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Feb 11 2016

Are We Really All Socialists Now?

Left-wing Newsweek gloatingly welcomed Obama into power with this 2009 cover story:


It wasn’t true in 2009; significant resistance arose in the form of the Tea Party and the Republican takeover of both houses of Congress. But if the New Hampshire primary is any indication, it might be true in 2016:

New Hampshire gave a full-throated socialist a rout over semi-socialist Hillary Clinton on the Democrat side and the once and now apparently again socialist Donald Trump won the GOP primary after going left of Bernie Sanders in his final rallies in the state. To translate, Obama’s hope and change and fundamental transformation of the nation are right on track – barreling warp-speed to the left in both presidential primary contests.

We know Sanders is a socialist because he has always called himself one and behaved accordingly. But Trump’s digital brownshirts keep shouting that anyone who doesn’t revere The Donald is in league with the liberals. How could he be a socialist?

According to Trump, the problem is business, not government. No, government is as pure as the wind-driven snow. The problem with health care is big pharma and not the precious, amazing government bureaucrats.

Trump has recently denounced not only Big Pharma but also Big Oil and Big Insurance.

“Whether it’s the insurance companies or the drug companies or the oil companies, it’s all the same thing,” Trump said. “We’re never going to get our country back if we keep doing this.”

Doing what? Allowing big companies to find energy, cure disease, and protect risks?

The conservative/libertarian case against Trump could be rested after presenting a single exhibit: his support for socialized medicine.

For decades – as we all know – Trump has been an advocate for universal government health care. And while now he promises to replace Obamacare “with something terrific,” other than mentioning something about state lines, his rhetoric reeks of a big-government program and has nothing to do with market economics. …

He’s said very recently that “we’re gonna take care of everybody” and that Ted Cruz was “heartless” for apparently wanting to immediately replace Obamacare without some government-based Cruzcare. Funny thing: Rick Perry effectively ended his campaign in 2012 with his infamous “heartless” comment in a debate over deportation. Trump gets a pass.

Trump always gets a pass, because he is going to make America great again by making terrific deals. Anyone asking for specifics gets shouted down by the brownshirts.

When you sound like a Marxist on health care and attack someone like Cruz the way a Marxist would attack someone like Cruz, then it follows logically to apply “the duck test.”

(Memo to Rush, Laura, Sean, Steyn, Coulter, and others – feel free to notice months of red flags that have been in your colossal blind spots. They are not hard to spot.)

When this tasteless joke of a candidacy comes to its inevitable bad end, those bright enough to know better will have to answer for not speaking out soon enough to help mitigate the damage to the conservative cause.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

  • Lockstein13

    “Trump’s digital brownshirts”


    I’ll respectfully say that the only things this smear reveal are

    A) your fear of Trump (perhaps fear of the unknown,
    as you seem to still be “fighting the last war”)

    B) your weakness/inability to reasonably argue why “your guy” is better.

    You needn’t worry about people, like me, with whom you disagree on who is the best candidate. I suggest you may have become your own troll.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Smear? Since when is the truth, as spoken by the candidate himself, a smear?

    You trolls are really something. How do you manage to get one foot in front of the other without tripping?

  • Lockstein13

    Please inmprove your reading comprehension.

    I refer to Mr. Blount’s use of the smear, “Trump’s digital brownshirts”.

    But *thanks* for showing the irrational and deflecting ways of the mentally disabled some unreasonable Cruz supporters.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    I fear that many people do not understand Trump at all. I also fear that we will all get to find out together. Granted, I fear Hillary and Bernie even more.

  • Lockstein13

    is what a “brownshirt” looks (and acts) like.

    Please stop feeding the frenzy; the hyperbole does more harm than good.

