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Feb 16 2016

Watch Hillary Bark

What do barking moonbats do? They bark, of course:

Hopefully the segment of Shrillary barking will make its way into some entertaining campaign ads.

On tips from Torcer and Stormfax.

  • Rotohammer
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    These dogs listening to any Clinton speech

  • MicahStone

    “Watch Hillary Bark”
    –almost as GREAT as Trump barking….

  • barfomer

    When she’s not barking she’s coughing.

  • Henry

    Beat me to it!! LOL

  • Remix ought to be showing up on YouTube in 4,,,3,,,,2,,,1…

  • Bark like a dog, you little monkey woman….

  • Gene

    Hillary had to do the barking because after the trainer brought the dog to her last speaking appearance the dog lost its voice and hasn’t recovered yet.

  • Jester

    Sorry, Van Helsing. I just couldn’t make it past the 10 second mark before that shrill voice caused my head to explode all over the screen in a bloody mess.

  • MAS

    OK? So Hillary barks like a dog. Old news, just ask Bill…>snerk<

  • jayeS

    She’s so fucking stupid. Every news media who is antiHillary will be using a barking dog every time she speaks. I love it! Rush today started the montage of her speaking and then a barking dog. I about peed my pants with Hillarity!

  • Marilyndpope1

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  • Joe Mama

    When she loses the election she can get a job guarding a junk yard.

  • Foxwater

    Between her barking and her constant coughing fits during her ‘speeches,’ we can now conclude (if any doubt existed to begin with) that she is both mentally and physically unfit for ANY office of public service, let alone the Presidency.

  • rex freeway

    She’s screwed. She’s not even under Obama care

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