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Mar 07 2016

Trump’s Authoritarian Appeal

By now only the most willfully gullible expect Trump to stick by whatever his current policy positions might happen to be. Even on his signature immigration issue, these literally change from one hour to the next. So why do people who define themselves as being angry continue to choose Trump as a solution to their anger? This graph displaying the correlation between support for Trump and authoritarian tendencies offers a clue:


The anger so loudly proclaimed by Trump supporters might also be called fear — a largely legitimate fear of drastic social change that has not been for the better combined with alarming foreign threats. The gut-level response to this fear among authoritarians is to rally behind a strongman who will rule by decree. The actual policies don’t matter as much as the way they are implemented. Cruz is more conservative in every respect regarding policy, and does not come across as autocratic. Consequently, conservatives back Cruz, and authoritarians back Trump.

This exchange from the Detroit debate on March 3 sums up the appeal:

Trump in a nutshell: “If I say do it, they’re going to do it.” Even if the orders are unlawful and immoral.

National outrage has forced Trump to walk back his assertion that he would order Americans to commit war crimes, but even the torture and murder that he has championed may be less alarming than the persona he deliberately projected during the debate. He was assuring his followers that his arbitrary orders will be obeyed unquestioningly. Authoritarians believe that a government run on this principle will keep them safe from corrosive change and foreign threats.

Remember the famous Ben Franklin quote:


Trump will not be deporting all of the millions of illegal immigrants, even on a touchback basis. He will not prevent all Muslims from entering the country. He will not pull out the fingernails or assassinate the children of suspected terrorists. Even if he intends to do some of these things, there will be too much political resistance. He may be running for dictator, but as of yet that office does not exist in America.

But Trump would move us a big step closer to the day it does exist. For his most devoted supporters, that’s his appeal.

On a tip from Torcer.

  • 762×51

    Cowards and weaklings are the first to rally behind a strongman. The weasels who cannot or will not stand up for themselves and need a surrogate to stand in for them. They see the willingness to rule by dictatorship as leadership because they have no idea how to lead or what a leader really is. Progressives really are the most easily led because they are so lacking in character, intelligence and morals.

    No wonder they follow Trump.

  • trump wins

    the republican party like sending the blue collar base’s jobs out of the country and bring in illegals to fight them for minimum wage part time jobs that can’t be sent out of the country. Trump does noT. Trump wins!

  • Kevin R.

    If Trump even talks like that as President, let alone act on it, the democrats and the media will demand he be impeached within the first year if not within the first one hundred days.

  • Scott Doty

    Trump 2016!

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  • You’re missing the whole point of Trump. He is a negotiator. He starts high and negotiates down. Of course he isn’t going to do or be allowed to do all those things. But he gets all of his enemies to think so including people like you who are so naive to think that he would be able to do that. In doing so he has the upper hand on our enemies since they don’t know what he’ll actually do. There’s no way he will make this country any less safe or economically poorer then Hillary Clinton so bashing Trump just gives support to Hillary and her supporters. He has millions more to the voting booths then all of the other candidates combined. He’s going to win because he offers a positive path to better employment and aggressively negotiating with our trading partner companies and countries.

  • Torcer

    Let me explain what is going to happen with the Trump Disaster:

    1. Were he to attain the nomination, the #NationalSocialistMedia Will Unleash Hades upon Trump the likes you have never seen.

    2. Trump’s tactics of bullying bombastic bluster will play right into the hands of the national Socialist Left and their penchant for playing the victim.

    3. The combination will eviscerate The Trump campaign, and without ANY other means of countering the onslaught Trump will lose and the national Socialist Left will win and you Trump supporters will see THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what you wanted.

  • Torcer

    5 Reasons Every American Should Oppose Donald Trump – via @FDRLST

    5 Reasons Every American Should Oppose Donald Trump
    It’s not just about conservative credentials or his slimy personal history. Donald Trump is a danger to the American ideals of a free and open society.
    The case against Trump does not rest, ultimately, on his family life, his divorces, his casinos, strip clubs, bankruptcies, and lawsuits. It doesn’t rest on his personality: his generally mean-spirited demeanor, his lack of polish, his erratic temperament, weird hair, or vulgarity. Nor does it even rest on policy differences—his past support for Democrats, gun control, abortion, Planned Parenthood, or his generally awful foreign policy.

