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Feb 17 2016

Arrested for Failing to Pay Off Student Loan

Big Government wants everyone to go to college, even people who don’t really belong there, including those who major in foolish subjects of no use to society. If you can’t afford it, no problem; Obama nationalized the student loan industry as part of the ObamaCare power grab. Of course, you will incur decades of debt that might be hard to pay off working at McDonald’s with your degree in Womyn’s Studies. No worries; the masterminds in charge are resolving this problem by bringing back debtors’ prisons:

Seven U.S. Marshals armed with automatic weapons arrested a Texas man for not paying a $1,500 student loan from three decades ago, he claims.

Paul Aker said he was surprised at his Houston home on Thursday by seven people in combat gear.

“They grabbed me, they threw me down,” the 48-year-old Aker told the Daily News on Tuesday. “Local PD is just standing there.”

Aker said he didn’t receive any notice or warning about the loan, which he received in 1987 at Prairie View A&M University.

Apparently the guns and combat gear were judged necessary because Aker is a registered gun owner.

Aker said he was put in the back of a truck and placed in a cell at the federal building in downtown Houston. Later, he was brought to court, where a “prosecutor,” county clerk and judge were present. Aker said the prosecutor was actually a collection lawyer.

“Then I get a lecture (from the judge) about the United States and stealing from the government,” Aker said.

No one hates to be robbed like a thief does.

Aker told The News that he was ordered to pay $5,700 for the loan, including interest. However, Aker was also ordered to pay for the cost of the morning arrest — nearly $1,300. If he didn’t pay that amount by March 1, he said, he was told he would be arrested again.

Good thing Aker went to school a long time ago. The stakes are higher now.

The average student loan debt for 2015 graduates is approximately $35,000, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Aker won’t be the only one in for a shakedown that combines loan sharks with East Germany.

Amazingly, U.S. Marshals are planning to serve up to 1,500 warrants to people who have not repaid their loans, according to Fox 26.

Take the government’s money, wear a leash.

Bernie Sanders has another approach. He would make college free. When this astronomical expense piled on top of already unsustainable debt and entitlement spending enacts the Cloward-Piven strategy, the whole country goes to debtors’ prison.


On a tip from 762×51.

  • TED

    Wonder how he’s doing on his healthcare…?

  • TED

  • Appalled By The World

    Dumbass should have paid up. He did have plenty of time after all.
    The heavily armed stormtroopers were a bit much though.

  • Appalled By The World

    Biggest scam of the 21st century (thus far).

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  • Rotohammer

    Meanwhile, the universities and professors are laughing all the way to the bank.

    Universities need to be co-signers on govt sponsored student loans. Tuition will come down, and universities will care about the scholastic aptitude of applicants and the employability of the graduates.


    The door to door machine gunning practice is revving up for the rollout.

    Is there anything left of America? Anything at all? If ever.. so now the collections agents use SWAT as their enforcers. Mafia tactics by a lawless cabal of banks, lawyers, bureaucrat and their heavily armed stormtroopers. Totalitarianism does have a playbook and we are now way past the third chapter.


    It is in a way appropriate, in exchange for their brainwashing, these indebted “students” are now owned as slaves and indentured servants for life. I wonder how soon it will be before the heirs of these slaves will also be held responsible for the debts of their ancestors and held in perpetual servitude as well.


    The biggest joke is that even those who have healthcare see their premiums explode as their deductibles rise exponentially and their co-pays leave them paying the whole bill anyway. Unless of course they are in a Public Service Union. In the end they pay exorbitant premiums for a product that they cannot use. Where are the Consumer Fraud Investigators?

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  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    “Take the government’s money, wear a leash.”

    Unless they are stopped, they will find a way to put a leash on all of us. Taking government money makes it much easier for them, though.

  • TED
  • TED

    IMAGINE if it was FREE! .

  • Saxon Warrior

    Of course the guns and combat gear were necessary. After all, Aker is a registered gun owner and therefore by Moonbat default, he’s a terrorist.
    Had he been a bearded, prayer-mat carrying illegal from Syria then guns and combat gear would not have been used because Muslims are NOT, repeat NOT…. terrorists.
    You are not understanding the Moonbat truth, which is the only truth, and therefore you must be of an unsound mind. You need to be sent to a sensitivity-training gulag immediately.

  • TED

    CHICAGO tactics…

  • Eddie_Valiant

    How do we know he didn’t pay up?

    Several years ago, there was a story about some gubmint agency going after people who missed payments or didn’t pay after 30 or more years.

    Even the banks give up after seven years.

  • Bob

    So how is he registered? Conceal Carry? A good reason not to get a permit I guess.

  • 762×51

    Plenty of comments on this topic but almost nothing about the military weapons and tactics used by this rogue, enemy government to collect $1,500.00 SWAT is now the everyday application, there is no “protect and serve” anymore. Government is the master and you are the servant, period. The irony is that people have become so accustomed to the use of these strike teams that they don’t even notice it now.

    This guy has no criminal record or he would not own firearms yet military force was deemed appropriate by the government. No crime of violence had been committed, no threats made and certainly no act that would warrant the death penalty had been committed yet the use of deadly, military force was authorized against an otherwise law abiding citizen.

    The veterans here know what I’m talking about, they have seen real weapons of war used against other human beings and understand what that means. This government is prepared to make war against you for even the slightest infraction of their rules. They have demonstrated their intention to rule their subjects with an iron fist and still no backlash, disgusting.

  • Dookiestain_LaFlair

    He was arrested for contempt of court you idiots, but what kind of factual nuance can you expect from someone that worships a first century Palestinian?

  • 762×51

    Spoken like a true fascist.

