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Feb 16 2016

Trump Threatens to Run Third Party

Those who take Trump’s promises seriously will be among the very few surprised to learn that he has already hedged on his loyalty pledge not to run as an independent and thereby throw the election to the Democrats out of spite:

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump did not close the door Monday on a possible third-party run, accusing the Republican National Committee of breaking its pledge to stay neutral in the race.

“The RNC is in default,” Trump said during a news conference here. “When somebody is in default, that means the other side can do what they have to do.”

This was as inevitable as a hard turn to the left (which has already begun). Whenever Trump does not get exactly what he wants, he will claim the other side is in default, and threaten to pull a Ross Perot, which would cost the GOP the election. There is a word for this tactic: extortion.

The current trumpertantrum was set off by the boo birds who have been rattling him at debates. Trump wants the RNC to stop selling tickets to the supposed “special interest” and “big donor” audience members who jeer him. There must be no booing the Donald as he spews his Code Pink–style moonbattery.

Further, Trump wants the GOP to stop Ted Cruz from attacking him, bullies being far better at dishing it out than at taking it. Here he characteristically combines the third party threat with the birther canard and the threat of a lawsuit:

“He doesn’t even have the right to serve as president, or even run as president. He was born in Canada. So I will bring that lawsuit if he doesn’t apologize,” Trump told reporters at a press conference.

Simultaneously, his campaign issued a statement detailing Cruz’s allegedly false statements about his positions on abortion, ObamaCare and more.

“If he doesn’t take down his false ads and retract his lies, I will [file suit] immediately. Additionally, the RNC should intervene and if they don’t, they are in default of their pledge to me,” Trump said in the statement.

He is the kind of guy who likes to sue, as he has proven many times.

The Donald also wants the party to rescind Cruz’s big win in Iowa, although it is not clear whether that is a condition of his not going third party or launching a lawsuit.

One way or another, if Trump is on the ballot in November, a lot of Republican votes will go to a third party, and the Democrats will win. If he gets the Republican nomination, it will be good news for the Libertarian Party, but no matter what happens, Trump is bad news for the GOP.

Imagine the trumpertantrums if he had real power.

On tips from Torcer.

  • Torcer

    Looks like MSNBC has decided that Trump should be the losing candidate to their champion on the left:

    MSNBC schedules Trump-only town hall for Wednesday night
    This just-scheduled event will compete directly with CNN’s town halls, which will host all the candidates over two nights on Wednesday (Carson/Cruz/Rubio) and Thursday (Kasich/Trump/Bush) at the same time:

    Michael Calderone@mlcalderone
    CNN will have all six GOP candidates appear at town halls on Wed and Thurs. Meanwhile, MSNBC’s Joe and Mika hosting one Wed with just Trump

    MSNBC has invited other candidates on in the future (for anyone who’s left, that is):

    Dylan Byers@DylanByers
    From release: “MSNBC is inviting all Republican presidential candidates to participate in similar long-form interviews this primary season.”

    Alex Weprin@alexweprin
    Cable news has no obligation to provide equal time to candidates, but Trump certainly getting more exposure here:

  • CTsOpinion

    What kind of IDIOT would vote for this ASSCLOWN?

  • MicahStone

    -GOOD NEWS: When Trump barks —err, speaks— fewer and fewer now listen !!!

  • MicahStone

    Today’s TANTRUM is brought to you by the same guy who gave you the one yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, and…..

  • Squib Load

    Maybe he pulls a Perot but, more likely he wins like TeddyRoosevelt. This isn’t 1992.

    Both parties are in a pickle. The GOP thinks they’ve got a Trump problem and the Dem’s think they’ve got a crazy Uncle Bernie problem. They are both fundamentally wrong. Their problems are simple: The GOP was taken over by the evangelicals and the Dem’s were taken over by progressives.

    Most Americans don’t like social conservatives or progressives because they are two sides of the same coin. They both want to use political power to boss people around.

    The Overton Window is wide open for a candidate that’s is both pro-choice and pro-gun (which are about the only things the two parties genuinely disagree on).

    I’m not a big Trump fan but, I think he’s got it in the bag. He wins as a Republican or he wins as an Independent. Unless they kill him, this is all formalities.

    The real freak-out starts when the open state primaries vote. Both parties are going down.

  • Deep North
  • StotheOB

    More than 60% of the population thinks Trump is a buffoon or worse. He has, by far, the worst negatives of anyone to run, and there is upwards of 25% (and growing) of Republicans that say they would never vote for him. Worst of all, he has 100% name-ID, so he only has downward to go.

