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Feb 27 2016

Open Thread


Compliments of Jim Lavery.


    Black female MSNBC news reader starts to play the race card but then thinks better of it.


    The predictable consequences of obamanonmics

    U.S. Has Record 10th Straight Year Without 3% Growth in GDP

    Is it still Bush’s fault?

  • SUPER LICE OUTBREAK – see if your state is affected (mine is):

    A strain of so-called ‘super lice’ has hit a reported 25 states, causing concern and frustration among parents because the bugs can’t be killed with most over-the-counter treatments. The treatments, known as pyrethroids, had a 100 percent success rate in 2000 against lice but now only work in 25 percent of cases, reported.

    A new FDA-approved treatment called AirAlle, which was developed by Lice Clinics of America, has been found to be effective against the super lice, with treatments costing about $170.

  • The predictable consequences of Obama’s failure to secure our border:

    A Starr County community said they are tired of gunfire spilling over from Mexico.

    Border Patrol reported shots fired on Friday morning. At around 8:30 a.m., neighbors in Refugio, a small community by Rio Grande City, said a dead-end street was full of Border Patrol agents and Department of Public Safety officials.

    Resident Rene Garza said his community has learned to live with all the violence.

    Garza said he grew up in the border community. “Before we wouldn’t see shootings,” he said. “Now, if you stand here at night, you will hear shootings. It’s normal.”

    Garza said many of his neighbors won’t talk about the illegal activity, because they fear retaliation. He said he’s tired of looking the other way.

    “It was around eight this morning, I heard it was from the other side,” Garza said about the shots he heard. “The army on the other side was shooting someone, and they crossed over.”

    Border Patrol was investigating the shooting by the river, not far from Garza’s home.

    A field outside of Garza’s house used to be his playground. Now, he said it’s no man’s land.


    If it’s not illegals from one country, it’s illegals from another – once again, Cuba.

    Cuban migration spikes as U.S. relations with Havana thaw

    And you know how moobats praise “socialist paradises” like Cuba?

    Eight-year-old Vanesa Amador stands patiently on a bridge that joins Mexico and the United States. She is feet away from a country she admits she knows nothing about but has strong feelings for.

    “The United States is the best country in the whole world,” she says, smiling.


    Vanesa and her mother, Mayra, are part of a group of about 120 Cubans who made a long journey through several Latin American countries before boarding a charter plane in Costa Rica to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, the border town with Laredo, Texas.

    Guess who paid for that ‘charter plane’…


    Moonbat entertainment.

    Up to 6 drive-by shootings of cars since November along California highway

    A car speeds along a California highway when someone pulls up, then opens fire.

    It happened Saturday morning along Interstate 80 in Richmond, just like it’s happened up to five other times since November in the same place.

  • One reason they needed him “out of the way”:

    Abortion Returns to Supreme Court Altered by Scalia’s Death


    Germany says uncertain where 130,000 registered migrants are

    How many of them do you think might show up here?


    ‘I’m going to die’: Swedish girl tells of life under IS

    Has she earned a Darwin award? Apparently not.

    Marilyn Nevalainen was just 15 years old, and pregnant, when she left Sweden with a jihadist recruit, though she did not realise what a mistake she had made until she was in Iraq.

    Desperate, she called home from the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq begging for help, and was ultimately rescued by Kurdish forces.

    On Friday, foreign ministry spokeswoman Veronica Nordlund told AFP that Nevalainen, who is originally from the southwestern Swedish town of Boras, has “returned to Sweden with her family”.

    She landed Thursday in Stockholm with her parents, who had travelled to Iraq several times over the past eight months to try to bring her home, according to regional newspaper Boras Tidning.

    Police said her boyfriend, a Moroccan who reached Sweden as an unaccompanied minor three years ago, was dead.

  • Alphamail

    When I was with the LAPD the pathetic Symbionese Liberation Army as well as the Black Panthers were trying to exert force against cops… the SLA robbed a bank or two and kidnapped Patty Hearst, while the Black Panthers were even more stupid. They not only tried to put myself and a lot of LAPD officers under siege in Watts Station (which failed miserably), but they initiated a short-lived program to ambush cops – mostly California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers.. They would raucously drive past a CHP police vehicle and would shout and give the officer the finger. When the officer responded by pulling them over, another car of BP’s would drive by the traffic stop and open fire on the officer as he was approaching the suspect’s vehicle.
    In those days police response was quick and deliberate, so – unlike today – it didn’t take long to manage the threat. And we had full support from our Republican governor – Ronald Reagan.

