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Mar 05 2016

Open Thread


On tips from Stormfax and TED.

  • Bruce Jenner learns the price of stepping off the Democratic Plantation

    Trans People Call Bruce Jenner’s Ted Cruz Support “Sickening”

    Hundreds of LGBT fans are outraged that Jenner wants to be Cruz’s “trans ambassador”

    Some rich New York gay guys got similarly pounded when they stepped off the plantation and met with Cruz.

    Two gay businessmen who held a reception for Sen. Ted Cruz continued to face blowback Friday as a nonprofit canceled an event at one of their nightclubs.

    Interestingly enough, they seem to have kissed & made up. The boycott page is gone and no ongoing sign of the hate the community spewed at the gay guys for doing that remains to be found.


    Having failed to learn the lessons taught by “killer bees” and “Jurassic Park”, Scientists attempt to clone Ice Age LION CUBS after discovering ‘near-perfect’ 12,000-year-old remains in Siberia

    What? Jurassic Park was fiction? Really?

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    A Dearborn woman has been sentenced to almost six years in prison following an investigation into the large-scale trafficking of food assistance benefits.

    Pamela Tribby was sentenced last month to 70 months in prison on charges of identity theft and theft of public money. The 53-year-old was also ordered to serve three years of probation following her release and pay $518,358 in restitution.

    U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said the scheme ran from September 2013 through September 2015. According to information provided to the court, Tribby violated regulations governing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program funded by the USDA by applying for food assistance using more than 300 illegally acquired identities from an out-of-state stolen identity list. Tribby subsequently sold the acquired benefits, worth more than $518,000, to individuals who did not qualify for food assistance.

    Inspector General Alan Kimichik, of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, said the agency has a variety of practices in place to combat the use of identity fraud by people improperly applying for public assistance.

    UNFORTUNATELY it seems none of them worked for some time in this case.

  • TED
  • Torcer

    Trump News:


    wins GOP races in Maine, Kansas as Trump wins in Louisiana; Sanders
    wins Dem races in Kansas and Nebraska, Clinton wins Louisiana

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  • TED
  • TED
  • Torcer
  • Stephen

    It’s a two man race now. Back in July of last year I would never have believed it’d come down to a hard core ideological conservative or a maybe genuine nationalist. This is an extraordinarily good outcome given what might have been in my view. Either way I’ll be much more enthusiastic about voting republican this fall.

  • FrozenPatriot

    Maybe the haters think we’re anti-tranny, instead of anti-tyranny…


    NHS to harvest babies’ organs: ‘Ghoulish’ proposal gives mothers pregnant with a damaged foetus an agonising choice – abort the dying child or give birth so body parts can be used for transplants

    The same thing Planned Parenthood was doing, only all the babies involved in those cases were viable.


    Atlanta Rapper Bankroll Fresh Killed at Recording Studio

    But since he was killed by another black you won’t see any protests by black lives matter, Sharpton, Jackson, and no mention about any of Obama’s mythical sons.

  • Well you gotta remember there are two Democrats running on the Democrat side, and one (Donald Trump) running on the Republican side.

  • Donna M

    When it comes to the wormwoood…
    Hummmmm….now lemme’ think?
    He is a worry and a bother to himself!
    Is it his schizo- effective, racist, black arab, moslem half or his sociopathic, paranoid, prejudiced, narcissistic, white half?
    Or is it, “classified”, due to him being a documented foreign national alien, “other”, that causes him the most problems?
    Li’l advice…
    Be careful with that selfie stick!
    His “black arab parts”, just might be angry enough, to try and beat the “white cr@p”, out of himself, in the first ever, induced murdercide!

  • Donna M

    Oh yeah! That’s HIDEOUS!
    I saw that earlier!
    They offered that choice because, of legal jeopardy!
    Before they didn’t notify, or have the mother consent to dispose of children’s remains, after demise…
    Nobody questioned how baby remains were disposed of…
    Usually as just hospital or clinic waste and incinerated, until…
    They were worth something!
    Now they are more valuable DEAD, than alive!
    The remains have became, at present, a very lucrative and profitable commodity!
    They are trying to overthrow laws in place, that specifically state,
    That children may not be organ or tissue donors…!
    It was to keep children from being consignment created, bought, traded and or sold as a wholesale, commodity resource for organ donor tissue/bodyparts, transplants, medical research and development and for other consumer driven industries, on the open market…
    All this is being done under the premise of care and compassion…
    This is worse than SLAVERY!