    Trump couldnt win a damn thing at this point. If he did get the nod, Id be shocked if he topped 40%

  • StotheOB

    Democrat trolls who hope he gets our nomination

  • StotheOB

    First – pitiful how Trump desperately doesn’t want people to listen to the other candidates talk about the actual issues, isnt it? He’ll do anything to keep the race on name-calling and nonsense, it seems

    Second – isnt it telling how MSNBC is always his go-to spot at this point? …And just about the worst-kept-secrete around these days is Joe Scarborough being his 1st choice for VP if he gets the nod; only fitting that is who will do his little townhall

  • 762×51

    He is also threatening to sue Cruz for what Ted is saying about him on the campaign trail. Imagine if candidates could sue for things opposing candidates said during the campaign. There would never be another election.

    If Trump did win the nomination, imagine what the Hillary campaign would say about him. He would be apoplectic.

  • StotheOB

    He is also threatening to sue Cruz for what Ted is saying about him repeating Trumps own words on the campaign trail.

    …fixed that small issue for you. Otherwise your post is on point

  • Doug Hagin

    A David Duke fan huh? save your propaganda dirtbag

  • Doug Hagin

    He is exactly what I have been saying since 2012 a self-serving attention whore. His intent, apparently is to give Hillary the White House

  • Deep North

    Is David Duke wrong, or can you just name call?

  • 762×51

    Point taken.

    Being a lawyer who has argued before the SCOTUS, I doubt Ted is afraid of these threats. How many things is the Donald now threatening to sue him over? I’d like to see Ted just call him on them and say Donald, stop threatening and sue me or shut the fuck up, pick one.

    Trumps campaign would go down in flames.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Most Americans don’t like social conservatives or progressives because they are two sides of the same coin. They both want to use political power to boss people around.

    That is a belief of the clueless. Only a Trump-style “conservative” wants a that kind of political power. True conservatives want limited government and hate the kind of power Trump wants to use it for such as eminent domain.

    Many in this country are too stooopid to realize what they’ve lost due to government power. Ask any of the farmers and ranchers what the EPA has done to them. They fully understand what unbridled gubmint power can do.

  • Paul Byvtary

    If the GOPe robs him of the nom running 3rd party is a great idea.

  • Fiberal

    One thing you can’t fault Trump for is a sense of humor.

    Check it out:



  • StotheOB

    Its absolutely wrong.

    Finances are open books. Anyone can check them themselves. And if they did, they would find just short of no money (relatively speaking) from just short of no Employees/EmployeesFamilies going to Cruz

    ohh, ahh, but once he took out a loan against his assets, right? …as if that doesnt make Trump one of the most owned people in the US today (but Trump sure doesnt want to bring that up, does he?)

  • Squib Load

    I think I basically agree with you in principal but, it doesn’t work that way in practice because, like you say, lots of stupid people (on all sides).

  • Squib Load

    I don’t think his supporters really like him. They’re just really pissed and he’s their outlet.

  • StotheOB

    Trumps a chickensh!t and isnt going to run 3rd Party even if he could

    First, he doesnt want to spend any of his own money (which he hasnt yet – hes only loaned his campaign money which donations are paying him back on. You didnt really believe the “self funding nonsense, did you?) and hes already started whining about not getting enough credit for doing what he isnt actually doing

    Second, Trump makes empty threats a couple times a day that he ever intends to follow thru on. Its just the Alinsky playbook that he has been using this entire campaign. I mean how many months now has he been whining that he was going to sue Cruz? Yet in his press conference yesterday he said he only talked to lawyers the day before. …He isnt going to do a damn thing; as I said, hes a chickensh!t

    Third, even if he did want to, most states have “sore-loser” rules which would keep him off the ballot anyway. He would end up the biggest, sorest loser ever even if he did try

    Trump is just a blowhard desperately trying to feed his ego, nothing more

  • StotheOB

    Would be a good theory if they all werent dead-set on absolutely destroying all the other candidates with flat out lies and nonsense

    …apparently they really, really, really want Hillary to be Pres (which fits right in with the plant theory)

  • Doug Hagin

    Duke is a piece of filth. I would call him a boil on the ass of society but, that would be demeaning to boils

  • Kevin R.

    Call that bluff! Let him run 3rd party. It’ll split the democrat vote.

  • Dookiestain_LaFlair

    I’ll vote for the self-made billionaire over the religious nut with imaginary friends.

  • StotheOB

    You mean Hillary? Is she a billionaire?

    …or wait, dont tell me you think Trump is self-made? Lol, hysterical.

    Sorry, but being born into the family of a NY Realestate Tycoon whose daddy gives him the family business… well yeah, that’s not actually self-made in any imagination of the word

  • Rob Miller

    OK,you hate Trump. But Trump and Cruz both had some caustic things to say about the RNC stacking the audience at the debate to cheer for the champions of illegal migration and boo Trump and Cruz. Trump is simply reminding them that if they don’t stop these shenanigans, he has the means to retaliate.

    As far as his Bush bashing and some of his other remarks, did it occur to any of you that SC is an open primary state and The Donald simply figured that s few relatively vague remarks might bring more democrats into the tent to vote for him? Rush pointed out the exact same thing.

    And let’s face it, GW Bush WAS a lousy president in most respects. He paved the way for Obama.