    All these things are true, and some are good reasons for conservatives not to vote for him. A vote for Trump is a vote against the principles that Republicanism and conservatism are built on.

    But I believe the case against Trump should go even further. I believe no American, conservative or liberal, should support Trump. He doesn’t simply violate conservative principles. He violates American principles. Donald Trump is a danger to self-government, civil liberties, the culture of democracy, and the ideals of a free and open society.
    1. Donald Trump Admires Tyrants
    2. Donald Trump Encourages Violence
    Last week a protester interrupted a Trump rally. As security escorted him out, Trump told his supporters, “You know what they used to do to guys like that in a place like this? He’d go out in a stretcher.” He added, “I’d like to punch him in the face.”
    3. Donald Trump Wants to Police Speech
    Last week Trump advocated altering libel laws to enable the government to sue newspapers for “purposely negative and horrible and false articles.” He gave several examples of media outlets he’d like to be able to sue for their coverage of him, including The New York Times and Washington Post.
    4. Donald Trump Does Not Believe in Equality Under Law
    5. Trump Is an American Fascist
    The case against Trump, then, is that he is an autocrat in democrat’s clothing, a tyrant in the wings, a bully who admires the “strength” of tyrants and butchers, who finds a free press to be an inconvenience that he intends to tame with legal force once elected, a man who demonizes opponents and romanticizes violence, especially against minorities, who pines for the day when government could have its way with people without the trouble of constitutional law getting in the way.

    None of that excuses autocracy or fascist leanings. “Trump isn’t Hitler” isn’t a defense; it’s an excuse—a way of letting Trump get as close to the line of actual fascism without stepping over it.

  • Krummholzt

    America could use a healthy dose of authoritarianism. It has become increasingly clear that our experiment in constitutional republicanism cannot survive displacement of America’s European founding stock with third world parasites. Given our demographic realities, it is time that we stopped deifying the constitution and look to more creative solutions to the problems of governance.

  • ray

    Aside from local elections and direct Prop issues, politics in America is d-e-d. Has been for decades. The Almighty People and their ‘enlightened self-interest’ is worse than a joke, as has been proven over and over. Only the True Believers still imagine that politics can solve anything.
    The ‘strong man’ option is about all that’s left, but as long as he’s merely a reflection of The People (Trump, Cruz) then that’ll fail too. Because in large part, The People don’t know shit, and even if they did, wouldn’t do what’s right anyway, nor what’s in the national interest. They do what’s in their own interest, and that is the only constant.

  • “By now only the most willfully gullible expect Trump to stick by whatever his current policy positions might happen to be.”

    Gee, now I’m ‘willfully gullible’. How interesting.

  • Kevin R.

    Where do insects like this come from?

  • 762×51

    Trump admits his products are made in Mexico and China

    Trump is telling you fucktards what you want to hear, he doesn’t back it up with actions.

    Trump Troll FAIL!

  • Torcer

    Donald Trump may be a self-starter, but he’s not self-funded

    Donald Trump may be a self-starter, but he’s not self-funded
    Update 2/24/16: The story below is based on campaign finance information that is now outdated. Read our newest analysis of Donald Trump’s presidential fundraising here, which covers the latest available fundraising numbers (through Jan. 31, 2016).
    Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio mostly traded barbs last Tuesday night during the GOP Debate, but they created a moment of levity when the two issued the same call to action back to back. The message was simple — not for voters to check out their tax plans or immigration reform or economic policies, but to join their cause and, most importantly, donate money.

    “I want you to go to,” the Texan said. “I also want you to go to my website,,” proclaimed the Floridian.

    But one candidate says he doesn’t need your money: Donald Trump. “I don’t have to give you a website because I’m self-funding my campaign. I’m putting up my own money,” said Trump.

