” Jerry responds: “I don’t think you do. Because if you did, I’d have a car.”

    It was hard not to think of this scene today as I watched the video of Ted Cruz cross examining Dianne Feinstein about her assault weapons ban.
    Explosive Exchange at Gun Hearing Between Ted Cruz and Dianne Feinstein

    CRUZ: Let me explain the Constitution to you, Senator Feinstein. Among its other functions, the Constitution preserves the individual rights of the American people.

    FEINSTEIN: I know why we have the Constitution, Senator Cruz.

    CRUZ: I don’t think you do. Because if you did, you wouldn’t be proposing this ban.

    [Studio audience laughs uproariously. Exeunt alles.]

    Similarly, when it comes to new weapons technology, the issue is whether it fits within the purpose of the Second Amendment. Possession of a nuclear bomb does not in my judgment qualify as something the Founders would have found protected by the Second Amendment. Possession of assault weapons, in my view, would be — even though they weren’t yet invented. Why are assault weapons anything but a more effective method of carrying out the objectives of the Second Amendment?

    Love that Ted Cruz. Keep getting under their skin, buddy.

  • IslandLifer

    cruzettes!!! Go bow to your Chinese backed filthy lawyer. You’re so hell bent on him you refuse to take the shit spoon from your mouth. CONSERVATIVE! CONSTITUTIONALIST! You people are brainwashed. Regurgitate your talking points. Get off your high horse and watch the no donation taking Trump steamroll your little cruzer.

  • jack burns

    Few are willing to admit that hopes are being built high that Trump is the savior because the alternative is too unthinkable. The thought that people will have to directly defend their way of life is so unsettling to most people that they’ll grab at any lifeline. They want their TV, safe little job, bread and circuses. Defending their own freedom isn’t a priority, yet, and may never be. Its messy business.

  • Dan Northrup

    I would rather not have my name down as choosing the pile of shit that looks my most appetizing. I would rather have my country back. This election will only decide if we would like to be run by a plutocracy directly or rather continue the charade of democracy. No matter who you vote for I guarantee the govt won’t get smaller, or give us anything more, and continue to watch us and encroach on our liberties. So protest the election, at your local polling station. Tell people they don’t have to vote, but they don’t have to be quiet. Be a dick, like your hero Donny Boy, but be a dick for the right reason. Let the world know there are still some real Americans who won’t be cucked by lady liberty to a small group that fancy themselves nobility over us serfs.

  • Artfuldgr

    what do you expect… him to make a stand BEFORE something, or to turn a deal away before hearing it… the whole point is assinine… but we are supposed to jump in and argue idiocy just cause its on the dinner platter… thats insane.. all they are doing is baiting him into saying, i refuse to work with any of them.. then what?


  • Artfuldgr

    even more so if you dont even know your way of life…

  • IslandLifer

    Let’s talk about TPP! Let’s talk about Cruz agreeing with Obama!

  • BitterClinger

    Let the ovomit supporters line up and begin the wailing and gnashing of teeth of their stupidity first.

  • Rotohammer

    And we shouldn’t have to work with them, if we can keep majorities in the House and Senate. McConnell and Ryan would no longer be able to claim their bills will just get vetoed.

    As squishy as Republican congressmen have become, I’m more concerned about how a conservative president will deal with them.

    I think Trump might be better than Cruz at pinning blame on the opposition, where it belongs. The media have a hard time ignoring Trump. Trump is sloppy in his language, though. Easy to use his words against him.

  • Silence Dogood

    I don’t know. As Obama’s brazen acts of lawlessness emboldened liberals, I think a strong conservative potus like cruz would embolden the repubs. Just like Reagan did.

  • Kevcar

    I really dont know what to say to someone who cannot even share a rational thought without screaming and cussing. Your proof that you cant fix stupid.

  • StotheOB

    Trump Jan 2016: When I’m president, I’m a different person. I can be the most politically correct person you’ve ever seen.

    Trump June 2015: You have to give them a path. You have 20 million, 30 million, nobody knows what it is. It used to be 11 million. Now, today I hear it’s 11, but I don’t think it’s 11. I actually heard you probably have 30 million. You have to give them a path, and you have to make it possible for them to succeed.

    Trump July 2015 “We have to bring great people into this country, okay? And I want to bring — I love the idea of immigration, but it’s got to be legal immigration. Now, a lot of these people are helping us, whether it’s the grapes, or whether it’s jobs, and sometimes it’s jobs, in all fairness, I love our country, but sometimes it’s jobs that a citizen of the United States doesn’t want to do. I mean, there are jobs that a lot of people don’t want to do. I want to move them out, and we’re going to move them back in, and let them be legal, but they have to be in here legally.”

