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Feb 13 2016

The Great Antonin Scalia Has Died

The surest voice of reason on the Supreme Court has passed away:

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead of apparent natural causes Saturday on a luxury resort in West Texas, federal officials said.

Scalia, 79, was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort in the Big Bend region south of Marfa.

This praise is not the standard hyperbole extolling the recently departed, but the sober truth:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott released a statement Saturday afternoon, calling Scalia a man of God, a patriot and an “unwavering defender of the written Constitution.”

“He was the solid rock who turned away so many attempts to depart from and distort the Constitution,” Abbott said. “We mourn his passing, and we pray that his successor on the Supreme Court will take his place as a champion for the written Constitution and the Rule of Law. …”

Scalia was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan.

Liberty is hanging by a thread, often prevented from collapse into forthright tyranny by 5-4 votes in the Supreme Court. No one was a more reliable vote against tyranny or a more eloquent champion of liberty than Antonin Scalia.

God help this country if Obama is able to choose Scalia’s replacement. Hillary and Sanders would pick someone just as awful. Also, recall that Trump recently denounced Scalia for opposing Affirmative Action; Trump has suggested that his radically pro-abortion sister would make a good Supreme Court Justice.

More Supreme Court appointments will be made within the next few years. This means that a conservative absolutely has to win in November. It is time for everyone who wants the Constitution and traditional American values preserved to rally behind Ted Cruz before it is too late.

R.I.P. Antonin Scalia.

On a tip from seaoh.

  • Henry

    Just in time for ObrownMao to drive the final nail…

    RIP Justice Scalia.

  • seaoh

    The GOP will be dead and so will America if they cave and approve an Obama nominee, we are living in perilous times.

  • Rotohammer

    RIP. A voice of common sense.

    If the mental patient Ruthie Ginsberg had died or retired, at worst Obama would replace a moonbat with another moonbat. This is really bad.

    Ruthie has no plans to retire this year, AFAIK, so maybe a conservative president will get to nominate her replacement.

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  • Rock ThisTown

    Hopefully, Obama will nominate someone so far left even nutty Senate Dems (but not nutty enough to sacrifice their seats) and RINOs won’t support him/her. That means delay . . . and hopefully until after 1-20-17.

  • DM

    I am literally sick to my stomach. We will be doomed for generations if Obama is able to appoint another Supreme. If Ruth Bader Ginsberg also dies (she suffers from pancreatic cancer which is in remission) it could be devastating.
    The death of Justice Scalia is like a knife to the heart of what is left of our Republic. The death of a great Constitutional Scholar like Justice Scalia is heartbreaking no matter when it happens but with “0” able to appoint another justice it just makes me want to cry. I pray for Justice Scalia and his family and our country.

  • We can’t do like Progs and leave the country: Switzerland won’t take us and there is no other place to go that’s worth going!

    Stock up on ammo; we may have to play Samson in the temple!

  • KHarn

    I pray that it will be more like Sabine Pass, or Adobe Walls and not like the Alamo.

  • Xavier

    Well, we all know what comes next: Congress will say they’re going to stand up to Obama and then give him exactly what he asks for.

  • Watch for a diagnosis of ‘heart failure.’ I’ve seen that one tagged to crispy critters! It’s how coroners sweep lots of malfeasance under the rug!

  • Xavier

    Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., on US Supreme Court vacancy: ‘The President can and should send the Senate a nominee right away. The Senate has a responsibility to fill vacancies as soon as possible. Would be unprecedented in recent history for SCOTUS to go year with vacancy. And shameful abdication of our constitutional responsibility.’


    Shariah Compliant Supreme Court with the first Mullah named.

  • Last I heard, Rand Paul had a senatorial hold on all Obottom nominees requiring the Senate’s approval. Hopefully he leaves that in place.

  • Yep: pray for the best, but prep for the worst!

  • Xavier

    Well, you never can have too much ammo. Off we go.

  • And Reid may be staring at a Mafia hit if he gets too froggy. “Exercise equipment malfunction?” Sheeeeit!

  • Buffalobob

    Where was Hillary?

  • Nobama

    An article V Convention of States to amend the Constitution is our real only hope. Teneesee just signed on, but we have a long way to go. Get active in your state

    Im holding out little hope that the Republicans will take back the White House, regardless who wins the nomination. I know it’s early, but I’m already seeing a trend with most general election polls and it’s not good, especially considering this is a non-incumbent election.

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  • Nick

    Agreed. Its the only way to stop the insanity associated with the Supreme Court.

  • bush v gore

    DING DONG the witch is dead burn in hell. Was he watching the porn star debbie doe ted cruz when satan called him home?

  • May his soul rest in peace.

