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Feb 28 2016

Albany Hate Hoaxers Face Charges

Normally hate hoaxers tell their malevolent lies secure in the knowledge that even if their fraud is revealed, there will probably be no consequences for them. After all, they were only trying to raise awareness about the sort of prejudice that would be really awful if it actually existed. Especially on college campuses, where hate hoaxes have reached epidemic proportions, authorities take the view that the important thing is that the hoaxers mean well. But things turned out differently for belligerent hoaxers at SUNY Albany, who face the following charges:

Ariel Agudio, 20, of Huntington, N.Y.: Assault in the Third Degree, Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree, Attempted Assault in the Third Degree, Attempted Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree.

Alexis Briggs, 20, of Elmira Heights, N.Y.: Assault in the Third degree.

Asha Burwell, 20, of Huntington Station, N.Y.: Assault in the Third Degree, Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree.

The Falsely Reporting charges are their reward for trying to spin their sociopathic behavior into a hate hoax.

According to police, the assault charges are based on evidence which shows that the three defendants physically assaulted another passenger on the bus, a 19-year-old woman from Congers, N.Y. The false reporting charge stems from evidence which shows that the initial complaints made by Burwell and Agudio that claimed they were victimized, were false.

Evidence can take all the fun out of a hate hoax:

The charges were issued after evidence was gathered during a three-week investigation that included interviewing 35 passengers on the bus, reviewing videotape from 12 security camera videos on the bus, reviewing four videos taken by passengers on their mobile phones, reviewing videotape police from the university’s surveillance system, examining UAlbany building access records, and reviewing audio recordings. …

Evidence indicates they were the aggressors in the physical altercation, and that they continued to assault the victim despite the efforts of several passengers to stop them, police said. …

Investigators also found no evidence to support the initial allegations that the three women were targeted in any manner due to their race. There was also no evidence that racial slurs were directed toward them.

Nonetheless the hoax inspired a noisily self-righteous Black Lives Matter rally on campus.

UPD Chief J. Frank Wiley notes:

“I especially want to point out that what happened on the bus was not a ‘hate crime.’ We spent a great deal of time carefully reviewing the audio recordings to determine whether any racial slurs were used. The only person we heard uttering racial epithets was one of the defendants.”

The defendants are black, and only white people can commit hate crimes, because according to progressive ideology only white people can be racist. Ergo, no hate crime.

However, once moonbats get their teeth into a bone, they do not let go. Barks community activist Alice Green:

“What might have happened, are there reasons someone perceived this to be a racist incident. I think all those things need to be discussed. Nothing is cut and dry here.”

Sorry to differ, Alice. But your supposedly put-upon victims are bestial crybully liars. That is cut and dry.

A falsely accused student was forced to flee the university in fear for his life after the brother of one the hoaxers, Tyreek (no really, that’s his name) Burwell of the San Diego Chargers, threatened to kill him. UAlbany President Robert J. Jones owes him free tuition for a year for issuing an inflammatory statement assuming the hoax to be legit before he had any clue what had really happened.

The defendants will be relieved to know that even if they are found guilty, at least they still get to keep their spot on the Hate Hoax List.

Actual signs from the related Black Lives Matter protest.

On tips from rpp, Artfldgr, SouthernRy, Dave F, Bill T, Rusty Bill, and Bodhisattva. Hat tips: iOTW Report, American Thinker, Jammie Wearing Fools.

  • calmly_observing

    Where are the calls for this to be important simply because it “starts a conversation” or the other usual escapes? I keep hearing that type of language now for anything promoted along racial lines or “diversity” lines. For example, at the protesters against the argument about Hollywood and this year’s Oscars are loosing some of their upper hand, I now hear a lot more about how the protests are important to boost “the conversation about the bigger issue of diversity in Hollywood in general.” In that instance, I guess the left now wants some specific quotas for black, brown, LGBT, etc. people, in all aspects of the business.

  • The narrative is so important here. Hate crime were only meant to punish whites. Every hate crime law in the country is designed to punish whites. We are not to hate them because they are our enemy. No! We are to kowtow. We are to bow and scrape. We are to submit to their mastery. Until we’ve spent four centuries in their slave shoes, we have no right to complain. I guess that’s the message? Or maybe I’m misreading the handwriting on the bill?

  • calmly_observing

    I think you exaggerate big time. Granted most legislation is not explicit and written in general terms regarding race among other attributes. Enforcement is almost exclusively one sided. But the “submit to their mastery” is pretty hyperbolic.

  • bkhuna

    I hope that an attorney will come to the aid of the victim here and go after tye-reeks for whatever his NFL income may be.

  • I think I came in somewhat late on this one, but good to see those who beat me to it got the credit THEY deserved. And glad it made the HATE HOAX LIST, it well deserved to be there.

  • Not really. Listen to the rhetoric. The so-called “oppressed minorities” do not want equality; they want advantage.