    …I cant believe how willing so many are to play the chumps for this power-hungry conman…

  • Hans Pfall

    Look, in essence I agree. I want to dissolve the gov’t and rebuild it small and constitutional. Seeing how that isn’t going to happen, we’ve got to get the best deal we can.

    OK, you can say “protest and don’t vote and stand on principle”, but what does that get? Two Obama terms and a congress that does his bidding, no matter the party.

    So when it comes to not denying that Jesus is Lord and the KJV is His inerrant word, I’ll stand on principle and let them behead me if it comes to that. THIS, however, is politics. If I thought a “NO” vote would accomplish anything, I’d do it. It won’t, an no one has anything/anyone better, so I’m going with a long shot that might just do the trick. I encourage you and others to do the same.

  • Hans Pfall

    Who the hell thinks Trump is a savior? Everyone I know thinks he’s flawed but stirring the pot and maybe will get a few good things done. Savior? Nah. Stepping stone? More likely.

    As to “they want their TV, safe little job…” etc, what do you expect? People will step up, but they are also tired, worked to death, in debt and care about their families. Sorry if they’re all not as ready as you to go marching down the street, seeing their homes disintegrate, giving up their savings and security and daily bread. We can’t all do as much as champions of freedom such as yourself.

    By the way, what crusade have YOU lead lately? I don’t mean online, I mean which battle against the oppressive regime, which street clash, which charge against the bastions of power have you participated in?

    Just wondering…

  • StotheOB

    Trump in Nov 1999 when he last ran for President:

    Trump said that John McCain would be “a very interesting candidate” for secretary of defense.

    And in the same interview, because its just too unbelievably awesome to pass up, he said:
    “Well, let’s go, like HUD,” Trump said. “I think Charlie Rangel is a
    terrific guy. He’s a congressman from New York. He has been a powerful
    guy. Now the Democrats are not in power, but I think he’d be terrific at

  • StotheOB

    …except, of course, when it comes to Big Corn – then hes bought and paid for promising to expand the epitome of cronyism

  • IslandLifer

    I’m done posting links for you dolts. You clearly can’t research on your own so what’s the point of discussion? All that’s left is cussing and screaming (I guess?). I could care less at this point. You will see the outcome will not be in your favor. What will you do next purist?

  • StotheOB

    …is that why he has been pushing Liberal talking points for 60+ years and counting? (yes, even including today, anytime he starts to ‘explain’ his stances on issues. Its always right into Liberal talking points on things like Immigration, Panned Parenthood, Healthcare, etc etc etc)

    Anyway, with 100% name ID, endless publicity and the tag “clear frontrunner” for months – well, hes parlayed that into only ~35% of Republican Voters and the highest negatives of anyone running</i; including Hillary. Good luck with your new Hope and Change!

  • IslandLifer

    You must be listening to the fraud Levin. Not sure where you live but corn here is so cheap and abundant it is overstocked at markets and can’t sell.

  • Xavier

    Caps lock broken from overuse?

  • Robb

    “All the stories about Trump being a fraud keep turning out to be the real frauds.”
    “The attacks on Trump from the “conservative” media calling him a socialist, a Democrat, a flip-flopper, a fake conservative are just name-calling. I notice that the accusers never include examples, not true ones, anyway.”
    “Conservative pundits keep assuring clueless viewers that Trump is not a
    “real Republican.” They seem not to grasp that most viewers are saying, That’s fantastic! Thanks for reminding me.”

    (not the best copy-paste posting job) Ann Coulter’s Jan 20 column
    Donald Trump at the 1988 Republican Convention

  • Xavier

    Ann sure can pick ’em, can’t she?

  • Tadpole

    Well, it’s true – Trump might turn out to be a sell-out. But a bigger sell-out than the current GOPe, I doubt it.

  • jeff stone

    Too bad for you Dave. Trump will be the nominee. What are you going to do – abandon the nation and vote Dem or 3rd party? I used to love MB, but you have clearly biased opinions and are trying to use your bully pulpit to sway your audience. Bias in the media is why I started getting away from them, and visiting Moonbattery. You have become what you hated most.

  • jeff stone

    That’s what you got from his statement? WOWIEEEE – YOU are a LOSER. ChuuuUUUUUMP.

  • Xavier


  • Fiberal

    As usual, the Anti-Trumpets are wrong in consistently trumpeting the message that Hillary will beat Trump in the national.

    But now Trump is pulling ahead of the sick and sickening Hillary.

