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Feb 24 2016

Mayor of Ithaca Wants Government-Run Heroin Injection Facilities

Once government is big enough, it will take care of every conceivable need. For example, it is not enough for Big Government to provide a living wage through welfare so that those who choose to spend their time poisoning themselves with heroin can be free from the burdens of employment. What about those who are squeamish about sticking themselves with needles? They need help. As members of a collectivist society, it is our duty to provide it through government:

The mayor of Ithaca wants his city in upstate New York to host the nation’s first supervised injection facility, enabling heroin users to shoot illegal drugs into their bodies under the care of a nurse without getting arrested by police.

The son of an addict who abandoned his family, Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick is only 28 years old, but knows intimately how destructive drugs can be. As he worked his way from a homeless shelter into the Ivy League at Cornell University and then became Ithaca’s youngest mayor four years ago, Myrick encountered countless people who never got the help they needed.

So he will provide this help by having government employees oversee the injection of poison into their veins and forcing taxpayers to finance it.

An alternate solution to the drug scourge would be to leave people to take responsibility for their own behavior. But for some reason it is considered more compassionate to aid and abet irresponsible behavior and even overt self-destruction, thereby making misery and dysfunction far more common than they need to be.

He’s from the government, and he’s here to help.

On a tip from seaoh.

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  • Jim

    What a jerk!

  • Musicmaven

    Wow, and if this happens in a year or so he will wonder why the number of heroin addicts has doubled ……dumbass!

  • Chocolate&Cheese

    How much spare cash do you have to invest in my rehab center I am opening across the street?

  • Donna M

    Oh no!
    Uh ahh! No, no, NOOO…!

  • TED

    Of course, ANYTHING that impedes humans is a plus (vote) for the left! Their campaign slogan should be “We want MORE STUPID”.

  • TED

    I doubt it, doubling is most likely his aim. Every drugged out asshole is a VOTE for them.

  • Alborn

    So I guess he is going to open bars and serve alcohol to the alcoholics. Methadone clinics of the 70s comes to mind. They were such great success. This man is insane. If he wants to help open the clinic on his own dime and wean the poor souls off the heroin.

  • Donna M

    This is where common sense gets dumped by the side of the road, in favor of…
    Absolute idiocy!
    No lateral thinking or higher intellectual reasoning engaged here, folks!
    Why of course, mr mayor, isn’t smart enough to consider the long and short term effects and consequences, promoting and “trafficking”, a dangerous narcotic!
    Uhmmm, lemme’ think!
    It is not the responsibility of gov to become someone’s, “pimp”!
    It is not gov responsibility to administer “non medicinal” mind altering, substances…period.
    What is the underlying medical “illness or condition?”, that warrants, this substance to be prescribed, monitered and controlled by a medical physician and auxillary support staff!
    Oh yeah, all narcs have to be DOCUMENTED, controlled, administered, monitored and supervised, while under a PHYSICIANS care!
    …and since, these people may suffer from “altered” mentation (under the influence of a controlled substance), They’re considered, JUDGEMENT impaired! How can you hold users accountable for their own actions!
    What if a user/patient’s health decompensates or declines, while under a doctor’s care? Constipation, sinus bradycardia, decreased respirations, overdose…or,
    They end up killing someone, while under the influence? Huh!
    The gov and the healthcare pro’s, get the “bleep” sued out of them!
    Good thinkin’, mr mayor!!!


    Assisted suicide by city government?

  • Foxwater

    Simple equation with an unsurprising solution:
    Ithaca, NY+Ivy League School+enabling heroin use+Main enabler was ABANDONED by own father who WAS an addict=Makes perfect liberal sense.

  • Speed Gibson

    Other facilities being considered by Schmendrick include a whorehouse for sex addicts, a dept. store for kleptomaniacs, and an elementary school for pedophiles.

  • HarleyBobb

    He’s been called A young Barry Obama. Ithaca has proclaimed its self utopia. The place is full of Carnies. You should see it when they have a Festival, every damn nut job comes of of the woodwork.

  • Momster

    They already have these. Congress is the whorehouse–full of people who will do anything for money. For the kleptos there are stores in minority neighborhoods that can be looted at the drop of a hat, and name any elementary school. There you go.

    Free needles weren’t enough. Free methadone wasn’t enough. Now let’s just give up and provide the heroin, too.

  • henbane88

    Why not. It’s not like heroin is illegal or anything.

  • 762×51

    As we all know, the logical extension of cultural Marxist ideology is “that which is not prohibited is mandatory”. How long before you are required to submit to government administered medications which “keep your mind right”?

    Laugh if you want, but Progressives use each event as both cause and justification for the next law, process, right taken away, etc. That is their history for over 100 years now.

  • 762×51

    Drug addicts are the easiest group to control of all adult humans.

  • thefilthybeast

    But, he just cares sooooooo much! You can see the compassion just oozing out of him. I am sure that they have smoke free restaurants in this Utopia because as we all know smoking a cigarette is far more dangerous than injecting heroin directly into your veins.

  • TED


  • Terry Smith

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