    While Trump has spent about $2 million of his own money since the start of his bid for the White House, he has also accepted nearly $4 million in “unsolicited donations,” according to the campaign’s latest financial filing. That means that more than 67 percent of Trump’s campaign cash has come from outside donors so far — vastly outpacing his own contributions.

    What is he doing with his cache cow? He’s burning through his stacks faster than any other candidate. While Trump has raised $5.8 million through June 30 (including the loans to his campaign), he’s spent $5.6 million, and not on the typical expenditures. Most of the establishment candidates focus their revenue on traditional means such as field organizing and ad buying; Trump sells merchandise, such as hats and shirts.

    And unlike other candidates, media exposure is the least of Trump’s concerns. Instead of paying for airtime and crossing his fingers for interviews, the Trump Effect has media outlets vying to cover him as much as possible.

    Yes, Donald Trump is putting more of his own money into his campaign than any other candidate — but the claim that he is purely self-funded is certainly misleading.

  • 762×51

    There it is, the truth about Trump and his troll army.

    Brownshirts are not the answer to Progressive fascism.

  • 762×51

    Apparently so. Changing to reality is your responsibility.

  • Torcer

    You mean something like this:

    #Venezuela's economy shrank 5.7 per cent last year while shortages of basic goods multiplied. #ctvnews #CambioYA— Michael Welling (@WellingMichael) March 7, 2016

  • Krummholzt

    Yeah, I’m sure we just need to translate more copies of Atlas Shrugged, The Federalist Papers, and some of Glenn Beck’s books into Spanish. Then our new vibrant overlords will come to love constitutional conservativism as you do. That will totally work.

  • Krummholzt

    We come from the future. If you think that the end of Trump is the end of the hard right, you are in for a nasty shock.

  • Pegon Zellschmidt

    How Vox Makes Us Stupid

    The hoi polloi can relax. Vox has kicked off the era of explanatory journalism. There are flashcards for your convenience.

    To help you better understand why Vox is needed, Ezra Klein has written a lengthy piece, a mission statement of sorts, entitled “How politics makes us stupid,” in which he laments the fact that ideology — rather than “evidence” — is propelling our policy decisions. You won’t be stunned to learn that in Klein’s post, and most other Vox pieces, liberal views seem to comport seamlessly with the evidence.

  • MicahStone

    Trump’s medical problems rival those of Concussion-Brain Damaged Hillary !!!!!

  • Xavier

    “Mitt Romney won’t rule out accepting GOP nomination at contested convention”

  • 762×51

    Not interested in getting your people to “love constitutional conservatism”. As Progressives, I know that you people cannot be reasoned with or bargained with. Consequently, Progressives are merely targets awaiting engagement. Nothing more. THAT my leftist troll, WILL WORK.

    Progressives are just hajis in pants.

  • 762×51

    You ain’t hard right, junior and you certainly aren’t from the future. You’re just a throwback to the fascistic, socialist past.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    If he does, my guess is there will be mutiny. Trump supporters will pencil in Trump in the general.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    As usual, you have to understand that “evidence-based” has been redefined by the left, as has everything else. “Evidence” has a very different meaning to left-wing rationalists than it does to empiricists.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    Some Trump supporters are gullible. Some know what they are getting, but have very different values than do constitutional conservatives.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    The problem with dictators is that, once in power, they do not seem to worry too much about fulfilling the promises they made to get in power. If rule of Constitutional law really is dead, a series of autocrats won’t be the solution that ill, but rather a sign that the illness is terminal.

  • Tadpole

    Remember how excited and thrilled the world leaders were when Obama became President? One of the reasons Trump is popular is because these same world leaders are now worried sick about the possibility of Trump becoming POTUS. Anything that worries these One World Commies so badly must have something going for it. It’s the people who hate Trump ( the Pope, Obama, BLM, NWO EU leaders, U.N., Democrats and RINOs) that helps makes him so popular.

  • I truly am not gullible and guess what…I’m a constitutional conservative.

  • Actually, no. My responsibility is none of your concern.

