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Feb 14 2016

Are Electric Cars Really Green?

Pretend for a moment that CO2, rather than being an essential nutrient for plants, is actually a pollutant as liberal ideologues have agreed to believe. Does that mean that electric cars are good for the environment? No it does not:

Now for a more difficult question: why are we forced to subsidize inferior cars?

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

  • Of course they’re not green. My wife’s got a blue one…

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  • sjw that’s why – anyone can see the American experiment is dead; good luck with the looming civil war

  • bigpete

    But, but…the POLAR BEARS! The eco argument for e-cars has always been full of crap but since when has logic and reason ever mattered to a green?

  • Donna M


  • 762×51

    Once Comrade Obama gets all the coal fired power plants shut down electric cars won’t be going anywhere. There won’t be a way to recharge them.

  • 762×51

    The American experiment is not dead, is has been diseased with Socialism.

    You are correct about civil war though as anyone who has read my posts over the years knows. It is unavoidable now, however, the fascist Progressives will be eradicated, though at great cost.

  • George Lortz

    Not only do they produce more emissions over their lifespan, but the amount of self-righteous B.S. from the owners is overwhelming.

  • Karenbgarcia2

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  • Giorgio Palmas

    This is logic- a concept lost on libtards. Ethanol is a losing energy source; it takes one dollar to create 75 cents of energy from corn; since the sugar content of corn is about 17%. Sugar cane is a better investment, since it is 85% sugar. .Every dollar invested in oil is used in many ways; plastics, lubricants, and many others. Oil has 17 times of output because of the complex hydrocarbon chains it has. The level of CO2 in the atmosphere is at an all time low in the history of this planet. Rain forest good! Know what? It eats CO2 for breakfast!!

  • BostonLiberty

    It depends… are they getting their energy from a coal fired power plant, a natural gas fired power plant, or a nuclear reactor? Sounds green to me! Waaaaiiiitt a minute, says Elon Musk, you mean electricity isn’t created with fairy dust and bad climate policy? Really? No….

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