  • barfomer

    RIP, Justice Scalia. And thank you for your service to the country.

  • barfomer

    Fuck off Barry

  • My vote just shifted to Cruz, away from Trump. But can Cruz get the nomination?

  • Exile1981

    I called the wife and told her to pick up a few extra boxes when I read the news

  • Stosh

    One more reason for Cruz in 2016, without a doubt

  • Stosh

    Ft. Marcy Park

  • 762×51

    As I recall, Ted Cruz placed a hold on all Obama Nominees, judicial and State Dept. last week until Comrade Obama comes clean on the Iran deal.

    I don’t recall the details but I’m hoping that is the case. Rotohammer is right, this is really, really bad.

  • jtm371

    This is the worst feeling since the halfbreed took office. When he gets his way we are fucked. He will have transformed America like he said he would. God help us because this is a very dark day in the life of America. Not sure how we come back from this. RIP MR SACLIA.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    If enough people start thinking like you sir, yes, Cruz can be the man that saves the US.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    And, thank you for believing in the US Constitution, one of the greatest documents ever created by the mind of men.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Mugwump Mitch O’Connell has said he will stop any nomination because the choice belongs to the next President.

    I guess I won’t be holding my breath for McConnell to do what he said.

  • ray

    “Would be unprecedented in recent history for SCOTUS to go year with vacancy”

    I don’t care. There are lots of unprecedented things happening now, and this can be one of them.

  • 762×51

    Never happen. The Progressives would vote for Lucifer if Obama nominated him. Fortunately, he is running for President on the Dem ticket, in a pants suit so he won’t be available.

  • Tostig

    Scalia’s death for sure means it’s time for people to drop the Trump nonsense. But it still leaves open the question of whether Cruz has any chance at all of winning against Hillary. I would argue, probably not. Which leaves someone else. Of the available RINOs and undesirables, Rubio is the closest thing to an actual conservative would would pick a conservative SC justice. I’m not advocating for him, I’m just pointing out that if Scalia is the game changer, perhaps it’s time to take another look at him. If I thought Cruz could win, I’d be all over that.

  • Donna M

    Antonin Scalia was irreplaceable!
    Hey, Big A,
    Ya’ gotta’ help us out, faithfully from heaven now!
    Remembered you at Mass this evening…
    Adoremus in Aeternum Santissimus Sacramentum…
    Now you see HIM, face to face! Wonderful that!

  • randian

    A recess appointment and the appellate courts will rush to push the gun cases they’ve been sitting on up to SCOTUS so the appropriate anti-gun ruling can be made.

  • chelovek5

    It doesn’t seem likely that Trump would get himself into office on a conservative platform and then suddenly turn into Hillary. Yes, his apparent lack of values means that we can’t really trust him to make the right decision on his own, but if he’s committed to ingratiating people who do have conservative values, that could be a better deal than Cruz.

    I would vote for Cruz in a second if he were the nominee, but I also think he is “just another politician” who will spend the next 8 years making the government bigger and getting nothing done.

  • S_O_T_A

    Don’t normally upvote swearing, but in your case I’ll make an exception.

  • Feet2Fire

    Rest in peace, Sir.

  • Feet2Fire

    Or… Worse yet, assisting in the New World Order catastrophe…

  • Feet2Fire

    Hope they do a thorough autopsy to find out what exactly happened.

  • Joycemsauter3

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  • I don’t know… there’s no ‘right’ way to say this, but I was thinking that a justice would die in office sooner or later and was hoping that if that came to pass it would have been one of certain OTHER ones.

  • There is no guarantee the most conservative President will pick a judge that will toe the conservative line.

    Kennedy was appointed by Reagan in 1988 – look how many decisions he’s been on the wrong side of!

  • Jodie

    and the hand of God. : )

  • Fiberal

    BO will waste no time in bringing another corpulent, brain-dead liberal nominee – probably a muslim – to the SCOTUS judiciary committee for rubber-stamp approval. RINOs like Lindsay Grahamnesty will be only to happy to provide jump-to-it approval— as he did with a smile and a wink for La Raza Sotomayor and ObamaCare Kagen.

    I do not think Cruz will be able to block anything at this point. While he was campaigning, the senate over-rode his blockade of BO’s picks for ambassadors to different countries – the senate will assuredly over-ride any of his attempts to block Judicial nominees.

    Not to take anything away from Cruz, but the only reason the RINOs on the senate tolerated Cruz’ block for so long was bc he was blocking relatively-benign appointments.

