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Feb 20 2016

Bernie Sanders: Feminist, Honorary Woman

If Bruce Jenner is a woman, so is Bernie Sanders:

At a Democratic town hall in Las Vegas, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders declared himself not only a “strong feminist,” but also an “honorary woman,” a distinction given to him by feminist icon Gloria Steinem.

“I consider myself a strong feminist,” Sanders told a young woman from the audience who asked the question. “And in fact, Gloria Steinem — everybody knows Gloria is one of the leading feminists in America — made me an honorary woman many, many years ago.”

If Republicans don’t pick an electable candidate, our next Commander in Chief may be an avowed feminist socialist who calls himself an “honorary woman.” You would think the pendulum had swung all the way to the left with Obama, but maybe not.

He might show up at the inaugural in a dress.

On a tip from Stormfax.

  • 762×51

    I can see how he would be mistaken for one since everything he says or does is driven by emotion.

    My only question is, does this make him higher or lower in rank than Bruce Jenner in the Progressive caste system?

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  • 20thCenturyVole

    Bernie’s secret plan is to make the US a socialist crap-hole, so all the locusts leave voluntarily.

  • Rotohammer

    Gloria made him an honorary woman? What did that involve, exactly?

  • Agrippa

    Nah, he’s a guy, just one of the pajama boy type (the New Castrati). True for all DemonRats I’ve ever met: pussies with male genitalia, apparently rarely if ever used.

  • ray

    Burnout Sanders and his fellow-travelers have destroyed their own masculinity, day by day, over the decades. And they LOVE to make sure that nobody else gets to act like a man, either. Because then they would look like exactly what they are.
    Seeing Burnout has neither need nor desire for masculinity, I hope he soon is relieved of his male equipment, that he might please Ms. Steinem and the United Sisterhood to the fullness of his capacities.

  • Appalled By The World

    I might have to add “insanity” to the name of the party of treason and anarchy because they really are nuts.

  • Rock ThisTown

    If Bill Clinton can be the 1st black president, then Bernie can be the 1st woman President.

  • Rock ThisTown

    Caitlyn, not Bruce. To answer your question, I’d say winning an Olympic Gold Medal puts Caitlyn higher on the proggie caste totem pole. Bernie doesn’t even have a participation medal.

  • ScrewyPuppy

    Here’s the granting of Vaginaship upon the old socialist.

  • 762×51

    BRUCE has plastic boobs, however. He had them installed and was proclaimed a woman by Progressives. I noted at the time that it seemed they had redefined womanhood as merely requiring a set of plastic boobs. Bernie has no such installation, at least not that he has advertised so their pronouncements make them equal but Bruce raises a set of Plastoboobs.

    I’ll call him Caitlyn after he delivers his first baby, vaginally.

  • BackScatter

    I’d wager there’s a very good chance he is dick-less.

  • Laura Clinton

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  • Maybe Grandpa Depends is more woman than we think.

    He writes of women being gang-raped. Projection?

  • Exit Only

    So Bernie will make history by simultaneously being both the president and the first lady. Typical Progressive reductive math: Add two, and get one as a total sum. Take a baby, abort it, and get zero. Take zero money in the budget, spend more, and get more zeros.

  • sunshine

    I don’t know why anyone thinks that vile Jewess speaks for all women. She certainly doesn’t speak for me. So tired of this identity politics garbage. It’s so transparent and it’s pure pandering to stupid people. It’s also arrogant to the extreme.

  • Scott Doty

    Bernie would be FAR better than ANY repub!

  • MicahStone

    “Bernie Sanders: Feminist, Honorary Woman”
    –seems like the lunatic-left is moving from the REAL THING to just an “honorary”.

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