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Feb 29 2016

Security Guard Suing for $10 Million Over Being Asked to Work at Statue of Liberty

Only a very hardcore moonbat could be allergic to the Statue of Liberty:

Winnifred Dwyer — who suffers from a number of ailments — says her bosses at FJC Security Services have threatened to fire her if she doesn’t show up for work at Lady Liberty.

She is asking a judge to stop the transfer and has filed a $10 million discrimination lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court.

Dwyer “has a documented history of disabilities” including a paralyzed trigger finger caused by an on-the-job injury, tumors near her vocal cords, and “an allergy to certain substances in the air which trigger her throat to close such that she requires hospitalization and intubation,” her suit says.

Having to work near the Statue of Liberty would allegedly place her at risk of having allergy attacks with no nearby medical facilities.

Fortunately, she will be able to build her own personal hospital with all her free money if she comes up lucky in our system of jackpot justice.

From the Land of the Free to the Land of Free Money.

On a tip from Jester.

  • Chocolate&Cheese
  • Jack

    Apparently good health is not that important when getting a job at FJC.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Once the mask slips moonbats reveal their true colors and their deepest psychological fears.
    They hate the Statue of Liberty because they hate liberty, and they hate the constitution, and they hate America. No wonder this precious little snowflake is allergic to Lady Liberty… oh and I almost forgot… she’s greedy like most self-entitled moonbats.
    Even if she has a case (which she doesn’t, but let’s humor her), it’s worth $100 compensation, maybe 200 at a push, but the greedy little libtard seriously thinks that she deserves $10,000,000.
    $10 mil for what? For slightly upset feelings. What a joke. What a disgusting hypocrite this pampered little flower is. People have been seriously crippled and received a lot less…..

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  • Eddie_Valiant

    Thanks to our Federal overlords employers cannot ask what illnesses an applicant has, unless there’s a “bona fide” reason; i.e, health care worker.

    Employers can’t know if a candidate has a history of filing comp claims.

    Employers must make “reasonable accommodations” for an employee.

    Whenever a lawyer uses the word “reasonable” hide your wallet!

  • grayjohn

    Euthanize her.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    One can believe that those tumors exist; the location is suspect. A search of her medulla oblongata would probably expose a tumor or two. Further exploration will unveil large patches of lichen growing there and on her cerebellum.

  • Gene

    Wow! She sounds like the idea security guard. I wonder if the ability to drop dead at any moment is a requirement for the position? Maybe that is why they have problems finding American to do the job.

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