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Feb 27 2016

MSNBC Reports From the Gun Range

It is never too late for the moonbats at MSNBC to learn a little something about the firearms they would like confiscated. Here one learns that they make noise when they go off:

Via Progressives Today, on a tip from Torcer.

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  • Chocolate&Cheese

    I think I saw a scary barrel shroud in there! Trigger warning!

  • Exit Only

    Agitprop piece, to show how loud and evil gun owners are.

    Imagine for a moment if the colonists themselves argued about gun control, and the Tories who lived in American, like the libs today, succeeded in banning firearms because they thought they were so dangerous to the general public. No Lexington, no Concord, no Morgan’s Rifles and no Timothy Murphy who sniped two British Generals. Just another Commonwealth nation for Britain to exploit and bow to the King and Queen.

  • Ramona McMillan

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  • Saxon Warrior

    Guns are loud. I knew that when I let off my first fart after coming out of my mother’s womb. But moonbats take years to understand these simple things.
    But then again, they ARE moonbats and when it comes to understanding reality they’re decades behind everybody else.

  • Don M

    Maybe even a Shoulder Thingy That Goes Up !!
    Oh, The Humanity !!

  • Chocolate&Cheese

    Proof that the Hearing Protection Act should be passed and made law as soon as posssible. There is no reason a suppressor should be an NFA regulated product.

  • bkhuna

    The reporter to the right looked like she was getting ready to crack up.

  • Mannie

    If I were range officer, I would not let a non-vetted crew film on a hot range. There is too much chance of them doing something dangerously stupid, or deliberately causing a scene. And I would insist on proper PPE for all: eyes and ears.

  • MAS

    Went to the range yesterday in fact…skeet, .22 pistol/rifle, and handgun. Some folks tailgate and BBQ (the aroma of gun powder and cooking meat, mmmm) while shooting and all over the lovely report of long guns to handguns sings a song of liberty. A dad teaching his 6 year old daughter at the .22 range…American families and friends bonding and having a great time!

    However these country club Marxists have no real idea this even exists let alone have the ability to see the true beauty of this fine outdoors tradition. Sad…

  • MAS

    And surely not MESSNBC! However they did a very effective job of drowning out his drivel…I’m sure that wasn’t planned. 😉

  • MAS

    There are no gun ranges at the Marxist cocktail parties they attend. Insulated elitists who look down their noses at you and I and have no real desire to look outside of the faculty lounge to understand what us commoners are about.

  • magic1114

    HUH? WHAAAT? I can’t hear you above the lovely sound of gunfire!

  • BillyBob Bob

    Someone should have shot him when he reached for his iphone.

  • KHarn

    It would have been perfect if, when the gunfire stopped, the reporter said “And then the sailor said: ‘But I thought YOU were driving!’. Hahahaha!”

  • KHarn

    Maxim was a considerate man who invented the silencer so as not to disturb his neighbors! Early ads said that you could shoot foxes in the hen house without waking the hens.

  • Rotohammer

    “Kerry Sanders”. Now there’s a (wet) dream team for moonbats. Is that even his real name?

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