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Feb 15 2016

From Out of Rubio’s Closet: The Bachmann/Abedin Affair

Marco Rubio is far from the worst candidate running, but he does have his flaws, prominently including his untrustworthiness on immigration, his interventionist outlook that might get us bogged down in another war, his noticeable lack of experience, and — less often noted — his siding with Huma Abedin’s Republican fan club against Michele Bachmann.

As a congresswoman in 2012, Bachmann heroically sounded the alarm regarding Shrillary’s sinister sidekick’s multiple connections to the fountainhead of all Islamic terror organizations, the Muslim Brotherhood. Bachmann was sanctimoniously shouted down by a RINO eager to make a pageant of his preference for political correctness over national security, namely the insufferable John McCain — with support from Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, and alarmingly, Marco Rubio. As the Islamophilic moonbats at Salon barked at the time:

Rubio … disagreed with Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann’s baseless call to investigate Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the U.S. government.

Appearing on NPR’s Diane Rehm show, Rubio was asked by a caller if he would join Republican Sen. John McCain’s strong condemnation of the anti-Muslim witch hunt on the Senate floor yesterday. While Rubio said he doesn’t personally know Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton whom Bachmann accused of being connected to the Brotherhood, the Florida Republican said, “Everyone I talk to who has dealt with her, [says she is] a professional and hardworking and patriotic American who loves her country and in the service of her country is serving it.”

“I am not a signatory to that letter,” Rubio said of Bachmann’s letters to the inspectors general of several national security agencies demanding investigations. “I don’t share the feelings that are in that letter. …”

Rubio’s comments are decidedly more circumspect than McCain’s, but it is still unusual for someone in his position to speak out publicly against someone in his own party.

Shark Tank provided a more reasonable perspective:

While Salon is no doubt spinning Rubio’s reaction being a condemnation of Bachmann, what is perplexing is why Rubio appears to be so risk-adverse and hesitant to ask some common-sense national security questions in this matter. After reading the letter, there is nothing wrong with the questions Bachmann and her colleagues have raised, regardless of whether they’re perceived as inconvenient questions by Democrats. … Bachmann’s questions are valid ones and should not be dismissed out of hand.

Bachmann questioned Abedin’s family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, and she made it clear that Abedin was not being singled out. Bachmann rightly questioned how Abedin received such high security clearance given her family’s membership with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hindsight reveals Bachmann’s questions to be even more valid than we knew, now that Huma may be indicted for mishandling classified information.

As Torey Dawn Hodges rightly asks,

How do we know, as events unfold, that the very emails deemed too classified for investigators and congressional staffers to even analyze were not, in fact, passed on to another server maintained by the very Muslim Brotherhood that Bachmann feared was gaining access and influence?

We don’t, in part because Bachmann had the rug pulled out from under her by fellow Republicans, including Marco Rubio.

From Shrillary’s lips to the Muslim Brotherhood’s ears?

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  • Appalled By The World

    The big problem with these RINO’s is that they want to be loved by their enemies. They don’t want to be called “racist”,”homophobic”, “islamophobic” or any of the other now meaningless terms that have become taboo. The thing is these Vichyites aren’t being loved by their Progressive enemies (who view them as useful idiots at best) but scorned by them because they don’t deserve any respect. For them it’s more important to be liked than to do the right thing. And that’s why I hate them as much as any Prog. They have destroyed the Republican party by selling out its principles- and this is why Emperor Obozo has gotten away with his nation destroying agenda.

  • rpp618

    Huma’s real job.

  • MicahStone

    Huma is a great comfort to Shrillary – especially when she has an attack of “Bern”-ie

  • MicahStone

    AMNESTY-RINO rubio = let’s keep our borders open to ILLEGALS AND ISLAMOFASCISTS, too !!!

  • Minnie Pearl

    Good post. Rubio also joined in a “Gang of 7” letter against President Al-Sisi that many perceived as pro-Muslim Brotherhood. Rubio’s problem has been in taking his foreign policy direction from McCain. He’s neither wise nor ready for the top job.

  • Appalled By The World

    This term was invented by CAIR after the massive pogrom against muslims happened after 9/11-the pogrom that existed only in the mind of CAIR that is.

  • WallaceLeMay68

    Possibly THE most important article in this election cycle. How in budd fugging h@ll are people not asking these questions?

  • Alisa

    Don’t forget also that Rubio is NOT A Natural Born Citizen. Even though he was born on U.S. Soil he FAILS the other requirement for being a natural born citizen, having BOTH PARENTS Being U.S. Citizens at the time of his birth. NEITHER WERE; THEY DIDN’T NATURALIZE UNTIL 4 YEARS AFTER HE WAS BORN.

  • JoeK

    No wonder that beautiful, highly intelligent woman retired from Congress, she was ambushed by her own party, which has damaged U.S. National Security permanently.

  • JoeK

    Ted Cruz needs to bring this information out to the forefront! This needs to go viral~!~!~!~!~

  • JoeK

    Is the clown on the right side supposed to be rubio, no, not McShame! Hell, it looks more like everybody’s favorite Neanderthal to hate, from FLA, alen graceson*~!~!~!~***….,

  • JoeK

    Here are two examples of your comment. I live in S.W. Ohio, (kasich was okay as our governor ‘cept for medicare.aide expansion.) There is a senator here, from Terrace Park (20 miles from me, Rob Portman. He owns, through inheritance, the Golden Lamb Hotel/Restaurant, oldest in Ohio. He is, was, a pretty staunch conservative Rino! Until his homo son came out of the family antique Shaker wardrobe as a homo! Then portman was in favor of queers usurping the (1000+ yr) definition of marriage! He also recently sold his family owned since 1926, Portman Equipment Company, to a Dutch Conglomerate. Portman stated that he had researched the firm’s local acquisitions, stating “It’s a concept I’ve heard described as ‘Glocalism.’ All these companies are trying to achieve economies of scale. This lets us develop a network and coverage globally. But you can still have the local spirit, the local name and the customer intimacy to accomplish great things.”
    #2. john “The Orange Tan” boehner, repubelikan, West Chester, Ohio. Ten miles from my home. So sad he turned traitor to Our Nation. So sad!! Enough said!!

  • Cynthiawburris1

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