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  • Momster

    The RINOs built the stage for the arrival of Donald Trump. They built it stick by stick and nail by nail with every betrayal of their conservative constituents. They created the “monster” (in their eyes, at least) Donald Trump. He is about to eat them alive and they are in full pants-wetting panic. They have called him every name in the book and tried almost every trick against him and it only seems to propel him further forward.

    Their power-broking, cocktail-party-going, no-heavy-lifting, premium-healthcare, fantastic-pension lifestyles may be about to change and they are like drowning men, going down for the third time, seeing their whole lives flash before their eyes.

    Yet, they still can’t see that they are the prime cause of all this–the conservative voters are fed up with being deceived, lied to, tricked, and worst of all, MOCKED.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    For all this thunder, there isn’t much lightening.

    Conservatives wedded themselves to the GOP; they should have broken away and formed a third party back in the ’80’s at the latest. Now all the complaining produces nothing but wailing in the wilderness.

    Did the Conservatives get behind Perot? NOPE! A missed chance and Clinton got in with less than 50% of the vote.

    Conservatives stuck with ush in 2000 and in’04. He’s your example of a Conservative? Sangre dia Madonna, Gus Hall had better direction in his goals.

    So what do you want? More of the GOP running the show? The Congress will gang up on Cruz, either override his vetos or never give him the legislation he wants. Cruz has taken money for his run for office; he owes somebody. No one wants to be a one term Prez.

  • Van Spyke

    Trump high-jacked to GOP and is, in effect, running as a third party candidate from within. HAH! Trump outsmarted the whole dullard bunch. Because of that, there is ZERO chance Trump will bolt and run his campaign outside the Republican party. Moreover he’s set to win the GOP nomination and go on to beat the snot out of Hillary (or whomever the RAT candidate is) in the general.

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  • Dookiestain_LaFlair

    Most people that inherit large sums of money end up blowing it. Trump turned millions into billions and beat the odds.

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  • TED


  • StotheOB

    Oh. So when you say “self-made” you dont mean “self-made” and instead mean whatever excuse you come up with now?


    “Imagine Trump had retired in 1982, sold his real estate holdings and invested his $500million in the S&P 500 — that is, 500 stocks representing the American stock market.

    From 1982 through the end of 2014, the S&P 500 index had an annualized return, including reinvested dividends, of 11.86 percent, according to MoneyChimp’s S&P 500 Compound Annual Growth Rate calculator. Per this calculator, every dollar invested in January 1982 would have been worth $40 by December of 2014. That means Trump’s initial $500 million would have grown to $20 billion. That’s twice what Trump says he’s worth today

    Now sure, he pursues vanity projects to inflate his public image (and then uses that to make money in Reality-TV & massive speaking fees) …but that is not exactly the sign of a smart businessman; thats a smart entertainer more along the lines of the Kardashians than Donald Bern

  • Dookiestain_LaFlair

    No I mean self-made. He turned one million dollars into several billion. He came from a rich family and made it a wealthy family. He knows how to run a business and his daddy wasn’t a US President like Bush.

  • StotheOB

    Huh? So youre back to arguing being given a fortune (at that time, thats what it was) and the Family business (complete with all its resources, connections, protections and greatest minds) is “self-made” somehow? Pitiful

    Anyway, Ill let this 2007 article speak for itself

    But looking to Donald Trump to teach you the secret of becoming rich is exactly like paying Charlize Theron to tell you the secret of being beautiful.

    The truth is, their secrets are the exactly same: they were born that way—Charlize gorgeous, The Donald loaded. Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was a bona fide self-made man and real estate tycoon who brought his son into the business. Many of Trump’s web biographies talk of him “sharing an office with his father” like theirs was a tiny struggling two-man shop up a couple flights of stairs in an old warehouse. Nothing could be farther from the case…

    …The success of his pitch to the desperate wannabes and clueless is based on their erroneous assumption, nurtured by Trump but not explicitly supported by him, that he can teach them to do what they think he did…make himself rich through hard work and a business savvy. But what Trump is best qualified to teach is how to make yourself richer when you inherit an established business and have millions of dollars plunked into your waiting hands after your Dad has sent you to Wharton.

    The fact that Trump doesn’t lie outright about his background but simply allows his marks to jump to the wrong conclusions puts his “get rich like me” marketing efforts in the category of deceit…but deceit is still dishonesty. Trump undoubtedly has useful wisdom to impart about building a successful career; it’s not as easy to stay rich as some people think. Ask most state lottery winners. Still, the most vivid lesson of Donald Trump’s successful campaign to sell himself as a self-made billionaire is the lesson that 19th Century con-man Joe Bessimer pronounced more than a century ago:

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

    You are apparently eager to prove that point yourself

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  • magic1114

    Gee, it’s as if this was all done by design… Nothing like a potential SPOILER to ruin your day/century!

  • magic1114

    Makes a person think that it was all planned out…

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  • TED

    Copy THAT!

  • TED


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