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Feb 25 2016

The Trump Moral Tone

Despite her hating Christians and her association with lunatic Black Lives Matter ideology, Katrina Pierson is still serving as national spokeswoman for Donald Trump. Here she dismisses concerns that if Trump is elected, we will have a First Lady whose nude photos are floating around the Internet, which would stretch the word “lady” to the breaking point:

Soopermexican finds it rich that Trump denounces Megan Kelly as a “bimbo” when his wife has posed with no clothes for public consumption.

Speaking of the miasma of “New York values” that swirls around the Donald, here he is publicly lusting after his daughter:

Let’s hope Ivanka doesn’t accompany her father to any parks in Brooklyn.

On tips from Torcer.

  • Torcer

    Everyone will want to be careful about posting to Free-republic.

    Seems like they only want positive stories about Trump and for ‘The Premier Conservative Site on the Net!’ they have a problem with free-speech.

    This is the danger of the Trump candidacy – it will very likely destroy the Republican party – whether or not he wins in November…..

    This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.

    This Business Will Get Out of Control

  • Bellator

    Give it a rest. Realize that Trump is the weapon to be deployed against the ruling class in DC – the Uni-Party. Trump is in it to win and since he is already wealthy and had plenty of hot women the only thing next on his bucket list is to be the “greatest” American president. He is a patriot and a nationalist — a borders, language, culture kind of guy. His inconsistencies work for him because they scare the hell out of America’s enemies.
    I lay odds he takes a head shot from 1000 yards if he wins the general. Either from the Uni-Party or China. His only defense for survival is to pick a VP even more scary to the Uni-Party and foreign nations that fear him than he is.

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  • calmly_observing

    Takes a head shot?? Good grief.

    Regardless of Trump’s inevitable winning the nomination or more, his vacilations and hypocrisy in certain situations still matter. Otherwise you have to expect both the definition of “winning” and of “greatness” to fluctuate, perhaps whimsically, under a President Trump. In an extreme hypothetical, we could find a path to “greatness” is paved by wild federal largess (spending), requiring further centralizing power and money and eroding of states rights more. I hear his words and those of his supporters claim the singularity of his negotiating prowess. But he also is impatient. And he could look like Obama on steroids, going it alone and using DC power to get his way in the states.

  • Willard J Clinton

    The chances Cruz, Rubio, or any other Rothschild controlled Uniparty errand boy will lift the Vampire Squid’s boot off the throat of middle class America = 0

    The possibility that Trump will be able (and willing) to do it are better than 50-50 IMHO.

    I’ll take my chances with Donald Trump, thank you.

    P.S.: The racy shot of Melania Trump provided was certainly a major improvement over 8 years of of seeing images of that ghastly wookie plastered all over the place. The guy isn’t even in office yet and he’s making the place look better already.

  • ragman

    None of that stuff matters. It’s the immigration, Stupid.

  • Chocolate&Cheese

    Superlative FUD.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Trump is part of the ruling class.

    Last time a country embraced the “greatest leader ever,” it resulted in a very large war.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    More of Mrs. Trump.

    Yeah, she is better looking that Ms. Obama, but wouldn’t you like to have a first lady with some class?

  • TED

  • TED


  • TED

    Only AGENDA can make them that DAMN BLIND!!!

  • thefilthybeast

    “It will very likely destroy the Republican Party”

    What good has the Republican party done?
    What purpose does it actually serve?
    It is not the loyal opposition because it betrays the people that support it every time it gets a chance. All it does is give the illusion of some sort of opposition.
    It blusters and then caves.

    Our currency has been debased and we are $19 trillion in debt. The liberals control the schools, the media, Hollywood, the Supreme Court, Wall Street, and a lot of the churches. We are fighting useless wars all over the world with no end in sight and our borders leak like a sieve. We have been feminized, faggotized, and transexualed.

    The Republican party has been a complete failure at preventing any of this.
    So how would the destruction of this party of complete failure be a bad thing?

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Of course that isn’t the real story of Donald Trump. He was born to a family of meager means, not knowing where their next million dollars was coming from. Donald doesn’t talk often about the paper route he had as a child to supplement the family income.
    Reminds me of “we are really not well off….”

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Note to WJC…..Cruz is hated by the Senate because he “won’t go along.”

    And you think that a card-carrying member of the elite….a guy who has bragged about his ability to get along with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi….a guy who financially supported Obama….is going to turn things around for conservatives?

    “Take my chances….” Where’s the intellectual depth?

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Democratic socialism means that we all get to vote on how much money we take away from the rich guy, and who has to work at the sewage plant.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    Trump gives you tingles, admit it. This is just a defense mechanism to deny your true feelings.

  • J.j. Cintia

    This website tried to jump the shark and got eaten. Trump’s wife was seen naked huh? Well that sure “trumps” all his immunity to donor cash. You have a Ricky Ricardo wannabe who can’t pay off his credit cards, and another Cubano from Canada who has a wife at Goldman-Sachs, and you want to hey squirrel with naked pictures of Mrs. Trump? Yeah, you suck. No really, you suck. i’d rather see that than the Wildebeest that pushes garbage on kids school menus with the double wide ass of dumb. Take a walk. We don’t do milquetoast anymore. We want our country back and your stupid is just getting in the way. Move away from the Trump Train. You gonna get run over.