  • Van Spyke

    TRUMP 2016 because Cruz is too weak a personality to beat the DemocRAT candidate. But I will give Cruz his due: Under a Trump administration, Ted Cruz would make a fabulous attorney general in charge of DOJ

  • Artfuldgr

    you can also apply the idea that maybe he dont know as much as you do about the subject, and so didnt and doesnt know that the rhetoric selling others is bad too..

    or not..

    or maybe

    the hard part is that all the argument against or for above are based on the assumption that someone knows what he knows and so is sure he is doing something based on that assumption…

  • TheChaoticStorm

    I do not understand the reverence of Trump. His track record on conservative issues is abysmal at worst and lackluster at best. The more he talks, the more he sounds like Obama in 2008. He is saying what people want to hear instead of what they need to hear. Anyone who disagreed with Obama was a “racist”; anyone who doesn’t like Trump is “helping the liberals”. I fear if Trump is elected he will do exactly that.

    I didn’t care for Trump long before he announced his candidacy. He is an obnoxious loudmouth braggart that craves attention.

    There are some people who will never be satisfied with what they have and will always want more power. I honestly feel that is why he is running for President, despite what he may claim.

    If he wins the nomination I will still vote for him over a Democrat, but while holding my nose. The idea of a flagrant narcissist with his hand on the button terrifies me. We have one now but Trump comes off as far more belligerent.

  • Nick

    And thus the seeds sown by Bush’s inability to fight back or actually follow a conservative agenda, and the creeping fascism of Obola, have come to pass.

    FWIW, when I heard Trump’s first speech declaring his candidacy, I told my wife that he would be the nominee. I wasn’t happy about it then, and I’m not happy about it now. The fecklessness of almost all the GOP candidates and refusal to listen to Trump’s message (which easily could have been coopted), the GOPe’s insistence on sticking with their agenda, and Bo(eh)ner’s partying gift (both his budget and Paul Ryan) have almost sealed the deal.

    While Rubio, Carson, and Bushie III continue to hold on, Trump will triumph. I’m not a fan of Kasich, but those 3 should drop out and let Cruz, Trump, and Kasich (who is GOPe) the chance to knock heads. Right now Trump wins by the losers sticking to the race.

    As for Brownshirts, I can’t even go to Breitbart anymore. They are so in the tank, and their comments are so attacking (and mindlessly so) for Trump that there’s no fun there, no honest back and forth. Even here I see the Trump supporters who say that NO ONE is as good as Trump. Have you listened to him? In NH the other night, it was goodbye common core. In SC, it was I love common core. He says whatever is necessary to move forward, which is the mark of a demagogue.

    Ave, ave, Imperator, Trumpinus! God help us.

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  • Appalled By The World

    I’ve never been a socialist and I never will be. That turd in the White House has NEVER been my president. F–K him, his socialist worshipers and all their crappy ideas.

  • Thomas Comerford

    How the heck is Trump a socialist?

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  • MAS

    As if on cue up pops a Trump troll, who could have missed that possibility?

  • Torcer

    Feel The Bern: Donald Trump Copies Sanders On Drug Price Controls
    Election ’16: At a rally in New Hampshire over the weekend, Donald Trump spent a good deal of time complaining about how much the government spends on drugs. Too bad his math, and his facts, were all wrong.
    Phony numbers aside, what’s most troubling is that Trump’s proposal is word for word out the Democrats’ playbook.

    Bernie Sanders, like Trump, says he wants to “require Medicare to use its bargaining power to negotiate with the prescription drug companies for better prices — a practice that is currently banned by law.”

    What Sanders means, however, is price controls on drugs, since he knows that the government doesn’t negotiate prices, it dictates them.

    We are hard pressed to think of a previous GOP presidential candidate — much less the front-runner in what is supposed to be a conservative party — who has openly advocated price controls on a major industry. We live in interesting times.

  • Torcer

    Exclusive: Trump Tried to Pay Vets To Be Props
    Trump’s campaign asked a small veterans charity to stand on stage with the mogul at a rally to receive a six-figure check. The charity took a pass.

    MANCHESTER, N.H. — Donald Trump wanted a small veterans charity to be his political prop. They said no.

    Liberty House is a scrappy veterans group in New Hampshire, with a small, $300,000 annual budget—one of the 22 organizations chosen to benefit from Trump’s multimillion-dollar fundraiser for vets.

    On Friday, Liberty House executive director Keith Howard received a call from a Trump campaign staffer, who conveyed that Trump would like to publicly present them with a six-figure check at a Londonderry rally on Monday, right before the Granite State primary.

