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Feb 13 2016

Princeton Professor Imani Perry, Hate-Hoaxing Woman of Privilege

Dashcams ought to be banned. They are an obstacle on the road to social justice:

The dashcam arrest video showing police arrest a Princeton University professor this weekend paints a markedly different picture than the racist ordeal described by the professor, Imani Perry, in a 1,201-word Facebook rant.

Perry, a professor in Princeton’s African American studies department, also tweeted angrily about her arrest, but she appears to have since deleted her entire Twitter account.

People who get caught tweeting lies sometimes do that.

A pair of Princeton, N.J. police officers busted Perry on Saturday morning for going 67 miles per hour in a zone where the posted speed limit is 45 miles per hour.

The officers then proceeded to arrest Perry because of a warrant for an outstanding parking ticket from three years ago. She still owed $130 for that infraction. …

In addition to the Princeton traffic troubles which led to her brief arrest, Perry also has an active Abington Township, Pa. traffic case in which she drove an unregistered automobile, according to Planet Princeton.

Being a Professor of African American Studies who likely owes her lofty position to Affirmative Action, she responded to being held accountable for her irresponsible behavior as you might expect — by belligerently throwing down the race card:

“Now, make no mistake, I do not believe I did anything wrong,” she wrote. “But even if I did, my position holds. The police treated me inappropriately and disproportionately. The fact of my blackness is not incidental to this matter.”

No, certainly not incidental. A person of nonpreferred pigmentation probably would not have been treated with such exaggerated deference, and certainly would not have claimed that being arrested for breaking the law is a matter of race.

Perry, the parking ticket recipient who says she was ultimately able to pay her fine “without hesitation” to secure her release, also compares her fate to “poor Black, Indigenous, and Latino communities” which “experience disproportionate police surveillance, harassment, violence, and punishment.” …

“I can say that what I experienced was far more likely because my skin is a deep brown, my nose is round, and my hair is coily,” Perry also claims.

By barfing up this mendacious and pernicious idiocy on any pretext, morons can acquire degrees and even professorships at Ivy League universities these days, provided they back up their moonbattery with the appropriate skin color.

See for yourself as this woman of privilege is treated with politeness bordering on obsequiousness:

No matter how sweet the police are to law-breakers of color, they will always be demonized.

Please welcome Professor Imani Perry to the Hate Hoax List.

On tips from Bill T and seaoh.

  • Xavier

    [racial epithet here]

  • RKae

    Those cops are so polite that they make the Adam-12 guys look like absolute monsters by comparison!

    That there is law enforcement done so correctly that it’s downright boring. And that woman has the gall to try and tear it down with lies? Damn her.

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  • bigpete

    These baseless accusations of entitled blank elitists have all become so predictably boring. They see every encounter with law enforcement as racially motivated, it doesn’t matter what they did. And so they ironically are demanding the very position of unearned privilege they claim works against them.

  • Henry

    Remember the good ol’ days of the wooden shampoo…?

  • Jack


  • Donna M

    Uhmmm, well…
    Metaphorically speaking…
    This “incident” is akin to…
    “Going to sleep, highly intoxicated”…and,
    Blaming the “barf”, you found from head to toe, all over yourself…
    “On someone else!” When you knew there wasn’t anyone else, even around!!!!

  • Donna M

    …oh yeah!
    …SOOO…tell me another one, lady?

  • Buffalobob

    “It’s just a parking offence so nobody else has to know about it’ Unless your stupid enough to post a rant on twitter and call attention to yourself and the fact that you have a privilege professorship at an elite university..

  • Ed. G. Mann

    The best way to treat these incidents is to plaster them all over the Internet. Let everyone see what a coil haired round nosed brown faced asshole looks like with the officers in attendance. All the infractions should be posted too. It sounds like she is bereft of fame.

  • 67 in a 45 zone? How many points did that put on her license? And she ‘dindu nuffin?’

    OK, I hate paying for car tags and parking as much as the next guy. So unless she was driving a stolen car, that’s mere malum prohibitum. But 22 miles over speed? Was she drunk or high?

    Ms Imani needs a bus schedule. A few weeks riding on the ‘Loser Cruiser’ might restore her perspective and expose her to all kinds of vibrant culture.

  • Xavier

    Do not be concerned – the judge will knock it down to 9 over.

  • Xavier

    If she’d paid it, no one would have known about it.
    Just like the speeding ticket.

  • Gee, wish I could’ve found that judge when I blundered into a Samson, AL speedtrap a few months back!

  • Xavier

    It only works is you’re a minority. I’ve seen it over and over.

  • Jim

    “Affirmative Action” = “Black Privilege”.

  • How about walnut juice and hair gel? After all, Proggies are all about appearances!

  • Rock ThisTown

    It’s apparent these officers didn’t get the ‘stand down’ memo.

  • KHarn

    Urrg. Thanks, now I feel the need to use mouth wash! ;o)

  • KHarn

    “Affirmative Action” = “You’re too stupid and incompetent to get by without WHITE LIBERALS”.
    Or so the WLs would have them believe.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    BTW, here’s her mug shot

  • Donna M

    Couldn’t agree more! K!
    Prescription for temporary relief,
    Until the next hoaxer, hall of defamer,
    Use “ad lib” until the utter, “disgust”
    Has been removed from your mouth!
    …and make sure its of the non “alcoholic” kind! 😉

  • Donna M

    Ya’ know, bp…
    That pop tart gun,
    Looks absolutely delicious!
    I’d be fightin’ over that for breakfast,
    With the grandchildren!

  • Xscilune

    She wants everyone to know about it because she claims she dindu du nuffin!

  • Paul Byvtary

    A warrant for a parking ticket is a joke, so is this black slob.

  • Joycemsauter3

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  • bobdog19006

    Well, I guess the storyline we’ve been hearing for the past two years is subject to question.

    Why didn’t the police shoot her down like a dog in the street, like they’re supposed to? I thought that’s what ALWAYS happens, hundreds of times a day. Especially when they’re just driving along not doin’ nuthin’…

    I must have heard it wrong.

  • bobdog19006

    Here in Illinois, 15 MPH over the limit gets you about a 30% jump in your auto insurance premiums for three years. Got one of those many years ago moving along with traffic on a steep downgrade, right into a waiting radar trap. Still peeved about that one.

    Haven’t been ticketed or had an accident since.

    Meanwhile, drunk drivers get slapped on the wrist and go out and do it again. And again. Lather, rinse and repeat.

  • bobdog19006

    DEE-plo-matic im-MU-itay….

  • ColdBeer

    I think I will read her book now that she has so obviously revealed her true self. This way I will be able to spot them more easily.

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