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Feb 01 2016

Should Catholics Support Donald Trump?

Catholics and evangelicals have a lot of common ground, so when asks whether Catholics should vote for Donald Trump, the answer is of interest to both. This answer is a resounding no.

CV supports its decision by listing popular arguments in defense of The Donald and eviscerating them:

1. “Trump is a leader we can trust”
2. “Trump can’t be bought because he is rich!”
3. “Trump is a leader who will get things done”
4. “Trump is a successful businessman who will make great deals”
5. “Trump will end illegal immigration”
6. “Trump will fight the Establishment!”
7. “Trump is one of us”

One by one, these arguments are reduced to ashes. For example,

6. “Trump will fight the Establishment!”

This defense of Trump is somewhat rich, given the irony that Trump himself has boasted of playing the game, paying off politicians and enriching himself from the very system he now purports to reform. Case in point: in the past week a growing number of so-called “establishment Republicans” have warmed to supporting Trump, people like Bob Dole and Trent Lott — including establishment Republicans in Iowa like Gov. Terry Branstad. Why? Because they believe, rightly in our view, that Trump doesn’t have any principles at the end of the day. He’s someone who will wheel and deal — and you and I will be stuck with the bill.

Electing Donald Trump would send the pro-life movement back to the 1990s, when the Republican Party wanted to run away from defending the unborn. In fact, Trump recommended his own sister, Maryanne Trump Berry, for the Supreme Court. She’s the federal judge who overturned New Jersey’s ban on grisly partial-birth abortions. The next President may choose as many as three or more new justices. Trump’s suggestion of his pro-abortion sister as an example ought to worry anyone who cares about the Court. And let’s not forget he once said Oprah would make a great Vice President. Enough said.

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We actually have an opportunity to put a Reagan conservative in the White House. Let’s not blow it.

not-trump’s conclusion.

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  • formwiz

    Never forget a lot of the American Church is more than a little Lefty (read their gobbledygook on immigration), so maybe they’re just a little disingenuous here.

    Simply because Trump says we have to find a way to get good legislation through Congress doesn’t mean he intends to let people walk all over him. His nature would seem to preclude that, so the ” I’ll fight the Establishment” pledge may be worth more than some think.

    He’s certainly done a good job the last few months.

  • jayeS

    The Catholic Church tends to lean towards liberalism. Many of them supported Obama – which I never understood since Obama/Democrats believe in abortion. The church is loaded up with homosexuals and pedophiles. Trump says what most of us are thinking. As for electing judges, Bush got Roberts in their – supposedly conservative and look what he’s done in the past two big cases. Electing a conservative President doesn’t mean we’re going to get conservative judges.

  • Dan Northrup

    I can’t believe we are having serious conversations about why a beauty pageant sponsoring, reality show hosting, casino owning, billionaire businessman should or should not be President. Why, because he recites some BS got from comment section on Prison Planet? The same guys waiting that were waiting for govt collapse or revolution think Trump is the least objectionable candidate and the best deal. Guess what, they are all objectionable. A Crook, A Commie, A Tyrant.

  • William F. Cuckley, Jr.

    The Catholic Church is one of the biggest promoters of immigration going. I’m not terribly surprised they don’t like Trump.

    I’m a Catholic, btw.

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  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    “[Obama] squeezed and hammered them to the point of desperation. And in their
    desperation they turned to a man they didn’t fully understand.”

    From The Dark Night movie, but it might apply here.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. ~ Napoleon

    The clergy also will tell you that their Kingdom is not of the Earth, then constantly demand tithes for everything they claim not theirs.

    The only Order of the Catholic Church with value are the Trappists. They embrace silence, solitude and eschew contact with the outside world. All religions should practice such.

  • VanSyke

    A minority of Catholics are against a Trump presidency; particularly those that cash in on Federal government funding of “refugee” resettlement programs. Trump will cut off such funding.
    That said, my prediction is Trump will garner >60% of the Catholic vote.

  • MicahStone

    “Should Catholics Support Donald Trump?”
    —errr, which Trump?????