  • Tadpole

    Ooh, yes, let’s not upset the fascist left. We wouldn’t want to attract their attention and make them mad. Imagine if the Commie press turned their wrath on Trump? They might say terrible things. Best we just stay nice and manageable, that’s the safest way.

  • Torcer

    One only has to look at the last few presidential contests to see what their strategy will be.
    At present they are promoting Trump – but that would soon change:
    These Three Graphs Show Who’s Been Getting All the Media Time During the Campaign via @MPHaus

    These Three Graphs Show Who’s Been Getting All the Media Time During the Campaign
    Everyone knows Donald Trump is getting the bulk of the media during the GOP Presidential campaign. These three graphs show the story.

  • 762×51

    Didn’t say it was, in fact, I said SPECIFICALLY , it was your concern. Otherwise, you remain “willfully gullible”. See how that works?

    It is quite Progressive of you to try and palm it off on me though.

  • Xavier

    I hope the GOP makes the largest and last mistake of their existence.

  • Ol’ Uncle Lar
  • Krummholzt

    Sorry, but you folks just don’t have an answer for how we can “restore the constitution” in a country in which the demographic that actually cares about the constitution has become a permanent minority. Demographics and identity are the only issues that matter. Without them, there is no constitution.

  • Ol’ Uncle Lar

    That would be a “healthy” dose as opposed to the “unhealthy” dose we’re getting from the current Administration?

  • NJJoanJettFan

    Salem Media, Katie Pavilch, Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt exposed as “Gang of Eight” GOPe/RINO stooges, they sold out Americans by agreeing to support “amnesty” for 20 million illegal aliens in order to save THEIR jobs.


    “There can be only one” and that “one” is Donald J. Trump!

    Vote Trump!

  • 762×51

    This is the only way it can be restored now.

  • coyote

    “evidence”= “muh feeels”

  • coyote

    BWAHHAAHHAAAA “constitutional conservative”…. BWAHHHAAAHAA…. they all died with Lee’s surrender.

  • Chocolate&Cheese

    Just, LOL

  • coyote

    Is this an “alt-right” blog? Only in some strange warped looking glass could most Trump supporters be called Progressives, who are most commonly self-identifed liberals- or “leftists” in usual parlance. This really is moonbattery. Your ad hominem attacks are no worse than “racist” or “hitler” or whatever else the leftists call Trump. Do they make you feel better? Good. But they change nothing, just another useless blog post, like mine. ZFGs.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    Don’t mess with the witch doctor in the afterlife’s waiting room.

  • 762×51

    Evidently, you are not acquainted with the empirical history of your candidate, preferring instead to just listen to what he promises you because that is always the best way to evaluate a politician.

    Your candidate has been a Progressive Democrat for the last 40 years, there are hours and hours of video tape where, in his own words he supports Progressive policies, like gun control, abortion, higher taxes and open immigration as well as a lengthy history where he has supported Progressive politicians like the despicable Harry Reid, Nasty Piglosi, Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Shumer, the Clintons, including Killary, etc., all the way back to Jimmy Carter. Literally putting his money where his mouth was by advancing the causes those dirtbags support with substantial campaign contributions for decades.

    There is forty years of that or you can choose to believe the shit he has been shoveling for the last 10 months about being Mr Conservative. That requires you to believe he has changed 180 degrees from his life long beliefs at the age of 69, sure. Even if you do buy that load of BS, you have to acknowledge that your intended fix to the corruption in D.C. is to elect a guy who has spent his life paying off corrupt politicians for influence, the equivalent of making John Dillinger Sec. of the Treasury.

    Donald Trump IS a Progressive, the proof is out there but Trump-ettes refuse to see it. They also refuse to acknowledge his role in the corruption they claim to hate. You are the ones living in an alternate reality, not us.

    A Trump / Clinton general election means the voters will have to choose to vote for a corrupt NY Progressive or a corrupt NY Progressive.

    Your are right about one thing, your post was useless.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    This is what I’ve been saying for months: If you’re supporting Trump because of what you think he’ll do to the GOPe, that’s fine but if you’re supporting him because you think he’s a conservative, you’re out of your mind.

