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Feb 19 2016

Rubio Goes Full Moonbat on Race

Being a political novice, Marco Rubio has been learning by imitating others. For example, after arriving in the Senate he betrayed his Tea Party supporters by imitating the seasoned veteran John McCain and joining the Gang of Eight. Lately he has adopted Donald Trump as his mentor, copying Trump’s strategy of screaming “Liar!” whenever Ted Cruz directs attention to his record. Trump recently went full moonbat, spewing Code Pink talking points regarding 9/11 and the Iraq War. Rubio followed suit by regurgitating rhetoric from Blacks Lives Matter:

During Wednesday’s townhall, a questioner asked Rubio about race relations in the United States. Although the voter’s question made no mention whatsoever of law enforcement or the police, Rubio was quick to use it as an opportunity to question the racial attitudes of American police. Rubio then proceeded to cite accounts of police targeting minorities. …

While Rubio made a brief token acknowledgement that the “overwhelming majority” of law enforcement are “incredible,” he immediately began to emphasize systemic racism…

This isn’t the first time Rubio has veered into Al Sharpton territory.

Rubio’s latest statements come in addition to previous comments he made last year in which he seemed to lend his personal support to the rhetoric of the anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement, suggesting that the issue the controversial protesters are fighting is “legitimate” and that the growing “resentment” of law enforcement was understandable. Rubio’s comments prompted Black Lives Matter’s DeRay McKesson to reach out via twitter to Sen. Rubio and request a meeting.

Media Benjamin of Code Pink says Trump has earned a “Pink Badge of Courage” for spitting up irresponsible moonbattery; maybe Black Lives Matter will create a special award for Rubio.

As Heather Mac Donald has documented, the sort of rhetoric we are now hearing from Rubio has a disastrous effect on public order. It has produced the “Ferguson effect,” whereby police who know they will only be denounced as racists for trying to keep crime under control take a more hands-off approach. The unsurprising result has been skyrocketing violent crime in places like St. Louis and Baltimore.

Whether Rubio will be rewarded with crossover primary votes from blacks in the South Carolina primary tomorrow remains to be seen, but he has at least succeeded in getting on the liberal media’s good side:

CNN moderator Anderson Cooper, who oozed praise for Rubio throughout [Wednesday’s] townhall, followed up, asking Rubio: “If I could– just a quick follow up: on a personal basis, have you ever felt the sting of racism?”

Instead of demurring and noting that he is currently a U.S. Senator and presidential candidate who has cozy relationships with some of the most powerful and influential billionaires in the country, Rubio instead reached back to “recall” a memory from when he was seven-years-old in which he was forced to endure the sting of racism.

Yet despite the heavy yoke of racism, Rubio does not hesitate to emphasize his Hispanic heritage, due to the obvious advantage minority status gives him in the Age of Political Correctness.

These days the first rule of politics seems to be: abandon all shame.

Rubio knows how to get the liberal media to like him.

On tips from Shawn R and Torcer.

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  • Troll Magnet

    OT but a must watch:

  • Owen

    LOL @ the sh*t show this country has turned into. Sweet Meteor of Death ’16!

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  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Just a reminder of Rubio’s “conservative” credentials…

  • Henry

  • Time magazine is just like the US – only Red around the borders.

  • trump our next president

    bush lied 5,000 soldiers died.

  • Professor Hale

    I have seen so many fake Time covers on the internet, I can no longer tell if i am looking at a real one.

  • 762×51

    Ha, the Trump Progressive speaks.

  • thefilthybeast

    A feminized culture is a weak culture. And it can only become weaker. Men will not fight to defend a bunch of sluts and dikes. Europe is being invaded without resistance because European men have been emasculated. It is also happening here to a lesser degree, but it will only get worse.

    Feminism leads to Faggotism and Faggotism is death to any society. You cannot build a society on a bunch a hate filled harridans and homos.

  • Callawyn

    Just be glad Rubio is not running as a Democrat. He’d easily win the nomination and would most likely be our next POTUS.

  • 762×51

    That is where he and JEB? and Chrispy Kreme and Trump should be running.

    I think the Progressives are trying to ensure victory by running operatives in both parties. Think about it, there are currently nine people running for the office of president, seven are Progressives, two are mostly Conservative. It’s why no matter which party wins, nothing ever changes. Look at Congress, Republicans controlled both houses since 2014, everything Obama has wanted since then he has gotten, EVERYTHING. All because Progressives are running as Republicans as well as Democrats.

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  • Hear me now?


    Glad that MB has finally begun to recognize that No-Shopw Rube-io is the GOPe pendant to Hitlery. He’ll say and do anything to get elected. An absolute lightweight without convictions.

    Note his diverging comments on immigration depending on his audience and depending on what language he happens to be availing himself of at the time.

    PS. Rand Paul is another GOPe Sharptonista who speaks with a forked tongue.


  • 2 + 2 = 4


    OK but Bush is/was less “progressive” than Trump.


    “islam is a religion of peace” – GWB Sept. 14 2001


  • The Truth Hurts


    Actually, that was the ONLY time RubeINO said anything close to the truth. Only that he really didn’t mean it. He said it to pander to Trump or Cruz voters, in an attempt to sound tough on the moslem in the Antiwhite House.

    The words sputtered out of his mouth in a robot-like fashion because he was speaking lines fed to him by advisors.

    Unfortunately, speaking the Truth and not meaning it requires a bit of Method Acting as found in on Broadway and in Hollywood.


  • TED

    I CAN’T believe he is doing so well!! This country has really sunk to LOWS with our politicians!

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