  • MicahStone

    Trump = caught in more BS….
    (GALLUP = Trump has the HIGHEST NEGATIVES EVER !!!!)

  • Jack

    Lost me with the first sentence; we have very little common ground as they don’t even consider us Christian.

  • Blount is working harder to defeat Trump than Ted Cruz.

    Does this make him the head moonbat?

  • Remember, all the other candidates never had a job (Carson excepted) and never met a payroll.

    They make a living selling bullshit.

  • 762×51

    Since the Catholic Church supports illegal immigration, gun control, open borders, etc., under comrade Pope Francis, they probably support the Progressive Trump.

    He was for all of those things, before he was against them.

  • MrRightWingDave

    Trump is not pro- life, therefore he does not get my vote.

  • MrRightWingDave

    CINO’s-Catholics in name only, will vote for Trump, Sanders, or even Hillary. Unfortunately, the Church is divided by “social justice” members, who really don’t give a hoot about real Catholic teaching, and the folks who follow ALL of the Church’s teachings. The CINO’s cherry pick the issues that are considered “progressive” every time. Unfortunately, the Church has many of these in very high places.

  • 762×51

    I’m not Catholic so I will take your word on it. I’m sure Catholics aren’t a monolithic voting bloc, however, like the country itself, they need to take back their religion from a cultural Marxist who has seized it and taken it down a dark path away from the principles it has operated under for centuries.

    Nothing is immune from the plague of progressive mental illness.

  • Catholics can go fuck themselves with a 16″ bayonet. They helped put the scumbag Ofuckwad in office.

  • Donna M

    Articulately and succinctly said!
    Not all Catholics are faithfully formed in conscience, so…
    They end up following grievious errors in social secular consensus…
    There are those things that are just unacceptable, non negotiable!

  • Donna M

    Ahh, err, uhhhmmmm!
    I’ve been to confession, more times than I can tell ya’ …
    Which, of course, I won’t!
    Because of that filthy, baby eating, premiere presidential bag of scum!
    Oh, by the way…
    I’m been working on my “self control issues” since this putrid piece of absolute cr@p, first got into office!
    My misery over that sorry piece, will finally be over when he’s out of office!!!

  • Donna M

    Couldn’t agree more!
    If a candidate supports ABORTION…!
    I won’t be voting for them!!!…EVER!!!
    Or for anything else, that goes against the teachings of Christ!

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  • MrRightWingDave

    We used to be a monolithic voting bloc, but not so much anymore. Both parties are more than happy to exploit us. Neither party has a platform acceptable to Catholics.

  • MrRightWingDave

    Hear! HEAR!

  • MrRightWingDave

    Sadly, some of them are bishops.

  • Donna M

    Mine EITHER!

  • Donna M

    You know them by the fruits of their labor!
    I, myself, am not going to stand before Jesus, and the rest of heaven…and,
    Have to “EXPLAIN” why, I didn’t say or do more,
    Fight against “All” blatant, full throttled, EVIL ABOMINATIONS!!!
    Which we have been told is unacceptable, under any circumstances, and,
    “Is no big secret to anyone!!!”

  • 762×51

    It is truly astonishing the number of people , even supposed conservatives who no longer recognize the importance of principles. They vote for some professional liar who is on video tape saying the opposite of what he now is saying to get elected. Then they are surprised when that person gets into office and does the opposite of what the promised.

  • Donna M

    This is what KILLS me about the “politically correct”!
    Why ” dishonesty” in the name of religion and or politics gets ridiculously outrageous!
    The either,, “I was against it before, I am now with it”! And the, “I was for it before, I am now against it”!
    The politicians follow the PC path of expediency and least course, resistance…
    When did Jesus, suddenly “flip” on His decisions to accept abomination, regarding,
    Abortion, euthanasia, LGBXYZEE-CIS-BOOM-BAHH(WHATEVER), climate change, social justice over personal CONSCIENCE or disposition, or any of His “other” dictates..hummmm?
    Well, I can tell ya’!
    The answer is NEVER, EVER!
    Not then and certainly, NOT NOW!

  • Randall Chamberlain

    Wow! This site has just turned into the 24/7 anti-Trump site.

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