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Feb 22 2016

Dana Loesch Contra Trump

Why is it that informed countermoonbats tend to be vehemently opposed to Donald Trump’s candidacy? Dana Loesch lists a few reasons, after providing interesting information on his shady business deals, mob connections, et cetera. A few examples:

Trump donated six figures to the Clinton Foundation.

• While the tea party fought McConnell in Kentucky and tried to rally for Matt Bevin, Trump backed McConnell and every establishment GOP organization that sought to stamp out the conservative movement.

Trump donated more to Democrats than Republicans in the 2006 election cycle.

Trump helped to pass Obamacare by donations.

• Of Obamacare, Trump told Anderson Cooper (and has referenced this in previous debates): “I like the mandate.”

Trump donated heavily to the DCCC, DSCC, and Democrat heavyweights who brought us open borders, Obamacare, and tried to erode 2A rights. The DCCC is known for running Democrats in Republican primaries. Trump donated heavily to Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel, Terry MacAuliffe, Dick Durbin, and Harry Reid.

Trump advocated for amnesty during Gang of Eight while conservatives fought against it.

In 2013 he met with “DREAMer” activists, listened to their stories concerning illegal alien status and told them “You’ve convinced me.”

Trump is accused of financially threatening a woman during a secret deposition over his controversial and legally-mired Trump University, which has been called a “worthless scam.”

Trump lied about opposing the Iraq war during his truther-esque rant against Bush at the South Carolina primary debate.

Trump [is] not entirely consistent on 2A rights. I want to believe his evolution is sincere, but it’s difficult as some of his remarks to the contrary are recent.

• While Cruz took out a relatively modest loan against his assets in comparison to Trump, Trump is “owned by every bank on Wall Street.”

Trump is accused of “draft dodging.”

Trump repeatedly defends Planned Parenthood and its public funding.

• Circulated fake Coburn quote; camp continued even after Coburn condemned.

Trump wants to be “neutral” on Israel and Palestine.

Supportive of eminent domain abuse.

Trump threatens frivilous, progressive lawfare over videos featuring his past remarks.

That’s not even all of her bullet points, and there are plenty more items she didn’t get around to. For example, she doesn’t mention that Trump recently backed the outrageously corrupt ethanol boondoggle, and denounced Antonin Scalia for opposing Affirmative Action and Ted Cruz for standing up to Mitch McConnell.

In short, informed countermoonbats oppose Donald Trump because he is a moonbat by any reasonable definition. Being in a position to hijack the opposition party makes him the most dangerous moonbat in the country.

Not drinking the Kool-Aid.

On a tip from JusttheTipHQ.

  • bobdog19006

    Probably valid points. But then again, one could produce a similar multi-count indictment of just about any candidate in this race.

    Me, I’m burnt out. What we have here is a vulgar, uncivil cage match, not a political race. I know that’s how it works in Amedican politics, but this time around, I don’t recall the last time I saw a discussion of the issues facing this country. This election cycle is little more than a he said/she said sniping contest. I’m getting sick of it.

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  • Charles Poole

    The republicans have proven themselves unworthy. The republicans are an impediment to defeat liberalism. If there is one thing republicans support, it’s Barack Obama. Guaranteed no impeachment.
    Republicans facilitate and fund Obama with impunity.
    Republican supporters have been lied to, and stabbed in the back by the people they supported.
    Establishment Republicans have no one to blame for Trump — but themselves.
    This is what happen when you turn your backs on the conservatives who send you to Washington.
    Rubio/Cruz are two Cuban/Canadaian/ illegitimate anchor babies embraced by the Rino party as legitimate candidates? No wonder the Republican Party is drowning in the diarrhea of their own liberalism.

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  • Artfuldgr

    big deal… one sided is one sided.. where is the pre election stuff of cruz that wanted 500% higher h1b visas, a path to citizenship when he was with the race organization for hispanics, etc…

    perhaps telling us the bad trum did doesnt work because at some point telling us bad and beating the dead horse dont work no more…

    go ahead… vote for cruz.. he voted FOR loretta lynch to replace holder..
    that was a GREAT move, eh? yes… he voted FOR loretta lynch to replace holder

    the only plus with trump is that he is not part of the machine and what he will do is mess things up for them.. the other side is already messed up if they think voting FOR lynch is a republicans best move eh?

    the BIG difference is that Cruz is a career politician, so when he was working with the race org, wanting higher h1b visas, he was doing that when he wanted to run and that was his career choice.

    before trump was running as a politician he was a builder who had to appease the dems and now he is in trouble for having to pay off people that he had no choice doing in order to succeed?

    if you cant see the difference between the past of a career politician, and the past of a business man in a democrat stronghold vs now, then you get what you deserve… a Cruz that says he is for the republcans and american people and helped put loretta lynch in office… among other things…

  • WMD

    “I’m getting sick of it”
    Can I get an AMEN!
    Right there with ya Bob.

  • Pegon Zellschmidt

    One point: If you were a business man, especially a builder needing to get things done, ie permission, permits, regulations, …, and non-interference from graft prone politicians and union thugs, why would you donate to Republicans? Democrats are cutthroats; Republicans are pushovers. Why waste your money?