    The Zogby poll released Monday shows leading Republican presidential Donald Trump tied with leading Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at 45% –but beating Clinton in key demographics traditionally won by Democrats.

  • Kevcar

    Thank you for the offer of the ice. I’d guess I would rather be a butt hurt purist then have to hang my head in shame and deal with the remorse of what I helped unleash on the country we all love if It turns out, I drank the kool-aid and it turned out to be poison after all. This is such a crucial time for our country and here we are spitting poison at each other. The libs are rubbing their hands in glee.

  • Hans Pfall

    (go easy on xavier. he’s pretty fragile.)

    yes, xavier…my caps-lock is broken. i’m not sure how i’m getting those parenthesis to work, but that’ll just have to remain a mystery.

    thanks for your concern.

    trump 2016.

  • Hans Pfall

    BINGO! Making a deal does NOT on it’s face mean “I will acquiesce to their demands”. Has anyone given thought to the possibility that Trump will offer THEM a deal they can’t refuse? Maybe play THEM for suckers for a change. Put THEIR tit in a wringer and make ’em cave in?

    He isn’t a billionaire because he said “OK, I’ll make a bad deal just to keep everyone happy”. He can be shifty, rutheless, flippy-floppy…but he comes out ahead every time. My gut tells me he’ll be working (mostly) for our best interests and we (America) will come out with a net plus.

    In this day and age, that sounds pretty good to me, at least as a start.

  • jack burns

    Hansel, looks like trolls are trolls irrespective of candidate or party. Also sounds like I hit a nerve. So go hug your Trump doll and hope that the evil non-hansels don’t go after Gretel.

  • Hans Pfall

    Yep. I agree. The only man with the numbers and the right agenda is ¡JEB!, who is still polling at a very solid 4%…a SOLID four! You can’t buy that kind of voter loyalty.

    Yessir, dump Trump and go with a REAL winner!

  • DJ

    Another “hypnotized” Trump dupe? I think not.
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Endorse Donald Trump in Iowa

    “Joe Arpaio, the hard-line anti-immigration sheriff from Maricopa County, Ariz., will appear with Donald J. Trump in Iowa on Tuesday and endorse his candidacy, according to Mr. Trump’s campaign.

    Mr. Arpaio, who espouses some of the Republican Party’s most conservative views about undocumented immigrants, will appear with Mr. Trump in Marshalltown, a month after appearing with Mr. Trump in Arizona. Mr. Trump has made combating illegal immigration a staple of his candidacy, including a proposal to build a wall at the southern border.”


  • IslandLifer

    Who’s doing the hair splitting? At first it was all positive traction for Trump. Then came the attacks and certain web sites (right poop scoop) who ban you for criticism against Cruz or FIX news. Ok no big deal it’s an election of huge ramifications. I’ve always considered Cruz a good man but the vitriol leveled against Trump and his supporters is as nasty as the left. I’ve posted several links showing how Cruz has skeletons as any politician would. I pick Trump because he isn’t one. He actually made his fortune through hard work and dedication. You want to see poison try looking back at the comments on some of these Trump threads. The imbalance screams as Cruz gets a pass for some reason. I thought this was time for sharing facts, not pressing against one candidate with whom you think should win. Hence my cursing and “screaming”. This is a repeat of 2012 and like it or not Trump will be the nominee and everyone ranting against him had better hope he wins the presidency as well. So I’m all for stopping the infighting but can’t help it when people throw stones who haven’t even leveled the playing field. This should be time dedicated to castrating the Democrats, not dividing ourselves. Uncle Joe sees the light!

  • IslandLifer
  • Dan Northrup

    Doesn’t matter who wins if we all lose.

  • DJ

    Franklin Graham all but gave Trump a full endorsement back in Dec. 2015.

    The list of people with impeccable credentials who’re endorsing Trump grows longer by the hour.

  • Hans Pfall

    Just heard about this. That is fantastic.

    Dave’s latest slap at Trump supporters (i.e. we back a mercantilist oligarchical collectivist) is getting harder and harder to back up. “Hey Dave, you think Joe Arpaio is a dupe as well?”

  • Hans Pfall

    Better and better…

  • DJ

    “a mercantilist oligarchical collectivist”

  • Hans Pfall

    I kid you not. Check out the latest MB post.

  • DJ


  • S_O_T_A

    Are all those guys running? Or was that comment only slightly hysterical?