  • Artfuldgr

    I’m randomly gullible and capriciously willful with a twang of remorseless grief….but i guess willfully gullible would do in a pinch…

  • Krummholzt

    Mooncuckery on the side of the Mexican Pres. Odd.

  • Krummholzt

    LARP on, brah.

  • Artfuldgr

    does that mean that regular conservatives are not constitutional? or if using the redundant clause, have an extra double dose of constitutional something or other? its a bit of an oddity of meaning.

  • Artfuldgr

    let me guess.. whats right is what you think is right.. Or are you one of those smarter people who believe what someone you think is smarter than you says to believe? just curious. 🙂

  • Artfuldgr

    Road to Serfdom?

  • Artfuldgr

    Get the comfy cushion!!

  • Artfuldgr

    so you fault him for doing what is made necessary to compete and earn more…. and if he did what you said and earned less, or it went bankrupt given just the salary spread, you would fault him that too… either way he is screwed i guess, but at least this way, he can afford not to care that he wasn’t screwed for failing. He don’t make the rules or tax structures or such that make that what you have to do to compete or save expenses

    most people are very surprised when they find out the actual differences that make such choices pretty much the only one you can make if you even have that choice. the ACA, high minimums, leaves, all are costly and a factory of people with all that cost a whole lot more than their competition. a whole lot more, and in many ways. there is some interesting tax incentives as well. the federal government even has people to help you.

    besides, if the people carping would be willing to pay double or more for their clothes and other stuff, manufacturers can open in the US and afford to hire people. but how would they survive with products sitting next to them on the shelf for half the price or less?

  • If you intend to continue supporting Trump & you call yourself a constitutional conservative you might want to read his latest positions on the major issues, completely vet your candidate & then get back with me. I’d love to hear your take on his changing of his postions on HB1 visas which as of Saturday’s debate, has completely done a 180 degree turn from what he told people at his rallies, in national TV interviews & what was written on his website. If I were one of his backers who recently voted for him because of his stance just last week & then heard him completely change another position, I would be outraged!

  • Artfuldgr

    so you guys think trump is a strong man? which then explains it all to you.
    trump, strong man? seriously? if it was that easy to do what you want as president, why didn’t Obama get a whole lot more done? Or any other president for that matter?

    and i am not going to touch your misuse of progressives… unless your the caterpillar and this is wonderland, words are supposed to have consistent meaning, not whatever you want them to mean. I would dare to say that throwing them in the soup for emotional color replacing debate is pretty much a no no too, even more so when the usage makes no sense. but thats me… your mileage may vary

  • What are you talking about? Lincoln was a constitutional conservative as was General grant. ..Are you confusing the word “confederate” with the word “constitutional” ? Hilarious!

  • Artfuldgr

    i think they support him as a real pragmatist, not one of those socialist pragmatists, which are another ball game given their answers. he does what works, does not care about flip flops as that means you can adapt beyond a position you took before you were in the situation. and none of us really knows what will or will not happen.

    just be glad that the system still worries about what people are or not voting for, otherwise, if not, then freedom is a was not an is, and that its still a game of influence, not determined.

  • Krummholzt

    Lincoln was a constitutional conservative?

  • Krummholzt

    So, when whites are a minority in 2050, thanks to immigration driven demographic changes supported by the GOP, your plan to kill the vast, vast majority of Americans who do not share your views on the constitution?
    How’d that work at the old bird sanctuary?

  • Feet2Fire

    Let’s stop with the “Trump is a nasty authoritarian Nazi dictator, Glenn-Beck hysteria,” please!

    People–decent people–are FED UP not only with a run-amok government but also with a run-amok population of spoilt, whiny brats with no discipline, no integrity, no work ethic, no brains to speak of… etc. etc.

    When people fail to discipline themselves and conduct their lives with integrity is when OUTSIDE FORCES come in and institute discipline for them. Maybe the general population is READY and WILLING for a little “authoritarianism” because we have HAD IT with this run-amok “civilization.”

  • FrozenPatriot

    It means that many conservatives focus only on social or fiscal issues. To call one’s self a Constitutional Conservative is to communicate a desire for the reinstating of the constitution, whilst conserving what made America great.

