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Feb 16 2016

Julian Kinzel, German Left Party Hate Hoaxer

At first, the story of Julian Kinzel of Germany’s Left Party (Die Linke, a.k.a. Linkspartei) was enough to make you weep for the plight of oppressed evidently homosexual left-wing activists. Tagesspiegel reported that the 18-year-old Schwerin district board member was the victim of a knife attack in Wismar. Three perpetrators allegedly beat him up, stabbed him 17 times, and worse yet called him a “communist faggot.” This appellation and the clothing of the perpetrators pointed the finger at right-wing extremists, according to District Chairman Peter Brill.

But questions arose as to why Kinzel waited until the next day and then filed his complaint via the Internet rather than at a police station, and why the hospital that treated him did not report the case to the police.

A few days later came unsurprising follow-up, under the headline, “Politicians of the Left Apparently Invented Knife Attack”:

Unidentified criminals from the Nazi scene were supposed to have stabbed a Left politician with a knife — but apparently the young man just invented the attack. The public prosecutor’s office investigated for faking a crime.

Kinzel’s wounds were evidently self-inflicted.

Looks like the hate hoax phenomenon has gone international. Please welcome Julian Kinzel to the Hate Hoax List.

Kinzel: A moonbat and his appropriately bat-faced dog.

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16 Responses to “Julian Kinzel, German Left Party Hate Hoaxer”

  1. Exit Only says:

    Ah, the need for attention, when one’s ideology is so unattractive and full of error.

    SJW’s cannot earn respect by merit and hard work, so they must play-act the victim role or social crusader to feed their narcissistic appetite for constant attention.

    I hope he gets busted for reporting a bogus crime–But I doubt it, since the German police now look the other way when immigrants commit rape and other crimes in their country.

  2. roger says:

    Most likely he won’t even be fined, cautioned maybe, and referred for psych help and coddled by his peers for all the mean things the right wing “racists” have said about him.

  3. Saxon Warrior says:

    What is it with Leftists and lying? Could it be that because their entire Worldview is a lie that they need lies to perpetuate it?

  4. Henry says:

    Leave the dog out of it.

    Oh, and yeah, he’s a prog liar (I repeat myself).

  5. TED says:

    WITHOUT LIES the left would NOT exist!

  6. TED says:

    The ONLY way you can back up a LIE is with ANOTHER lie! Everything they do is based on lies…

  7. TED says:

    Oh NO, example:

  8. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Apparently he felt he was bereft of his fair share of fame.

  9. Exit Only says:

    No, without those who work hard, pay taxes, and produce services and products needed for civilization they would not exist.

    They are parasites that would never be put up on a desert island where everyone had to work to survive if they called for collectivism and re-distributing so as to skim off the blood sweat and tears of others efforts.

  10. Appalled By The World says:

    One day some “refugees” will really do that to him. That ought to be fun to read about.

  11. 762x51 says:

    Hate hoax? Stabbing yourself 17 times is the sign of a psychopath, not a hoaxer.

  12. bigpete says:

    I’m wondering if he could be charged with a hate crime against himself? Given the state of european law I wouldn’t bet against it.

  13. chuck_in_st_paul says:

    another sad little attention whore. I’d say screw him but eeeeYUCK! No thanks.

  14. TED says:

    THAT ALSO, but lying is how they get these things.

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