  • ChuckWest

    Trump has the cult of personality just like obozo has. Much like obama’s “Hope and change” mantra which spurred the progressive masses to the ballot boxes, Trump has found his own rallying cry in “Make America great again” which seems to have struck a nerve with the conservative base. Unfortunately, just as “hope and change” ultimately turned out to be more government and more regulation “Make America great again will invaribaly turn out to be the same. It’s just sad to to see that this time around conservatives are the ones being duped.

  • 20thCenturyVole

    Yeah, nice try Donnie, but no sale. You’re a New Yorker, and we’ve had nothing but trouble from them assholes, for years. In fact, all the bluer-than-blue north-eastern elite can go screw. We need more southerners.

  • S_O_T_A

    Trump’s supporters intentions seem to be to replace one narcissist with another.

    And that is going to ‘Make America Great Again’?

    Are they kidding?

    If this actually happens, buyers remorse is certainly going to smart this time.

  • ELLO

    I can’t believe Moonbattery has been so stupid to fall for the establishment anti-Trump rhetoric. (And what are you doing becoming embroiled in this fight anyway?)

  • sth_txs

    So what conservative principles does Team R have? I’m still waiting for those low taxes and limited government. They are also weak on illegal and legal immigration.

  • Dolan Trump

    What is a “biased opinion”? Do you have unbiased opinions?

  • jeff stone

    Parsing – the last refuge of a pundit with no power.

  • Dolan Trump

    Ok, so a guy who runs a news blog and conservative opinion website should be unbiased and have no opinion? Is that not retarded or am I just parsing?

  • IslandLifer
  • TED

    Birds of a feather…

  • tom

    i am surprised this site is so anti-trump. if we can’t fix the debt, immigration, and mass under-employment problems we will lose everything. cruz is great, but was NOT BORN IN THE USA! democrats will knock cruz off the ballot in key states. Unfortunately, can think ahead or see things with a different view.

  • tom

    this why conservatives lose. cruz is not eligible. btw new york is america’s best city. It is a manmade wonder of the world.

  • tom

    I can’t believe moonbattery is anti-trump. he is our last hope. the only candidate that can steal vote from the democrats. I will not be voting for GOPe and Cruz will not be allowed on the ballot. so it’s Rand or Trump.

  • tom

    agreed. moonbattery has turned into a moonbat. TRUMP 2016!

  • S_O_T_A

    Here is the simple answer.

    Someone born of a US citizen who meets certain qualifications of having lived in the US (which his mother does – she lived there for at least 10 years, including five after age 14) is a natural born US citizen irrespective of where they are born.

    You’re suggesting that if a pregnant woman lived in the US her whole life, but happened to go across the border to Vancouver for only one day and on that day gave birth, the child would be ineligible to be President 35+ years later?

    There are only two kinds of citizens:

    Natural born citizen.
    Naturalized citizen.

    Ted Cruz, having never been asked to be naturalized in order to live in the US as he has since before he was four, is clearly the former according to the qualifications stated above.

    Case closed.

    The issue is devastatingly simple, and the only people who want to complicate it are people who with an agenda and/or bias.

  • S_O_T_A

    He is eligible, see above comment.

  • S_O_T_A

    If Trump is your last hope, the USA is already dead.

  • tom

    democrats will kick cruz off the ballot in their state.

  • S_O_T_A

    Really? You must be running the US now to just make stuff up. My bad, I thought elections decided that.

  • S_O_T_A

    LOLOLOLOL! That entire load of rubbish can be distilled down to one sentence:
    “…Mitch McConnell aligned type of DC insider…”
    Such a tenuous connection gets you all worked up, but Trump personally articulating clear anti-freedom ideas gets a free pass?
    My friend, you are certifiable.

  • jeff stone

    Get your head out of your dumper – you know the answer to that, and it is not the one you tried to get by phrasing your question “just right.” Moonbattery used to be the conservative counter-culture’s place to get the stories the MSM would not publish. Now it is just a forum for one small group to shove their interpretation of conservatism down the throats of us, the site’s supporters. Well, no more. Your anti-Trump focus shows that with just a little bit of success, Moonbattery ends up going full-moonbat (and it is never good to go full-moonbat). You have forgotten your responsibility to us, the people who helped make Moonbattery what it is today. I am just one of the many folks who no longer support this biased news-feed blog.

  • Dolan Trump

    I don’t see skepticism of trump as shoving a particular type of conservatism down people’s throats. Conservative treehouse does the same thing but even more extreme in an anti Cruz direction. They are entitled to their opinions.

  • tom

    Look bro. A liberal state. E.g., California. Will not allow cruz’s name on the ballot. They will cite his birth certificate. Cruz would need to get Supreme Court to issue a statement. A liberal judge will delay the judgement. Cruz will NOT be the POTUS!

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