    It’s an enormous amount of money for a small charity. But Howard said he wouldn’t do it—risking the entire, substantial donation on a point of principle.

  • TED

    AND YET, we STILL aren’t Socialists. BECAUSE there will ALWAYS be SANE people in this country.

  • TED


  • Torcer

    I sincerely HOPE that you are correct on that assertion.

  • TED


  • TED


  • Torcer

    “Trump’s digital brownshirts”


    I’ll respectfully say that the only things this smear reveal are

    A) your fear of Trump (perhaps fear of the unknown,
    as you seem to still be “fighting the last war”)

    B) your weakness/inability to reasonably argue why “your guy” is better.

    You needn’t worry about people, like me, with whom you disagree on who is the best candidate. I suggest you may have become your own troll.

    And yet your behaviour validates that monicker…

    Question: Do you really think that your form of ‘Debate’ is going to win people over to team Trump?

  • TED


    ” I will still vote for him over a Democrat, but while holding my nose.”
    ANY more that THAT is kidding yourself IF you love YOUR country! AND IT’S A DAMN SHAME!!!

  • Torcer

    Lockstein13 A) your fear of Trump (perhaps fear of the unknown,
    as you seem to still be “fighting the last war”)

    1. We do not know that much about Trump aside from his history – a history as a leftist.
    2. Please dispense with the false narratives on that which you have no knowledge.

    Lockstein13 B) your weakness/inability to reasonably argue why “your guy” is better.

    Wow! That is a stunningly intellectual argument. I haven’t heard that kind of brilliance since the 3rd grade.

  • TED

    Right now there ARE MANY TROLLS on this site PUSHING for this very thing!!

  • TED
  • TED

    So FAR, a couple of generations from now?? We’ve all seen the video’s….I HOPE!!

  • TED

    Then there’s… .

  • William F. Cuckley, Jr.

    The problem here, is that conservatives and libertarians are fighting the last war. Economically, and for better or worse, the western world has settled on a robust market economy with a generous welfare state. Now, while that may not be optimal, the reality is that we have a more fundamental battle to win if you even hope to change that.

    We are not fighting over the economy, we are fighting for our very sovereignty! The battle of the 21st century is not between the capitalists and the socialists, but between the nationalists and the globalists. From that perspective, even a quasi-socialist nationalist like Trump is going to be a lot more of an ally then some open borders libertarian, pure capitalist or not.

  • Torcer

    Donald Trump Financed The Gang of 8
    One of the most common things you hear from a Trump fanatic is that the single most important thing this election is illegal immigration and that Donald Trump is the only candidate who is talking about building a wall and deporting everyone that’s here illegally.

    Trump has claimed that no one would be talking about illegal immigration had he not brought it up, which is of course complete nonsense. Even his own talking points dispute that. Trump has repeatedly referenced the ominous “Gang of 8″ as a way of attacking Senator Marco Rubio’s record since the proposed bill would’ve offered a path to citizenship for the illegals The Donald promises to kick out. The Gang of 8 bill was proposed in 2013 so if nothing else, we know immigration was a discussion 3 years ago.
    Of those 8 members, Donald has contributed money to five. 3 Democrats(!) and 2 Republicans. They were Schumer (5 times!), Durbin, Graham, McCain & Menendez.

    And what did Trump expect to get for his money? Because don’t forget, it was Trump that said he put money into candidates so he could get what he wanted. It was Trump that said he was part of the problem. His donation to Graham was in 2014, a year AFTER the Gang of 8 bill was proposed, so I guess he felt he got his money’s worth.

  • Torcer

    Being a Socialist means never having to say you are sorry… or responsible for the death, destruction and misery you have wrought.

  • Whoare”they”?

    Inside the belt way, yes, the rest of the country not so much

  • AnalogMan

    I just finished watching Trump’s speech in New Hampshire. You completely misrepresented what he said. You’re as bad as the media you criticise.

  • AnalogMan

    So, the Gang of Eight bill was, by your standards, “talking about illegal immigration”? That’s a strange point of view.

  • Torcer

    Do you understand that is an excerpt of an article?

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