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Jan 27 2016

Frenchman Pulls Gun on Menacing Colonists

These welfare colonists picked the wrong Frenchman to menace:

Commentary from a French speaker:

[T]he news commentator makes clear that the person carrying in the video was a policeman (obviously plain clothes). Ordinary citizens in France are not allowed to carry – the people that he was protecting would have been completely vulnerable. The other things to note are that: a) this happened in plain daylight; b) this was apparently a fairly nice section of the town and c) ordinary traffic in the background was totally unaffected by what was happening and d) the police felt powerless to call back up, crack heads and make arrests. This is really, really bad…far worse than I imagined. It tells me that the violence has now spilled out of the “zones sensibles” (“no go” zones) into the communities at large.

The situation is already a powder keg. Yet still the progressives in charge allow the colonists to flood in.

On a tip from JusttheTipHQ.

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  • TED

    CHAOS IS what the left wants, they don’t care who gets killed. AND if they can use a HERD of uneducated monkeys to facilitate it, all the better. After all, it’s not THEM!

  • snapr

    Get that close to me with a bat and no ball game…and I’ll air condition your insides.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    one can only hope thousands of back yards are being dug up and a whole bunch of weapons are going to appear

  • Jack

    I’ll bet the Europeans who prided themselves on being color blind, unlike the filthy Americans, are starting to understand the black menace now.

  • Momster

    All their guns got damaged irrepairably the first time they were used. They were dropped.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    The Europeans are squirming in every fashion to avoid facing what is on their doorstep: WAR. They brought it there and now wish not to confront the error of their choices. EU indeed, open borders indeed. Such is folly writ large.

  • BillyBob Bob

    Blacks, they’re 96% all the same.

  • Troll Magnet

    he let them get way too close and still didn’t draw the gun 🙁

  • magic1114

    Did I hear that Frenchie singing; I got a double tap for you, just for you…?

  • SerenityNow

    Had a nice opportunity to clean up the gene pool. Black vermin.

  • ThisObamaNation

    In America, a man holding a bat in a menacing manner and pursuing an officer down the street is enough to justify the use of deadly force. The police would order the man to drop the weapon, and lay down into prone position so he could be hand cuffed and taken into custody. If he refused to comply with verbal commands you can bet your sweet ass he would be shot. Bring shit to America muzzloids I am begging you.

  • ThisObamaNation

    But so often it is them. You see Islamic monkeys are so uneducated and indiscriminate they can hardly tell friend from foe. What’s more they don’t care because “in their culture” if you are not a muslim, you are the enemy. They don’t give a rat’s ass what you have done for them, who you voted for, or how liberal your politics are. To them you are not even human. They look at you like a Pit Bull looks at a Pork Chop.

  • TED


  • Silence Dogood

    Just walk towards them shooting every one of those little motherf*ckers in the head until they get the picture that we are not taking their bullsh*t anymore.

    Sorry for the language I am just SO sick and freaking tired of seeing these bastards doing this to good people. I am so ready to go over there and start a vigilante squad.

  • perilousrefugees

    He’d only be shot if he was an American.If he was a ‘refuge’,he’d be protected.So who did the guy in Oregon threaten?A federal agent so stupid he can’t figure out where the border currently being violated is.What you see almost happen in this video will happen here,in a big,democrat run city near you.

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