  • IslandLifer

    A product of the Glen Beck show. Nuff said. Maybe she’ll fast for Cruz lol.

  • Beef

    All probably true to some extent, although knowing Ms. Loesch not entirely accurate, and in the end immaterial to how the voters are going to make their call this year.

    There is one existential issue in this election that “trumps” all others: Immigration. The white working class has looked to conservatism to save them, and conservatism has signed on to sending half their jobs overseas and importing cheap foreign labor to take the other half. Supporting conservatives has given us record deficits, gay marriage, Obamacare, BLM in the White house, Veterans groups on terrorist watch lists, funding for Planned Parenthood, and two communist lesbians on the Supreme Court.

    Conservatism is dead. Identity politics has won. A renewed nationalism built on the legitimate interests of the citizenry is the the only way out from under the boot of the Left.

    This could be white America’s last chance to crawl out of its grave before they start shoveling the dirt in. The vast forces committed to this project will do everything in their power to keep things on schedule and may be too powerful to overcome, but there is some life yet in that body.

    The Republicans have earned this rebuke, and they deserve every bit of it. Ted Cruz is a formidable man who might be a great President someday, but the first order of business is to destroy the incompetent and corrupt cabal of quislings that is the modern GOP. Conservatism Inc. employees like Loesch are on the way out too. It really looks like the man for that job might be Donald Trump. Trump is no doubt a wild card, but he represents a chance to beat a stacked deck. A Trump/Hillary matchup would be a life or death choice obvious enough to a good portion of the suckers. Its going to be time to ante up soon.

  • bobdog19006

    Beck isn’t really fasting. He’s following his doctor’s orders to lose some weight.

    It’s a diet.

  • Tuvok Shakur

    So he contributed to the party that is destroying America and ruining people’s lives so he could make more money. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Tuvok Shakur

    When Trump was supporting the gang of 8, Cruz was recommending we lock down the border.

  • Pegon Zellschmidt

    I’m sorry, I only allow comments within 10 minutes of my brilliant posts.

  • Wocka Wocka

    Isn’t this the same crazy broad that said “Even the Devil can quote scripture, as Ben Carson has proved.”

  • Beef
  • MAS

    Really, 1st Amendment much? So it’s OK to dance with the Devil as long as it makes it easier for one to get building permits and such? Interesting…

  • TED


  • 762×51

    It’s getting to the point where we need a hunting season, not an election season. It’s like no politician has a clue just how pissed off people are at ALL of them.

  • ILOVEdana

    She is so hot.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    If you vote a liberal into office who is posing as a conservative, don’t be surprised when he governs as a liberal.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Glen Beck has built a conservative network. He has provided millions of people an education on conservative values. He offers his opinions for 3-4 hours a day.

    What do you have to show for your efforts?

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Actually…the devil can quote scripture. Does that make her crazy?

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Trump supporters have developed into a “hope and change” cult of personality. They “hope” that Trump will government according to conservative beliefs, not according to the liberal beliefs that he has held through most of his career.

    They hope that he will govern as a non-politician, when he has demonstrated throughout his career that he is willing to donate (i.e. rent) politicians in order to buy their support for his projects.

    And they hope that he doesn’t turn out to be the exact same kind of Republican in Name Only that they promised to never support again…even as he promises to make deals with the democrats.

    Finally, they hope that all the private, personal garbage from his life won’t be noticed. Like, for example, when asked what he and his daughter had in common, he suggested “dating her.”

  • Jill

    What was wrong with her statement? Was Carson completely honest when he refused to acknowledge that the statement behind the nontroversy of Carson dropping out came from his own campaign? Did he accept Cruz’s apology with grace and charity?

  • Jill

    Glenn Beck was quoting Abraham Lincoln, who urged for somber reflection during a time of national crisis and crossroads. I suppose some would call Lincoln a ‘cuckservative’ these days, but is there really something wrong with a call to put aside irrational emotions and really think about the future you want to leave to your children and your grandchildren?

  • So what it boils down to is that while Trump may wind up to be the only one running as a Republican that can certainly beat Sanders and Clinton, he’s clearly NOT a Republican, NOT a Conservative, and NOT much worth voting for.

    And it also boils down to SHE IS SO HOT as “ILOVEdana” said.

  • Actually you’re quoting Mises, not her. It appears you tacked a completely false ending onto the quote. Got a source? I don’t claim to be all-knowing – show me a video with her clearly saying that – that isn’t dubbed, or a link to her website where she says that.

  • 762×51

    Trump may indeed be the R candidate and Clinton most certainly will be the D candidate. Trump cannot beat Clinton in a general election, his negatives are higher than hers, H=52%, T=60%.

    How big an asshole do you have to be, to be more disliked than a scrunt like Killary?

  • Well, when you put it that way…

  • Willard J Clinton

    Cruz is a Goldman Sachs (Vampire Squid) tool. We have 3 or 400 of em in the legislative branch and one in the White Hut already. I’ll take my chances with Donald Trump, thank you.

  • TED

    EXACTLY, well said!

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