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Feb 15 2016

Maine Rediscovers the Solution to Exploding Welfare Costs

The food stamp program is out of control:

One trillion dollars—that’s how much the government spent last year on means-tested welfare aid, providing cash, food, housing, medical care, and social services to poor and low-income individuals. The food stamp program is the nation’s second largest welfare program.

The number of food stamp recipients has risen dramatically, from 17.2 million in 2000 to 45.8 million in 2015. Costs have soared over the same period, from $20.7 billion in 2000 to $83.1 billion in 2014.

The most rapid growth in the food stamp caseload in recent years has been among able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs). These are work-capable adult recipients between the ages of 18 and 49 who do not have children or other dependents to support.

This is in part a result of a deliberate effort to destigmatize welfare and to get as many people on food stamps as possible, regardless of whether they are capable of paying for their own food. The more people take other people’s money through the State, the more powerful the State becomes.

Even in the Age of Hope & Change, there is pushback:

Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, recently established work requirements on recipients who are without dependents and able-bodied. In Maine, all able-bodied adults without dependents in the food stamp program are now required to take a job, participate in training, or perform community service. …

But despite vigorous outreach efforts by the government to encourage participation, most childless adult recipients in Maine refused to participate in training or even to perform community service for six hours per week. When ABAWD recipients refused to participate, their food stamp benefits ceased.

In the first three months after Maine’s work policy went into effect, its caseload of able-bodied adults without dependents plummeted by 80 percent, falling from 13,332 recipients in Dec. 2014 to 2,678 in March 2015.

No one should be surprised by this. Remember the welfare reform that Obama illegitimately repealed?

This rapid drop in welfare dependence has a historical precedent: When work requirements were established in the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program in the 1990s, nationwide caseloads dropped by almost as much, albeit over a few years rather than a few months.

One reason work requirements drastically reduce welfare rolls is that they reduce fraud. A large percentage of welfare recipients hold off-the-books jobs…

Recipients cannot be in two places at once. Faced with a work requirement, many recipients with hidden jobs simply leave the rolls.

A conservative in the White House would apply Maine’s food stamp solution nationwide.

If the caseload drops at the same rate it did in Maine (which is very likely), taxpayer savings would be over $8.4 billion per year. Further reforms could bring the savings to $9.7 billion per year: around $100 per year for every individual currently paying federal income tax.

Paying for other people’s free groceries is a price of liberal rule.


On a tip from Wilberforce.

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  • mathmiticion

    this is great when the opposition is good government corporate democrats like the clintons and even obama. the problem the democratic base is to the left and would demand its candidates get rid of conservatives not food stamps. the police and military will do what they are told and those that don’t will be removed. every election 5.000.000 more minorities turn voting age almost everyone of them hating conservatives. fox news watchers all the black conservatives you doesn’t represent black america. 98% of black american hates your guts and wishes obama would deal with you. 1,000,000 conservates die off every election cycle do the math. now latinos hate your guts too along with asians and gays thats 35% of voters.

  • ramrodd

    1 – repeal decades of UNCONSTITUTIONAL Trade deals

    2 – deport 50 million invaders

  • rex freeway

    Im sure captain idiot will tell Maine what meanies they are and insist that they put everyone back on EBT or he will stop funding other things. I hope they stick to their guns.

  • Appalled By The World

    History will show that the GOP had a golden opportunity to implement a conservative version of “hope and change” in the early 2000’s when they controlled the White House and Congress. A lot of Progressive garbage like this could have been cut back or even eliminated but instead the RINO’s left all that alone, added to it and paved the way for the ultimate death blow that’s been known as the Obamanation.

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Alice Cooper: No More Mr. Nice Guy! Cut off free shit for everyone. An empty belly is a great motivator for a deadbeat to get a job.

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Indeed. No Child Left Behind by Dubya and Dead Ted Kennedy is a classic RINO move. I was educated in the early 60s without the Department of (re) Education even existing.

  • Giorgio Palmas

    I imagine Sgt. Hartman meeting the pillow biter and tranny lover Barry Soetoro.

  • Bully

    What happens when you feed pigeons? You get more pigeons to feed.

  • 762×51

    When they go to the welfare office, they must register with the state job service before their welfare application can be processed. That includes handicapped, we are told they are no different that everyone else, this is the other side of the coin. That alone will cut down welfare fraud by a ton.

  • 762×51

    Not if you lace the grain with strychnine. Just sayin.

  • 762×51

    Remember that phrase “stick to your guns”. It is about to go from catch phrase to strategy.

  • 762×51

    With the exception of Asians, we are the literally the goose that lays golden eggs. Once we are gone, the remaining minorities will live in Mad Max world. Good.

  • Giorgio Palmas
  • 762×51

    Good lord, you had to dig for that one.

    You realize you just went from Alice Cooper to Tom Lehrer in the same thread, right? Impressive range, to say the least.

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Thanks for the accolades. I was at an Alice Cooper concert in the late 70’s and got tear gassed. I was in the music business and had comps- but still a dick move on the bomber’s part.

  • “My pulse it is quickenin/with each drop of strychnine/When we’re poisoning the pigeons in the park.” Tom Leherer

  • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

    “The number of food stamp recipients has risen dramatically, from 17.2 million in 2000 to 45.8 million in 2015. Costs have soared over the same period, from $20.7 billion in 2000 to $83.1 billion in 2014.”

    Half the country votes for a living. Obama Pod People.

  • Cynthiawburris1

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  • Appalled By The World

    Great movie!

  • Appalled By The World

    But how could you learn anything of value without a giant nanny state telling you all of importance?

  • 762×51

    I was at a Jethro Tull concert around that time that had the same problem.

    Buddy of mine was at the Ozzy concert in Denver last night, said he tore it up. Amazing he can even stand on his feet at 67 considering the mileage he has on the dark side of life.

  • rex freeway

    I sure hope so. I’m tired of this idiot getting his way.

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