  • Steve7777777

    Richmond is next to Croakland (jungle land.). NO surprise whatsoever… Its in the heart of Liberaltopia.. I used to live right across the bay from there, and would NEVER go anywhere there at night when the feral, worthless North American Pavement Apes come out to commit their crimes.
    I left the area years ago and wont go back ever..

  • Steve7777777

    Oh wonderful..!! Yet another gift that keeps on giving courtesy of this entirely corrupt administration.. Thank you Ayatollah al-O’bama ..
    Thanks for the great information that will never be disclosed by the lamestream media or any government official..

  • Ramona McMillan

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  • Alphamail


    Notwithstanding the nasty Republican national debate, about who of our candidates is best suited to be president, the commenters here on Moonbattery are setting a new standard for divisive hateful nominee-argument-rhetoric that is not only political suicide, it is nothing more than support, a springboard, and a guarantee for Hillary.

    The rhetoric: “Cruz is scum,” “Trump is a traitor,” “I’d rather die than vote for Cruz,” “Trump is from hell,” or “Cruz is the devil incarnate.”


    There are so many Republicans who are threatening to vote third-party, we should just call the DNC and tell them we surrender – because that’s what we are doing.

    And if you think it might be just a painful transition that we can live with, and we have four more years to regroup and try again, let me remind you of the reality of what our division is about to create. It’s not about a liberal government, it’s not about getting rid of Obama, and it’s not about the cackle-queen. For seven years conservatives have been screaming about all these nightmare progressive talking heads who are ruining America. WELL, GUESS WHAT? Everyone of the most disgusting progressive slugs is about to lay a slime trail that you will have to bow down and kiss every fucking day from now on, simply because you HAD to win your argument.


    Every progressive person you have come to hate, will be in total charge of YOU…
    Chris Mathews, Van Jones, Bill de Blasio, Luis Gutierrez, Bill Ayers, Huma Abedin, Arianna Huffington, George Soros, Elijah Muhammed, Barney Frank, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer, Al Sharpton, Jerry Brown, Mikey Weinstein, Ed Schultz, Jesse Jackson, et al, etc., ad infinitum, blah, blah, blah…..they will outline your future and you will obey…!. If hating these shit heads and being repulsed at the thought of living under their dictates isn’t enough to cause you to coalesce under ONE candidate, then you deserve all that’s coming.

  • Dolan Trump

    I had to stare at that cartoon for a whole minute before I fully absorbed all it has to offer.

  • Dolan Trump

    I think Berkeley is sandwiched between the two.

  • trump for president

    ayn randist sociopaths and neo con artists donald trump and populist conservatives are flushing you movement conservatives down the toilet! canada turd crud won’t even win texass. maybe he win alberta!

  • JoeCasepack

    I got banned off of Breitbart for daring to point out that “clown-hair savior” might not be the new messiah.

    I guess Hillary will have the last laugh when she is the new overlord.

  • JoeCasepack

    And if you think I want Hillary for Pres, then you are as thick as those Breitbart “trump is duh answer” kind of morons.

  • JoeCasepack

    You ain’t helping Trump… only showing he attracts idiots.

  • JoeCasepack

    I didn’t read all your nonsense.. tldr. But Hillary is going to be the next President as much as I don’t want that to happen.

    The Libs own the media.. even the lib Donald can’t change that.

  • Chocolate&Cheese
  • seaoh

    Purple is the new orange? is it me or do they all look like inmates?

  • Fiberal

    After sweeping SC, Hillary is the candidate republicans have to beat.

    She is also the most reviled, disgusting human being ever to crawl into American politics. She is universally hated but supported by donors, political sycophants, the intimidated and the same fainting, stupid, ignorant electorate that put in BO in the WH for 8 years.

    So can we now also dispense with the “Trump-is-so-disliked-he-can’t-be-elected” meme? You have essentially a candidate on the dimocrat side that functionally neutralizes the brand new “likability” standard that has been trotted out and used against Trump.

    And now without the “likability” factor, and along with disavowing any moral or conservative purist standard, as given up by claiming that Hillary would be a better choice for president than Trump or by vowing to bravely sit out the 2016 election, what do you guys have left?

    The choice between Trump and Hillary.