    Myself, I’ve come to adopt the title Christian Constitutional Minarchist, which accurately describes the founders too…

  • Mr. Freemarket

    And being a real pragmatist, being willing to work with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid is different from being a RINO how?

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Trump has/had complete freedom in deciding what businesses to compete in, and where he wishes to compete. Did he have to do business in New York and New Jersey, where donations to politicians are a necessity in order to get his projects approved? Did he have to start Trump University, a disaster where about 30% of students want their money back and where he is being sued?

    No one is making him come out with his own clothing line. His choice.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    “There’s no way he will make this country any less safe or economically poorer then Hillary Clinton so bashing Trump just gives support to Hillary and her supporters.”

    At this point, the question isn’t how he will perform compared to Hillary, but how he will perform as a conservative republican, versus other conservative republican candidates.

    How you going to feel when he negotiates away that wall he promised to build? After all….he starts high and negotiates down.

  • It is not my concern. The fact that you address me that way speaks volumes and, in this case, will fall on deaf ears. My initial comment was a bit sarcastic but you failed to see my point, that being the term ‘willfully gullible’ was quite amusing to me since I’ve heard so many labels for Trump supporters like myself, but never this one. Progressive?….give me a break, nothing of the sort. Besides, there’s nothing to ‘palm off’ as you say. Just making an innocent comment. You, however, seem to be short on understanding.

  • No outrage here. Only the anti-Trumps like yourself are outraged. I, for one, am excited to see a candidate speak like no other for years. You all must be getting a bit worried. Besides, I’m quite up to date on Trump’s positions and, frankly, would loath arguing each an every point with someone who obviously supports either a Democrat or a Canadian Cruz.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Yeah….we need a more authoritarian government. We need an NSA that acts on all the information that they have been gathering over the years. We need an IRS that is more active in prosecuting/harassing those engaged in anti-government activities…like those who want a smaller, less powerful federal government.

    And we certainly need a government that can crack down on all the crap posted on the internet.

    Yeah…that will fix it.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    I’m reminded of the fact that the German government just prior to the election of Hitler passed a series of gun control laws aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of Hitler’s brownshirts.

    That, too, seemed to work out so well.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Which of Trump’s policies do you wish to see enacted? His continuing support of Planned Parenthood? How about his support of single payer healthcare? Or are you going to be surprised if the supreme negotiator decides that “the wall” is a negotiating position that can be negotiated away?

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Just wondering….what part of the constitution was Lincoln upholding when he unleashed war on the Confederate States of America?

  • Mr. Freemarket

    FWIW, Trump is also a supporter of the EB-5 visa program where Chinese investors (in Trump projects) can buy visas for their whole family into the US.

  • Now it’s the wall. Many of you need to realize that while you’re splitting hairs with Trump, you are splitting the party. Trump has brought far more to the GOP debate than anyone else in recent times. Don’t throw away the general election by siding with ‘anyone but Trump’. Maybe you’d rather Hillary than Trump? That’s what you’ll get if you don’t unite behind the frontrunner.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Steve, the same polls that show Trump winning are the same polls that show that he performs the most poorly against Hillary in the general election. Both Cruz and Rubio beat Hillary, while Trump does not. And having his supporters raise their right hands and pledge support for Trump isn’t going to help him any.

    These are not “splitting hairs.” Trump isn’t a conservative. He’s a RINO at best. We all swore in 2008 and 2012 “No More Rinos.” We all have a problem with the GOP in congress being too willing to make a deal with the Democrats.

    And Trump comes on the scene and claims that he is a great negotiator. What in the world do you expect from a man who still has liberal positions on many topics?

  • Actually the polls are still mixed. But I suspect Trump will drop somewhat due to all the infighting in the GOP and the failure of Republicans to back their front runner. You have to realize that tossing Trump out will result in a rebellion in the ranks and no one….and I mean NO ONE will be left to put Cruz over the top against Hillary. So go ahead and support ‘anyone other than Trump’ and see what happens. Maybe some of us will vote with our noses pinched just like after the establishment Romney campaign, but most of us will not this time. It’s your bet. It’s your gamble. Cruz beating HIllary….not going to happen.

