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Feb 15 2016

Twitter Recruits Crazed Feminist to Police Speech

Paul Joseph Watson has a little business advice for the totalitarian twits running Twitter. Step 1, assuming the company wants to reverse its decline, would be to dump Anita Sarkeesian as leader of its “Trust & Safety Council” (i.e., censorship board):

On tips from Torcer.


    It has been obvious for quite some time that the “tech titans” are the Axis, giving rise to Totalitarianism. They are the apparatus the State uses to program its population and the apparatus used to gather evidence and punish its dissidents.

    Now we see Facecrook’s cowardly criminal Stasi member gathering his own private security force in response to his new role as the official State propaganda tool for Angel Merkel and her Stasi war on her own citizens.

    Freedom is going very rapidly into the dark night thanks to these Tech Titans and their collaboration with Tyrannical Regimes. They are now more than collaborators, they are full fledged inner party members of the machine that is setting about to extinguish all freedoms for us peasants.

    The maniacal Bloomberg has shown us what their Fabian Socialist agenda is, how they can use their vast wealth and technological power to crush us to their conformity. Facecrook, Google, Apple, Twitter are all part of the vast very real conspiracy against us. They constitute a very real Skynet, with our Judgement Day approaching.

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  • 762×51

    “Trust and Safety Council”, Ministry of Truth, Affordable Care Act, Patriot Act.

    At least the Nazis had the balls to call it what it was, Geheime Staatspolizei, Secret State Police, Gestapo. Today, whenever any agency or dept or bureau, state or private contacts you, you have to decode their name and understand that they are the opposite of what they claim to be.

    Anybody ever deal with HR at work?

  • bigpete

    People will vote with their virtual feet. All they need is an alternative. Seems like a killer opportunity.

  • grayjohn

    Never used it, Never will. I don’t take orders from psycho twats.

  • Deathstroke

    Speaking of feminism, and SJW sanctioned censorship on social media, they’re going to kill Dawkins.

  • Donna M

    Ahh, err, uhmm!
    Sorry twit-her!
    You must be “joking”?, right?
    Like, who put you in charge, of anything?
    As an mature, coherent, ethical and moral “woman”!
    I am “highly” offended and downright OUTRAGED!,
    That you would even dare!!!
    Subject my speech or anyone else’s, to being monitored by this EMBECILIC TWIT!
    Do us all a favor and take your “thumb-sucking”, “adult nanny”, somewhere else!

  • Donna M

    Hey, Twit-her!
    Take her over the Clinton Campaign and monitor her…!
    People have away of “dying” when she is left in charge!

  • rex freeway

    Twatter. That’s the new name ive decided it should be.

  • Cynthiawburris1

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  • StephaneDumas

    Sargon of Akkad also mentionned a bit atheism in his video, on a off-topic sidenote, I spotted that vlog where this vlogger rant about some atheists.

  • ThisObamaNation

    A crazed feminist monitoring peoples free speech? What could go wrong?

  • TED

    There’s a surprise! You KNOW everything “internet” MUST be policed by the LEFT also!! Like FACEBOOK!

  • TED


  • TED


  • TED

    Don’t know, they still FLOCK to the Government entity FACEBOOK. STUPID IS in fashion.

  • TED

    EXACTLY, like Coulter said, if you want to know what the LEFT is up to, see what they are accusing you of. EVEN the names they use on the internet. They pick exactly what they ARE NOT. again, LIES, everything about the left are LIES.

  • TED

    Tell me oh TWATTER lady…

  • TED

    MORE TWATTER ladies(?)….

  • Deathstroke

    thechurchoffuckyou sounds like someone who has only dealt with ideologues. Damn shame.

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