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Mar 04 2016

Four Laws Hillary Appears to Have Broken

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey lists four laws Shrillary appears to have broken relating to the email scandal:

“There’s one that says you can’t put classified information in an unclassified setting. That’s the one that General Petraeus was convicted of on his own plea. There’s one that says that you can’t expose national secrets through gross negligence. Then there’s one that says you can’t destroy government information. And then there’s one that says you can’t obstruct justice.”

These are not parking violations, but serious crimes. Just suspecting Shrillary of committing them should give all responsible voters serious reservations about voting for her. If these crimes are not investigated vigorously and prosecuted as appropriate, we will know that Obama’s Justice Department has been politicized to the point of corruption.

On a tip from Rob E.

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  • Xavier

    There’s no doubt about the DOJ being criminalized. If Hillary isn’t convicted, it’s irrefutable proof Rule Of Law no longer exists.

  • 762×51

    It is clear that she broke those laws and each classified email is its own separate count(s) so there would be literally thousands of counts of indictment against her.

    It is also clear that ruling class elites are above the law in America.

    The only thing that isn’t clear is whether Obama will pardon her or she wins the election in Nov. and pardons herself.

    If Killary gets away with this, I see no reason for anyone to obey any law.

  • Ramblin Rose

    “…we will know that Obama’s Justice Department has
    been politicized to the point of corruption.
    will know that Obama’s Justice Department has been politicized to the
    point of corruption. – See more at:” I thought we already knew that.

    will know that Obama’s Justice Department has been politicized to the
    point of corruption. – See more at:

  • Ramblin Rose

    Sorry about the bad posting–I cut pasted, but it didn’t appear in the preview, so I thought it wasn’t there.

  • Donna M

    PUTRID Rancor Alert!
    Oh yeah, most heartily agree!
    Even more so, ’cause it’s “REAL”!!!
    The progladite, “Hide and Don’t Seek”, “Never Brought to Justice Club”!!!

  • Donna M

    Oh 7!
    The Wormwood will drag it out as long as possible,
    ‘Cause the val-jar, already made a secret deal with killary..
    For transfer of power…Thanks to the Hum-dinger!
    (the Muslim trojan horse, connection ya’ know)…getting as many into this country as possible, in the short time, the Wormwood has left…
    She’ll be pardoned on his last day in office,
    Where he’ll most avowedly, exclaim, “Nothing to see here, folks, let’s just move on”!

  • 762×51

    Another possibility might be that Killary defeats Trump as polls show would happen. Then she gets indicted and a “constitutional crisis” ensues. Well, who better to save us but the self anointed “messiah” Obama? He might just “have” to stay on as president in that case, “for the good of America”.

    Never underestimate the level to which evil will sink.

  • MicahStone


  • Kevin R.

    If she were elected and then indicted it wouldn’t be constitutional crisis, her vice presidential running mate would be next in line.

  • 762×51

    You assume that the current narcissistic sociopath in the White House would see it that way, and would do the right thing. She isn’t President until sworn in so her VP isn’t eligible to take over for her until then.

    My scenario, and it is strictly speculative, is that Obama could have his DOJ go after her, they could control the timing, and then hit that sweet spot where there is a President elect who is in jail. There is no precedent for how the transition would work and he could keep it tied up in court for years. As I said, just speculating, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

    One thing is certain, Barack Obama is incapable of doing the right thing.

  • SNuss

    Per Executive Order 13526- Classified National Security Information, an Obama executive order issued in Dec.29, 2009::

    (d) All original classification authorities must receive training in proper classification (including the avoidance of over-classification) and declassification as provided in this order and its implementing directives at least once a calendar year. Such training must include instruction on the proper safeguarding of classified information and on the sanctions in section 5.5 of this order that may be brought against an individual who fails to classify information properly or protect classified information from unauthorized disclosure. Original classification authorities who do not receive such mandatory training at least once within a calendar year shall have their classification authority suspended by the agency head or the senior agency official designated under section 5.4(d) of this order until such training has taken place.
    See more at:

    So, Hillary, and others who handled government documents as per her direction, were required to be trained in how to recognize whether the information was classified, even if not marked as such. So, at a minimum, she is guilty of negligence in handling the documents (a felony), failure to properly classify documents (another felony?), failure to PROPERLY safeguard the documents (what Gen. Petraeus was convicted of doing), and probably a lot more.

  • rex freeway

    The only cases that Loretta Lynch will pursue are White on Black violence and discrimination (both nearly non existent since the 50’s) Nothing else matter to this dickless Eric Holder.

  • 762×51

    How do you know she is dickless?

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Not one of those violations is big enough to cause a convicted Democrat to eschew voting for her. Most Democrats are guilty of having carnal knowledge of goats; Hillary’s affronts are akin to knocking over the morning bowl of cereal.

  • Donna M

    Ya’ know, that’s quite, conceivable!
    There was a time, a long time ago…
    That I had relative “faith and trust” in gov, in regard to process and outcomes…
    Now, absolutely, there is “no expectation of common sense, truth, trust, integrity, ethics or moral conduct at all!!!
    Val-jar, the wormwood, bill and killary clinton saw to that!
    The duplicity and fraud in and among gov individuals and entities is extraordinary!
    Leaves a decent person quite, breathless!
    What tragic is, there is no coming back.
    I’m just patiently waiting, for the putrid decay, and the foreign invasion to collapse our whole system…

  • 762×51

    Just ask Lavoy Finicum.

  • Donna M

    SooOOO…. RIGHT, 7!

  • 762×51

    In the military, we call what you saw in that shooting and L Ambush. If you look at the diagram below and then look at the drone footage of the “traffic stop” where LaVoy was killed, you will see the various elements of the ambush including the restricting terrain, assault and support elements. The location was chosen for the curve in the road and the surrounding terrain. It is incontrovertible.

    Once in the kill zone, there is no escape.

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  • Ed. G. Mann

    what’s he doing? Getting his hemorrhoids packed by Obama?

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