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Feb 19 2016

Trump Endorses ObamaCare Mandate

Trump’s far left rhetoric is not limited to blaming Bush 43 for 9/11 and denouncing the Iraq War (which incidentally he originally supported). He has more to spare for healthcare. Last night he proclaimed that he likes the ObamaCare mandate:

The Donald went on to announce, “I don’t want people dying on the streets,” which is worn-out Democrat hyperbole of the type we have been force-fed by socialist moonbats for years. People are not dying in the street. Long before ObamaCare we were spending $billions upon $billions to provide free healthcare to the poor and even the not-so-poor.

No one who agrees with Obama that the federal bureaucracy can demand you buy certain products is going to reduce the size of Big Government — or appoint pro-Constitution Supreme Court justices.

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  • 762×51

    So he likes the Obamacare mandate but he is going to repeal and replace it. He never says what that replacement will look like, but it will be a mandate. He has said he likes single payer, most likely that will be the replacement.

    Big government mandates controlling healthcare, sounds conservative to me . . .

    All you Trump morons, swallow that.

  • IslandLifer

    I’ll drop in tomorrow to pour my bags of salt on your wounds…lemmings. Trump SC big win tomorrow. More lies to come from loser Ted Cruisers in 3,2,1…

  • IslandLifer

    Swallow a big L and choke on it you mindless fink

  • StotheOB

    Trump supported Iraq in more than just that 2002 Howard Stern clip

    Here he is in Jan 2003 (2 months before War)

    And here he is March 21, 2003 (1 day after War started)

    …but remember, he was always against it because he says so today

  • StotheOB

    Lol. Ironic

    You trolls are funny

  • StotheOB

    What we know for sure…

    Mandated you buy it
    Government will pay for those who cant afford it
    Government will work on some Private-Sector aspects designed to make it cheaper for people forced to buy it
    Everyone will be covered (seems to describe expanded Medicare here)
    You’ll get to keep your doctor

    …now if that sounds pretty much exactly how Obamacare was sold to you then you are a stupid loser bimbo who should be sued or something.

  • Kevin R.

    So troll who are you for in 2016, Hillary or Bernie?

  • Krummholzt

    Der Trumpenfuhrer rolling to easy victory in South Carolina, while the anchor babies battle for second. Hail Victory.

  • Deep North

    Cut off awfully fast…

  • StotheOB

    Just saving people from having to listen to the same old nonsensical gibberish (in this case the “I dont want people dying in the street” crud*) showing how little he knows about our healthcare system

    Full can be seen here:

    *If you are a Trump supporter, can you like please try to fill your candidate in on some of the simple facts please – people havent been dying in the street since Reagan fixed that way back in 1986

  • IslandLifer
  • StotheOB

    Link to whatever gibberish you want, you troll, but it still doesn’t change what your candidate literally says (no matter how desperately you ignore it, he still says the nonsense – including writing in detail about how yes, he does want Private-Sector influenced Healthcare until Single-Payer can be implemented.)

  • IslandLifer

    So you reply with gibberish. Brilliant.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Methinks doth protest too much.

  • Kevin R.

    The troll’s candidate isn’t Trump, StotheOB. The troll’s candidate is whoever the democratic party candidate is. Trump is the Democratic party pick for Republican candidate and they are desperately doing everything they can to make that so.

    An actual person the os passionately trying to convince others to vote for a candidate doesn’t act like a traditional troll using all the old troll tactics to piss you off and cause hate and discontent everywhere they post. An actual person trying to convince you of something acts a whole lot different than a troll from hell.

    The troll is from the other side.

  • 762×51

    Awww, poor Progressive, just can’t handle having anyone stand up you or your boy. You douche nozzles sound more like Obama zombies every day.

    Hint: We are laughing AT you, not WITH you.

  • 762×51

    More vague hope and change type promises is all he has. “Things are going be so great”, leaving the zombies to insert what ever their interpretation of great may be. This is the same movie we saw in 2008 and a H&C 2 in 2012, Different Progressive, different party, same strategy, let the weak minds fill in the blanks then do what ever you want once elected.

    No thanks.

  • Tostig

    Trump is a nativist liberal progressive. Since those words hardly ever go together, people have had a hard time sorting him out. He appeals to the nativism (not meant in a negative way; I am kind of a nativist) in many conservatives, for good reason. And so they ignore the other part of him: the liberal progressivism. It’s understandable, though not clear-thinking.

    Trump IS a liberal progressive, on almost every issue. Even his bleating about the 2nd amendment doesn’t cover up his massive contributions and support of gun rights opponents over the years (such as Hillary) or kind words for the arch enemy of gun rights, Michael Bloomberg. There is hardly any issue where Trump is not a run of the mill far left progressive: universal health care with a mandate, support of Planned Parenthood, eminent domain used by private businesses to confiscate peoples’ homes, blaming Bush for 9/11, you name it, and Trump is on the far left.

    Except for one thing: nativism. Yes, he has said some things that really resonate with conservatives, about Islam and immigration. That cannot be denied.

    But is that enough to vote for the man? He is NEVER going to ban all Muslims from the US. He is NOT going to be able to keep out the Mexican hordes. Both are much more likely to get under more control with a sane, careful, politically astute conservative like Cruz, or even a softie like Rubio who can at least read the political tea leaves and adjust over time. Trump’s nativist bluster will get him exactly nowhere.

    Trump vs. Hillary guarantees a liberal progressive in the White House in 2016. Time for people to face up to that and deal with it.

    All those people here and on other blogs over the years who mocked the Obamabots “Hope and Change” bullshit … now they’re falling for the exact same bullshit. This time it’s called “Make America Great Again!” And in both cases, it’s being used by a cunning liberal progressive so people will fill in the blanks with their own hopes and dreams and not ask too many questions like “What are you actually going to DO once you’ve won?”

  • Kevin R.

    In other words he is a Populist.

  • Deep North

    I believe Trump supports a mandate that forces insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions, far from what’ s being implied in the clip. Dubya signed Medicare Part D into law, and how many conservatives voted for him? Why are conservatives acting soooo outraged over Trump? The Republican Party has done little to shrink the government over the years. We know Trump has flip-flopped over issues in the past; we know he’s not the best speaker. He can’t be bought off like the rest of them. Politicians are so fake, rehearsed and dull so its interesting to see a candidate speak his mind.

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