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Feb 19 2016

Rutgers Students Reduced to Whimpering Basket Cases in Need of Therapy by Milo Yiannopoulos Visit

Now I see why colleges are so hesitant to allow anyone who is not solidly left of center to speak on campus. Look at the damage that can be caused:

Students at Rutgers University were so traumatised by Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ visit to their campus that they had to hold a group therapy session, campus newspaper The Daily Targum reports.

According to the paper, students and faculty members held a wound-licking gathering at a cultural center on campus, where students described “feeling scared, hurt, and discriminated against.”

“A variety of different organizations and departments were present to listen, answer questions and show support” to the apparently weak and vulnerable students, who just a few days prior had disrupted Yiannopoulos’ event by smearing fake blood on their faces and chanting protest slogans.

One student at the event told the Targum that they “broke down crying” after the event, while another reported that he felt “scared to walk around campus the next day.” According to the report, “many others” said they felt “unsafe” at the event and on campus afterwards.

These snowflakes had better stay in school for the rest of their lives. They will melt instantly on first contact with the real world.

“It is upsetting that my mental health is not cared about by the University,” said one student at the event. “I do not know what else to do for us to be heard for us to be cared about. I deserve an apology, everyone in this room deserves an apology.”

Actually, it is Yiannopoulos and the grownups who showed up to hear him speak who are owed an apology.

A number of organizations were at the event to offer support to the poor, traumatised students. These included Psychiatric Services, the Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance, and the Rutgers University Police. However, as far as we know, none of the protesting students were institutionalized, arrested for vandalism, or for assaulting the peaceful attendees of Milo’s talk with red paint.

Rutgers students are displaying clear-cut signs of the crybully phenomenon, whereby the regressive left feels victimized, traumatized and attacked even while they are viciously attacking others.

Heavy use of the crybully tactic is one of the many points moonbats have in common with their Islamist allies.

How quickly moonbattery changes a culture.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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  • ww11

    those were new deal democrats hitting the beach republicans opposed intervention see charles lindberg.

  • Appalled By The World

    Please Iran-nuke this nation soon. Because it’ll make it a lot easier to build a society based on laws and common sense-the kind of society that once existed in the former USA. This kind of madness is too much to endure anymore.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    If it’s OK with you Appalled, I’d prefer that the nuking take place in Cambridge, Berkeley, Seattle and any of the hundreds of moonbat manufacturing sites around the US.

  • Appalled By The World

    If that gets the job done then I’m perfectly fine with some limits. It’s probably going to take nukes to blast the scourge of Progressivism from this nation because those bastards won’t compromise, won’t share and won’t give it up willingly.

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  • rpp618

    Below is is some video from the event.

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Heh heh- this cracked me up making it…

  • 762×51

    You are a liar.

    Republicans opposed involvement in WWII UNTIL DEC. 7, 1941 – IDIOT!

    The civil war you Progressive scum have been fomenting can’t start soon enough to suit me. Killing you motherfuckers is so going to be a public service. See you on the battlefield, turd eater.

  • 762×51

    The Rutgers school mascot.

  • CRC60

    The campus newspaper should be called “The Daily Tantrum.”

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Guess who has all the guns, too? No safe space for them!

  • Jim

    What they were NOT were draft dodgers. By D-Day they were Americans. The democrats stayed at home with their tails between their legs.

  • Artfuldgr

    this is the better world feminists brought to college, family, etc..
    of course they are self exterminating… so they can be taxed..
    while they are importing their replacements
    now the other groups have realized that evil white men come from white women
    so the tide is turning and they are going to start negging the white women who will stand there like deer in the headlights with no understanding of what they did!!!!!

    but hey! its the greatest thing since wearing your underwear on the outside of your clothing and out slutting a hooker from babylon when going on an interview..

  • Wilberforce

    Along the same lines of safe zones, watch as Triumph wade into a college and talk to “young voters”. Hilarious,…and terrifying.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Actually 60 million gun owners in the US could take care of the problem without any outside help.

  • MissAnthropy

    Well what do you liberals want then, an interventionist America? I thought that was one of the things you people bitched about incessantly.

  • olddog

    (D)estro-it, Stank Louis, Balti-MORGUE , Watts..

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Too fucking funny!!! Walter O’Brien encounters a safe space…

  • Giorgio Palmas

    They’re so fucking stupid that they don’t know they are being totally punked..I weep for our future..

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Put ’em up!

  • CassandraBird

    but we do
    and laugh and laugh

  • 762×51


  • seaoh

    There is now a form for them to fill out!

    Love the small print at the bottom

  • 762×51

    I have no facilities to hold prisoners, so I don’t take any.

  • Was that the Daily Targum, or the Daily Tantrum?

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Bubye Bernouts…

  • Appalled By The World

    By any means necessary works.

  • Alphamail

    Hey E.V. – wait a second…I’m near Seattle…if you find out a nuke is coming, call me ahead of time…

  • Alphamail

    With all due respect, I would rearrange the words in your first sentence to read: “Please – nuke this Iran nation soon.” Just sayin’

  • Momster

    Do you mean to tell us that the democrats were the war-mongers while the republicans tried to keep us out of war? Only dems stormed beaches…tell that to my husband’s uncle Mac–fought in two beach landings and lived to tell about it.

  • Tom Baker
  • Mannie

    A key part of the therapy was that they held hands around the table and chanted,

    “You want fries with that?
    You want fries with that?”

  • Appalled By The World

    Were this to happen I’d shed few tears.

  • Alphamail

    We could both shed at least a few………………..tears of joy

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    anyone in my generation would have been laughed off campus for being such a whimp. These people are nothing but infantile “adults” looking for constant attention. The failure to grow up is epidemic today. This country is so screwed.

  • chuck_in_st_paul


  • chuck_in_st_paul

    Love it!!

  • octa bright

    Does anyone have a address where it is possible to learn what actually was the content of the lecture? There are descriptions as to how traumatic it was to the student body but no description as to what was actually said.

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