  • Appalled By The World

    You have a point there. With this regime it’s all about squeezing the most pennies out of people. If he did pay up it wouldn’t matter to the regime anyway.

  • Bill T

    U.S. Marshals didn’t really arrest a man for missed student loan payments

    The Marshals statement goes on to describe the arrest, saying Aker “resisted arrest and retreated back into his home” when agents arrived:

    “The situation escalated when Aker verbally said to the deputies that he had a gun. After Aker made the statement that he was armed, in order to protect everyone involved, the deputies requested additional law enforcement assistance. Additional deputy marshals and local law enforcement officers responded to the scene. After approximately two hours, the law enforcement officers convinced Aker to peacefully exit his home, and he was arrested.”

  • MAS

    Back in the day… 😉

    SWAT was reserved for the worst of the worst and your average patrolman only called them after being forced to admit they couldn’t handle it. Now your average patrolman is a wuss created by society and their own admin policies.

    One of my favorite partners (nickname; Rad) dealt with a barricaded suspect and our SGT called out SWAT (we considered him a wuss). While we held the perimeter and they were getting pretty and making plans within plans, the suspect walked out (Rad had talked him out). SWAT was very upset so Rad asked if they wanted him to send the guy back inside. Yup, all made up and no party…which is the real danger with these teams.

  • MAS

    “He was arrested for contempt of court…”

    Translation: He told the civil judge to “pound sand,” that “debtors prison was abolished hundreds of years ago in the USA”.

    That made him a rabid rightwing constitutionalist and all bets are off.

  • RayNAiken

    I want to know why these marshals haven’t shown at Al Sharpton’s residence or his alternate residence the White House. Big Al owes the government $4.5 million.

  • 762×51

    So then you understand what I mean when I use the old motto, “to protect and to serve”. These military style assault teams can do neither of those things. They are soldiers who employ military weapons and tactics, in Burns, OR you saw soldiers, masquerading as police, set a military ambush against civilians. When the civilians tried to surrender, the soldiers fired at them and they panicked. That panic caused them to drive headlong into the kill box of a secondary ambush where one was killed. At no time did the civilians brandish much less aim a weapon at the “police” yet they were fired on and killed. Almost exactly what happened at Ruby Ridge. Pretty tough to read someone their Miranda rights when you are firing your automatic weapon at them. American civilians are being treated as though they are Taliban fighters.

    Many thousands of people are about to die in a needless civil war because the majority of the population is to lazy and too chicken to actually stand and fight by demanding the political and pseudo-military police leadership be held accountable for their illegal, unconstitutional actions.

  • AlanOne7

    Getting arrested for bad debts is extreme but sometimes necessary to get people’s attention anymore.

    ” … when they attempted to arrest him, Aker resisted and retreated back into his home. The situation escalated when Aker verbally said to the deputies that he had a gun. After Aker made the statement that he was armed, in order to protect everyone involved, the deputies requested additional law enforcement assistance.”

    (Trying to find the article I read just today by a woman who’s husband walked out on her and their two kids. After months of paperwork, her lawyer tracked him down. Hubby’s living with a friend and getting paid under the table. He could go to jail for desertion but then she’d get nothing for support. She stupidly agreed to the terms, and he disappeared again. She says.)

  • juandos
  • Rotohammer

    Black Loans Matter. Who knew?

  • Tammara Hinkley

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  • Teresadhayes3

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  • MAS

    I always referred to it as being a public servant. It’s a delicate line to walk and the tendency is to err on the side of “us vs them”. That tendency is evident in all levels of departments (Sheriff/Chief to patrolman) and even against their own. I found that out when I got badly injured on duty (that led to forced retirement disability) and became not as useful…all that “brotherhood” nonsense went right into the dumpster.

    There are a majority of decent LEOs in any community and a very small minority of bad apples (they tend to be kicked to the curb). The rub comes when defining the line between public service and tyranny and not every LEO spends enough time discerning the difference.

  • 762×51

    Doesn’t answer why the US Marshals were involved at all for collecting a student loan debt. If you were just coming out of your house one morning and a strike force attacked you, you would go back inside and try to slow things down until you knew what was happening as well.

    Of course they claim resisting arrest, was he later charged with it? NO
    Of course they claim he said he had a gun, was he charged with threatening them with a gun? NO

    You cannot take this corrupt governments word for ANYTHING. They are your mortal blood enemy. Just because they are government does not make them right or all powerful. Only an imbecile or a slave would believe that it did.

  • 762×51

    The ones I worry about today are the ones who will not honor their oath to defend the Constitution and will “just follow orders” to enforce tyranny. I was never in law enforcement but have a military background so I’m familiar with chain of command, following orders, etc. Too many will just follow orders without running them through the are they legal orders test first. That is very bad and will result in a massive body count when the shit hits the fan. I hope the vast majority will not follow along, many lives will be saved if they do.

  • jfmoris110

    They are getting a real bad deal in many ways.

    Burdened with debt for their “education”, they are expected to support the “baby boom generation” as it goes into retirement. The boomers have voted themselves lots of benefits, especially for the “connected” ones, and there are a LOT of boomers.

    The young will have to make their way in an economy impoverished by the destruction/ outlawing of resource extraction and basic materials – no steel mills, no logging, mines are outlawed…
    Our manufacturing base has been hollowed out, too – outsourcing is more profitable, no import tariffs to protect jobs here.

    Our rulers think they can fix this by adding millions of immigrants.

    I used to joke that by the time I reached retirement age, the young would be killing old folks because they are unable to pay all the benefits we voted ourselves. Not so funny now.

  • jfmoris110

    It seems to me like there’d be a kind of a self sorting feature to these SWAT teams. What kind of person is more interested in SWAT than in patrol duty?

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