    Predictably, the only thing that will stop BO’s next communist (or more likely, muslim) on the SCOTUS will be public outrage. When the reflexively-collapsing republicans abandoned the Bork nomination, there was virtually no movement from the base, (other than a possible shift on their couch pillows). Arguably, this may have been a different country had Bork been approved. And the republicans had no problem with dims when W Bush nominated the bizarre but conservative Harriet Myers; they self-blocked that one. In other words, republicans have a dismal track record of concern for liberals on the SCOTUS- don’t look for their blockade of BO’s next foul nominee.

    I don’t know where the base republicans were when the appointment of BO’s foul La Raza Sotomayor and ObamaCare Kagen went unapposed by the republicans, but I can tell you where they weren’t at the time.

    You couldn’t find them on MB.

    However, here’s the thing: if Cruz can now step in and block BO’s next disgusting nominee to the SCOTUS, then yes. That is a game changer in that this one act would be unparalleled toward making a difference in what is ostensibly, a last chance to preserve and restore this country as a Constitutional Republic.

    He will deserve the presidency.


    U. S. Constitution Born 1789, Died February 14, 2016

    Mr. Constitution had been terminally ill for decades and was on life-support since January 2009.

    Prior to 2009, numerous strokes of cabalist’s pens reduced him to a shell of its former self. Occasionally he was trotted out for public appearances and quickly returned to hospice. He has been in no condition to protect its loyal adherents for quite some time.

    His ultimate demise had been expected, but came about quickly following his learning of the death of his last living friend: Justice Antonin Scalia.

    He was predeceased by the nation he founded; his children U S of A and American Spirit were murdered by treasonous conspiracies. He is survived in the memories of patriots.

  • Mannie

    This may be the greatest constitutional crisis in the history of the Republic, more serious than Lincoln’s suspension of Habeas Corpus. The Enemy will try to insert a justice who will overthrow the Constitution. Any Republican who votes to confirm a Zerobama appointee must be subject to Counterrevolutionary Justice, along with his entire staph [sic] and his family.

  • Giorgio Palmas

    He was found with a gun in his hand and 2 bullets in the head. Also a Hillary sticker on his forehead.

  • ed357

    I’m willing to bet…….

    that Pus Ryan, Turtle McConnell, and the rest of the GOPe……

    will roll over and show their yellow underbelly to 0bama……

    February 13, 2016…….will go down as another “Day of Infamy”… the day the US Constitution died.

  • physicsnut

    // what wants to replace Scalia ( Loretta Lynch ? ??? )

    // really – check it out – LORETTA LYNCH

  • Fiberal

    And BTW, self destruction is not just a phenomenon shared by the U.S. and Europe.

    Here Israel experiments with sucide-by-cop in appointing an Arab to the second-highest position in the police force.

    For Israel, that could be as self-destructive as electing a Marxist con-man as president.

  • Fiberal

    Now here’s a republican candidate who I believe we can all agree should not get within a millimeter of the WH:

    Yep.. Kasich and Lindsay Graham – lookalike RINOs lurching toward ignominy and obscurity hand-in-hand with Juan McCain; a trio of republican stooges who put themselves up to the highest bidders years ago.

  • Torcer

    There’s Ample Precedent For Rejecting Lame Duck Supreme Court Nominees – via @FDRLST

    There’s Ample Precedent For Rejecting Lame Duck Supreme Court Nominees – via @FDRLST

    Despicable: Leftists Celebrate Justice Scalia’s Death, Pray That Justice Thomas Is Next… via @WeaselZippers

    Obama Calls For Increased Civility In Politics… via @WeaselZippers

  • rex freeway

    Will Obama be able to find a Black Transgender Liberal in time?

  • Karenbgarcia2

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  • Grumpy Cat

    So, no one seems to care that Scalia was murdered? just shrug your shoulders and go on with your day? Do we need any more proof that we have transformed into the former Soviet Union?????

  • MAS

    “Movement is not necessarily progress. More important than your obligation to follow your conscience, or at least prior to it, is your obligation to form your conscience correctly. Nobody — remember this — neither Hitler, nor Lenin, nor any despot you could name, ever came forward with a proposal that read, ‘Now, let’s create a really oppressive and evil society.’ Hitler said, ‘Let’s take the means necessary to restore our national pride and civic order.’ And Lenin said, ‘Let’s take the means necessary to assure a fair distribution of the goods of the world.’

    “In short, it is your responsibility, men and women of the class of 2010, not just to be zealous in the pursuit of your ideals, but to be sure that your ideals are the right ones. That is perhaps the hardest part of being a good human being: Good intentions are not enough. Being a good person begins with being a wise person. Then, when you follow your conscience, will you be headed in the right direction.”

    —Excerpted from Justice Antonin Scalia’s commencement address at Langley High School, in Virginia, where his granddaughter was graduating in June of 2010.

    A towering intellect and moral man…he is missed already.

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