  • Or they could have just let them settle it on their own terms…

    Huge Inmate Brawl At Santa Clara County Main Jail

    Initial reports of the fight surfaced at about 3:30 p.m. Sources said about 30 inmates were involved in the fight. Jail medical staff were treating injured inmates, but there was no word on exactly how many people were injured.

    The inmates involved were mostly black and Hispanic inmates.

    Which begs the questions:

    Do black lives matter when it’s another ‘person of color’ that takes them?

    What if the taker is Hispanic?


    A Rhode Island school says it won’t accept or enroll transgender students.

    Catholic Rhode Island private school Mount Saint Charles Academy is open to everyone—so long as they’re not transgender.

  • Makes perfect sense – more schools should follow their lead.

    A Rhode Island school says it won’t accept or enroll transgender students.

    Catholic Rhode Island private school Mount Saint Charles Academy is open to everyone—so long as they’re not transgender.

    The latest edition of the Woonsocket school’s parent-student handbook states flatly and without further explanation: “Mount Saint Charles Academy is unable to make accommodations for transgender students. Therefore, MSC does not accept transgender students nor is MSC able to continue to enroll students who identify as transgender.”


    Clinton, on her private server, wrote 104 emails the government says are classified

    The finding is the first accounting of the Democratic presidential front-runner’s personal role in placing information now considered sensitive into insecure email during her State Department tenure. Clinton’s ­authorship of dozens of emails now considered classified could complicate her efforts to argue that she never put government secrets at risk.

    In roughly three-quarters of those cases, officials have determined that material Clinton herself wrote in the body of email messages is classified. Clinton sometimes initiated the conversations but more often replied to aides or other officials with brief reactions to ongoing discussions.

  • Could not have happened to a… well, “nicer girl” obviously doesn’t fit…

    Lena Dunham Hospitalized for Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

    Claims she has endometriosis.

  • Donna M

    Don’t worry, prez Wormwood,
    Your never mentioned in “polite” conversations!
    The lying, the duplicity, the lying, the lack of transparency, the tall tales, the lying…
    Such stupidity, such foul, loathsome and detestable deeds!

  • Donna M

    As your limping lame duckness IS FINALLY IS COMING TO AN END!
    WE’RE STILL WAITIN’ on your, biden’s, reed’s and pelosi’s PROMISES…!
    Oh wait…lemme’ see…the first, was to drain that festering pest hole, the “swamp” at the Whitehouse…but,
    That’s impossible, ’cause ya’ like all that sewage…
    Uhmm, then there was going to be transparency in the val-jar’s administration…
    Oooh, that ones a real loser…just hopin’that ya’ might end up indicted!
    By the way, where is it that were better off???
    Where is that talk is cheap couple, biden and pelosi!
    Haven’t heard a “peep”, lately from either of them!
    Guess it was all just rhetorical CR@P, to tickle the ears, huh?

  • bobwhite

    Good! It’s about time someone stood up against the bully perverts.

  • BeverlyTBarrows

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  • die.

  • black lives matter, not brown. ask obama…

  • purely satanic. sick, twisted and blasphemy…

  • satanic.

  • and i smell something fishy… there is not one mug shot or photo of this piece of trash online. it has been scrubbed… why would they do that…? think, people something they are hiding and i think we all know what it is…

  • Saxon Warrior
  • Torcer

    Drumpf Canard
    Donald Trump’s ancestors changed their surname from “Drumpf” to “Trump,” but the exact timing of that change wasn’t clear.
    Claim: Donald Trump’s ancestors changed their surname from “Drumpf” to “Trump.”
    Mostly True
    WHAT’S TRUE: The surname “Trump” originally was “Drumpf.”

    WHAT’S FALSE: Donald Trump was once named “Donald Drumpf.”

    WHAT’S Undetermined: When “Drumpf” became “Trump” chronologically.
    Origin:On 28 February 2016, the host of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver launched into a lengthy segment about Donald Trump, which culminated with encouragement from Oliver to use Trump’s ancestral surname, “Drumpf.” (The relevant portion begins at around 18:40):
    On 2 September 2015, the New York Daily News was one of the outlets reporting on’s release of multiple historical records of prominent families. Several of the documents belonged to the Trump family:

    Fred Trump, born Friedrich Drumpf, in Kallstadt, Germany, in 1869, had an estate worth $500,000 in today’s dollars when he died in Queens on May 30, 1918, at age 49.