    And let me guess which pantsuit-wearing, felonious, criminal with American blood on her hands, bought and paid for by foreign money, and driven by a failure to understand the state of depravity that now exists in the U.S. or the imperative to stop foreign invasion as a priority, you guys will put in the WH for 8 more years.

  • MAS

    It up voted itself…too funny.

    My friends mate is making 98$ a minute selling meth bla bla bla…


  • While we can only hope that Trump is not nominated, as bad as Trump is, he’s better than either Clinton or Sanders. Not much, but the fact remains, he is. Most people with functional brains understand this. So we’re looking at the real ‘worst case alternative’ if he manages to get the nomination, and the chance he will run anyway and split the vote, handing the election to the Democrats, if he doesn’t.

  • Not everyone is engaging in the rhetoric though. There are things I don’t like about each of the candidates, even Ben Carson. And yet it is highly likely my strategy will be “anyone but a Democrat” this year, unfortunately, even though if the choice on the other side is Trump that will be somewhat hypocritical.

  • I doubt it was simply that you said that – probably HOW you said that.

  • Was there supposed to be a link to an image with that comment?

  • Yes, it is true there is a good chance this is an ‘intended consequence’ of Obama’s current secretive immigration policies.

  • You would think, given that all SIX shootings have occurred in the same area, that the powers that be would have realized it might be a good idea to saturate that area with some high-def cameras to perhaps get some video evidence of what’s going on.

    But of course the local powers that be are liberals so….

  • Alphamail

    I agree – maybe hypocrisy will be the good guy this time (I know, I know…contradiction in terms, oxymoron………….ha).

  • Alphamail

    One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor – I didn’t write that for you.
    And I only got halfway through your first sentence so we’re even.

  • Alphamail

    . not know how use capital letter.maybe he win, maybe he not

  • The latest word is that if Trump cannot be stopped by the usual means, Romney will be drafted to lead the Republicans forward – and I’m not sure how I feel about that just yet, particularly because I am not certain he can beat either Clinton or Sanders.

    Of course the source that’s saying that is INFOWARS, so take it with a grain of salt.

  • Alphamail

    An upvote for each word

  • Bill Clinton’s true colors:

    During an appearance in Bluffton, South Carolina on Friday, a former Marine interrupted Clinton’s speech and asked him to address what Hillary was going to do about the VA.

    VIDEO: Bill Clinton snaps at veteran: ‘Shut up and listen’

    FEBRUARY 27, 2016


    The long hours and grueling pace of the presidential campaign may be finally catching up with a rapidly aging Bill Clinton.

    During an appearance in Bluffton, South Carolina on Friday, a former Marine interrupted Clinton’s speech and asked him to address what Hillary was going to do about the VA.

    “What do you think should be done with the VA?” Clinton said in a raspy voice, turning the question back on him and yielding the floor.

    “The thing is, we had four lives in Benghazi killed and your wife tried to cover it up,” the Marine responded, eliciting boos and jeers from the crowd.

    Then Clinton interrupted the man after yielding the floor to him:

    “Are you going to let me answer?” Clinton asked. “Don’t throw him out. Shut up and listen to my answer. I’ll answer it,” Clinton said as the man was pushed out of the gymnasium by sheriff’s deputies.

    Of course, the deputies didn’t listen, ignored Clinton’s request. And, of course, Clinton never did answer.

  • Twitter shuts down Socialists for Sanders allegedly for criticizing Shrillary:

  • Alphamail

    “You knows how much ah loves yo church sistah, dats why I be wearin black – fo yo mooment……Did ya’ll know Bill’s real name is Cleophus , yeh, uh-huh, sho is….” The Queen of Chameleon Ebonics

  • Downward pressure on oil prices may be easing or vanishing entirely:–business.html


    Every man in Iranian village ‘executed on drugs charges’

    “Iranian authorities have repeatedly admitted that the death penalty has not solved the problem of drug trafficking, but they still continue to execute people for drug charges,” Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, a spokesperson of Iran Human Rights said.

    My question? Was every man in the village actually involved in drug traffic or drug use activities? Did they all need to die?

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Hillary denies that she was in Texas at the time of Scalia’s death. Claims that she doesn’t even know how to use a pillow.

  • No, you got that last bit wrong.

    I saw the video.

    She clearly says “Pillow? What is this “pillow” of which you speak. I’ve never heard of anything so silly!”

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