  • bigpete

    I’d be real interested in seeing the hoaxers juvie records…that is if they have any…of course.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Diversity huh? What is the value of diversity? Since we have “diversity” all we have is diverse groups that don’t want to meld into “being American” but instead wish to remain culturally exclusive. It isn’t just this country, it is world wide. Calmly, you cannot name a place on the planet where two diverse groups live side by side without swinging machetes or shooting or bombing one another. Rwanda, South Africa, Sweden, France, Turkey, Israel, The Philippines, Australia, America, The UK, Germany and I can keep going on.

    Yeah, multiculturalism, diversity is all Progressive bullshit.

  • calmly_observing

    Plenty of diverse groups have melded. Only certain portions of some groups choose to isolate themselves for ideological reasons. But there are millions of Hispanics and Asians, to pick just 2, that are just as American any descendant of a Mayflower passenger.

  • calmly_observing

    True, partially. The fundamental precept of leftist progressivism is to apportion social power as the “smart people” see fit. “Submitting to mastery” is hyperbolic and seems to be a deliberate effort to make a slavery metaphor that doesn’t apply. And that progressive aim is the reason why the adherents are constantly redefining groups to apply some fabricated oppression. There isn’t a push to make those they see having power, or privilege using their current term, to be slaves.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Really? Where? In what areas of what cities? If you’re talking about opening a store in an area of a city, Name the city where the owners moved into that neighborhood.

    You named two groups but failed to name where they co-mingle.

  • calmly_observing

    Have you missed all of the public figures with those backgrounds? Not to mention the tons of private citizens. In politics alone you have people like John Too and Alberto Gonzales from the last administration. Are all of the successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs not assimilated? I’m picking high positions just because they are so well known.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Of course, they work there. Where do they LIVE? In what community? There are plenty of different groups working in various places. Again, where do they live?

  • calmly_observing

    Not sure what your point is. Many of the immigrant high tech entrepreneurs live in SFO. So? I think the ex-AG Gonzales lives in Houston. So? Many successful minorities who are living the American dream grew up in assisted housing in various cities – Ben Carson being one currently in the news. What are you arguing?

  • KHarn

    Points and laughs at hoaxers.

  • KHarn

    There was a time when I could name places where different people at least TRIED to get along, but that was before the socialist take-over.

  • KHarn

    In my neighborhood when I was growing up, we had the Harns (Irish), Metzgers, Reichs (German) Howards, Tailors (English) and Yatanies (Greek) getting along.
    But that was long ago.

  • Rotohammer

    A four-game suspension seems about right, but the NFL so far has looked the other way when players have put on their BLM monkeyshines. The NFL has to be shamed into taking action. It’s not easy being a babysitting service for overgrown adolescent millionaires.

  • Rotohammer
  • Ed. G. Mann

    I grew up in a time where we got along after a fashion. Being half Indian (Mohawk), I got my share of taunts and fights. But with those, they lasted maybe an hour and then they were over.

    Not so today. The Progs insist you get along with those with whom you would not associate regularly. They spell diversity divisive.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    That there may be a mixture in the workplace doesn’t mean there is that same mixture in the community. In any city there are neighborhoods, enclaves where the ethnicity is segregated, usually by choice.

    All the Governmental BS with busing did nothing except to destroy the inner cities, cause white flight to the suburbs and an explosion of private schools. The Liberals were the ones to invent gated communities; they work by pricing and requirements for maintenance on the property. Covenants cover kids, cars, parking, noise, music and a plethora of cultural items that keep “undesirables” out.

    If there is a mixture, it is the poor, the downtrodden, the Bernie and Hillary voters and while those two clowns will run the mouth before an election, they can care less about them afterward.

    I can go one better; I don’t care about them at all.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Yep, and when I was growing up we used to take a rifle or shotgun to school in the fall, put it and the ammo in the back of the classroom. everyone went hunting after school.

    did we get into fights? Absolutely, but no one ever thought of getting their gun. We punched each other silly until someone quit. That ended the problem; it didn’t carry on the next day.
    We knew what the guns were for and what they would do. End of the story. Perhaps that is the benefit of growing up on a farm.

  • calmly_observing

    Ah. Well, yeah there is a long history of fresh immigrants living in communities where they are comfortable. There are still predominantly Irish, Polish, Italian, etc., neighborhoods in many American cities. They are usually a small portion. And just 5 years ago my next door neighbors in a suburban town were first generation immigrants from India. I think there is more assimilation than you do. Guess our experiences are different.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Give Obama one more chance to stir the racial pot and we’ll see what kind of assimilation we have. That individual of dubious provenance has a distinct ill will for those with a shortage of melanin. He isn’t catering to Black Lives Matter because he wants some ribs and greens.

    Diversity will take on a different hue in that crepuscular light.

  • Michelle Egger

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  • 762×51

    These charges will evaporate once AG Loretta Lynch and her Dept. of Social Justice get involved.

  • 762×51

    I saw that as well. Things weren’t nearly as bad in the early to mid 1960’s as they are today.


    Hollyweird….I can’t remember the last time I gave any American Hating “Actor” – “Actresses “my money. …save a handful…..all the good Actors are a distant memory…

    I cannot believe how many actors of the Greatest Generation served in our Armed Forces. How many today would even entertain that thought…

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