    To confuse the issue, a September 2015 New York Times profile reported that Trump’s grandfather used “Drumpf” after emigrating:

    His father, Fred Trump, was a developer who built tens of thousands of affordable apartments in the 1950s and 60s for the working-class residents of Brooklyn and Queens. He was known for sober management, thriftiness and humble dedication to his work. When he died in 1999, age 93, his obituary in The Times noted that he mixed his own floor-cleaning chemicals. Fred’s father was a German immigrant — Friedrich Drumpf — who was an innkeeper in the Yukon gold rush.

    Speculation over when “Drumpf” became “Trump” wasn’t new, either. A 19 April 2011 International Business Times article claimed it was Frederick Trump who altered the spelling:

    For one thing, “Trump” is not his real name.

    The Donald’s grandfather was a German immigrant named Frederick Drumpf who emigrated to the U.S. in 1885 and became a naturalized citizen in 1892.

    Trump himself mentioned the name change in passing in his 2004 book Trump: Think Like a Billionaire:
    It was true Trump’s family surname was originally “Drumpf,” but the exact timing of the name change still isn’t clear. Biographer Gwenda Blair appeared to have traced the switch to “Trump” to the 1600s, but she later said that “Friedrich Drumpf” emigrated to the United States in 1885, a statement that appeared to contradict her prior writing.

    At any rate, neither Trump nor his father ever bore the surname Drumpf, and whether Trump’s grandfather had also anglicized the name at some point remained unclear.

  • MAS
  • Jack

    He left his heart
    in San Fran Mecca

  • Now now… wouldn’t it actually be a worse fate were she to have to live on suffering the serious consequences of her foolish choices?


    Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said Sunday that there’s a “much bigger upside than downside” in the Republican presidential candidacy of real estate developer Donald Trump.

    “I think with the case of Trump, there’s a much bigger upside than downside,” said Limbaugh while appearing on “Fox News Sunday.”

    Limbaugh also said he believes that the divide between the Republican establishment and conservatives is “longer, broader, wider than I have ever seen it.”

    But Limbaugh said that despite its divisions, he thinks the Republican Party will eventually settle on a nominee who will be better than the Democratic candidate, regardless of whether it is Hillary Clinton or Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

    He also said he doesn’t believe that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) will have an opportunity to get enough traction to get the nomination. And he generally praised Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R).

  • Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Dead at 94

    The cause of death was congestive heart failure, according to her rep Joanne Drake, a spokeswoman with the Reagan Library.

  • Interestingly enough, there may be a trip in my near future to the Simi Valley and then on to the Morongo Valley… and you know what is in between those two points, I would guess.

  • Donna M

    Sounds Great!
    Call me!

  • Donna M

    May God Bless her.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    all Hail Imam Obsam bin Bama, defender of the True Faith, inshit allah

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    a real lady

  • Scott Doty

    Cruz is firmly part of the establishment. The only two that are not are Trump and Sanders….you pick which one is better!

  • Saxon Warrior

    That’s not gray in his beard. A little bit of man-fat splashed onto it when Michelle got her swinging schlong out and accidentally gave him a facial.

  • Saxon Warrior

    And may the monkey-ape god of evolution bless First-tranny Michelle.
    We were all created in our god’s own image and Michelle was definitely created as a baboon-assed, tire-swinging simian.

  • MaryCCantrell

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  • no. if she is dead just another feminazi we don’t need. i stand by my post. die.

  • chuck_in_st_paul
  • Normally it is the left that wishes death and other terrible things on the right, though there are exceptional cases where someone on the right does it back and that is understandable. Particularly when it often is later revealed the person doing it back is posing as a conservative to try and discredit them. We saw this with leftist moonbat infiltrators actively crashing tea party meetings, pretending to be tea party patriots, but acting like liberal moonbats do while doing it and POSING as conservative tea party patriots.

  • thank you. i can tell you one thing i am no rino, democrat operative or progressive liberal. i am a tea party supporter and i only give the vitriol back to the leftists… my history shows i have always been conservative even though i do not consider myself a ‘republican’… and i have never been accused or mistaken for a democrat. i support the founding fathers… the constitution and rule of law.

  • bruce jenner made his bed. now he doesn’t like the mess he’s made for himself. i seriously doubt he’s a real conservative anyway… so that being said he’s put himself into the category where neither side wants him (her) -it.

  • lol…

  • trump is a businessman… made his money. sanders an avowed communist who never made a dime in his first 40 years… if i had to choose of course it would be trump… capitalist reasons purely.

  • rip

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