  • Willard J Clinton

    Note to Mr. Freemarket…….Cruz’s wife was a CFR member, Goldman Sachs VP, and worked on a CFR project called “Building a North American Community,” during her stint in the globalist GW Bush administration. Interesting, though, that Senate candidate Ted Cruz called the CFR “a pit of vipers”, a point with which I can certainly agree. Ted has also borrowed millions in campaign loans from Goldman Sachs. There is so much Vampire Squid – Globalist stink on them that even Jeff Sessions is helping Trump.

    If you think supporting these thieving globalist and bankster “vipers” as Ted Cruz so eloquently put it is exhibiting intellectual “depth”, then by all means go all in as “deep” as you can for Cruz.

    I’ll take my chances with with Donald Trump, thank you.

  • David, your anti-Trump obsession is pushing you over the edge.

    Get used to it — President Trump.

  • The Republican Party needs a little destroying.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    This guy makes Glenn Beck seem normal.
    whew. crap produced like this by the media has what made Trump popular
    He wouldn’t even be a candidate if it weren’t for the media spin on the all aspects of the publics thinking.

  • Torcer

    And what will act as bulwark against the left’s socialist national agenda?

  • Torcer

    And thus the left runs rampant and turns the place into a northern version of Venezuela – Good plan!

  • 1432fpchero

    Oh David, it must be true you have either lost your mind or you’re addicted to the taste of the oracle’s lips (Kristol) or perhaps some other appendage. I’ll keep stopping buy but now its more to watch the train wreck.

  • 762×51

    You can always tell an Occutard by the words they use. The tinfoil hat crowd hates “banksters” whatever that might be, they flip out over imagined conspiracies involving “corporations” and see “black helicopters” everywhere. They probably have aluminum foil over their windows to block the mind control rays and look for “chemtrails” before venturing outdoors.

    You cannot reason with these Progressive imbeciles, just don’t let their drool touch your clothing, it contains a chemical tracking agent.

  • 762×51

    I just saw your boy giving a speech on TV. He was talking about getting laws passed when he is President that will let him go after news organizations for printing stuff he doesn’t like. I guess you can kiss that pesky 1st Amendment goodbye, who needs it right? You’ll have The Donald to protect you. Who’s his Press Secretary going to be, Goebbels?

    It’s bad enough that the media is a shill for the left, but the cure for that is not destroying the 1st Amendment. Trump gives me nausea, not tingles.

  • TED


  • TED

    EVERYTME Donny opens his mouth LEFT comes out, YET they just CAN’T see it. ONLY AGENDA can make someone THAT BLIND.

  • TED

    THIS guy is SO full of it he’s FUNNY. Like the movie that’s so BAD it’s good.

  • TED

    Born a PO black man….LOLOLOLOL!!

  • 762×51

    Just like the Obama zombies, no difference at all. These morons want him to trample the Constitution just as much as Obama has. FUCK that, I don’t want either party to do that and anyone who does is an enemy of the United States.

  • 762×51

    Beat me to it, TED.

  • 762×51

    In theory that is true but in practice you get to vote for the guy who will make those decisions for you and voting against the current ruler is strongly discouraged.

    The irony of democratic socialism is that it sells itself as fairness when in reality there are no, more corrupt systems, operating anywhere.

  • TED

    EXACTLY!!! What THEY call THEMSELVES doesn’t matter, their ACTIONS DO.

  • yourfavoriteunkle

    Certainly not the Republican wing of the UNiParty.

  • 762×51

    Winning and greatness = hope and change.

    They can mean what ever you want them to mean. Just as in 2008, voters are given a vague canvas on which to paint their own flowery interpretations.

    These campaigns are targets specifically at weak, shallow minds.

  • calmly_observing

    Good point. Die hard Trump advocates are also similar to Obama followers of that era. They relish attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with them, often using very personal tactics.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    “borrowed millions in campaign loans”

    I believe it was a bit over a million, and the operative term is “loans” which Cruz paid back. Of the many “loans” that Trump has provided mostly to democrats over the years, none have had to pay them back….at least in terms of cash.

  • Torcer

    And that doesn’t answer the question..

  • 762×51

    Yep, it’s the same Alinsky tactics used by all Progressives. Trump, Clinton, Obama, all cut from the same cloth.

    Once again you will to decide whether to vote for the Progressive or the Progressive. Maybe Sanders will stay in regardless of the nomination and we will get a third choice of Progressive.

  • yourfavoriteunkle

    The parties have figured out how to play “We the People” by divide and conquer and the socialist tactic of labeling everyone and everything that does not fit into the narrative as racist.
    I say that the only “bulwark” against the National Socialist agenda at this point in our society is the 2nd Amendment (something the German citizens didn’t have to confront their National Socialist problem). The thought of placing a guillotine on the White Hut lawn and marching all of the grifters, reprobates and other shit-bags that claim to represent us to a certain death is quite appealing. … once a day and put it on pay-per-view to help pay down the national debt.

  • Torcer

    That bulwark is the reason the national socialist left obsesses about wanting to confiscate the people’s guns – but you don’t want me to get started on that subject.

    The problem is that we should think long and hard before considering that ‘option’.

    As someone who has studied history all of my life, we need to follow the advice of Sun Tzu:
    “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

  • yourfavoriteunkle

    I’m afraid that when i comes down to it, there is going to be no other option. The complacency of “We the People” has allowed the creation of an oppressive leviathan that sooner or later will need to be destroyed.

  • Torcer

    Perhaps you should study history and you will be dissuaded from thinking that is a good option.

  • yourfavoriteunkle

    I never stated it was a good option, I merely asserted that it quite possibly our only option.

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