    We shall see, won’t we.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    he does what works, does not care about flip flops

    I’m struggling to see a difference between that and what the GOP Establishment does.

    I think Trump can be establishment and still destroy the establishment which is why I’ll vote for him in the general if he wins the nomination.

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  • He was the commander-in-chief & the states were at war in more ways than one. What would you do? Obviously no past president was perfect , even the good ones and yes it’s much easier to be an arm chair president watching it all from the outside & judging what’s actually going on…;

  • Obviously you’ve made up your mind, no matter how many lies Trump gets caught in. I used to like Trump as well, but when I began to vet him (you know when you do a little research on their background before voting), I no longer support him in the primary. Now, if he becomes the nominee, of course I’m going to vote for him over the socialist & the commie, but we’re still in the primaries….;)

  • yes, he was one of the originals. Where are you reading your history? The school of Progressive thought?

  • I have, and thank you for recognizing that. However, splitting the vote against the obvious front runner will insure a loss in the general election. By the by, check out some of Cruz’s downsides sometime, i.e. Goldman Sachs, etc.

  • Krummholzt

    So you think that suspending habeas corpus so that dissenting journalists could be thrown into secret federal jails without judicial review is the work of a “constitutional conservative”?

  • Trump is far from the obvious front runner. In case you haven’t noticed, Ted does very well in closed primaries & many of the states outright & the tally of the votes is getting closer with each primary/caucus despite the fact that others who have now dropped out & now Kaisch & Rubio are splitting the votes. As far as the made up negatives on Ted, do some more research. Again, no candidate is perfect, but he comes much closer to it than Trump when it comes to being a true conservative who knows the constitution inside & out, besides being a much more trustworthy candidate.. The GS fiasco is a bunch of made up crap. A personal loan based on his own collateral that was paid back…You may want to examine all of Trump’s debt & the hundreds of banks/ shady characters he owes favors & money to (GS happens to be one of them) & then there are over 5000 plaintiff’s in his latest fraud court case which is scheduled for court in the same month as the GOP primary in July. If you don’t think the lame stream media isn’t going to unleash their attack dogs on him then & in the general election against someone like Hillary who needs all the help she can get (a candidate that he also contributed over $100,000 to in a past presidential election cycle) you must be living in a fantasy world….

  • Albrecht

    “For his most devoted supporters, that’s his appeal.” (I.e., moving the US closer to dictatorship is what Trumps supporters want.)

    No. Wrong. A slanderous lie worthy of the worst Frankfurt School smear-meisters which is precisely the sewer from which you pulled this so-called “Authoritarian” scale.

    Trump, as much as anything, is a symbol of protest mainly at a GOP that has for decades pretended to stand for or against certain things but which in reality seems never to have had any intention of seriously acting on them.

    For decades we were told that the GOP was against abortion, for traditional families, for fiscal responsibility, etc. Yet in all the times they were in a position they never had the guts to do the hard legislative work to do the people’s will. The Demonicrats can muster up the nerve to pass laws they want (e.g., Obamacare) but our boys…not so much. Are they pansies or are these issues, as Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan once colorfully put it, merely “boob-bait for the bubbas”?

    It would seem the electorate has at last decided it’s the latter. Perhaps they have grown resigned to abortion and big government (hardly a man is now alive who has adult memories of the days before the so-called “Great Society” let alone the so-called “New Deal”). Perhaps they are even prepared to let the depraved sex perverts have their so-called “marriages.” Or maybe these battles can be fought another day.

    But Trump’s supporters know in their gut that if the battle over immigration is lost, if the Commu-crats succeed in their evil plan to flood the country with people from barbaric societies with no tradition of self-rule, most of whom are a drain on our public services, then there is no hope whatsoever of turning this nation back from its headlong plunge into socialism. It is, in fact, the demographic preconditions for just such a totalitarian nightmare that Trump says he wants to avert.

    Should we believe him? Well, he has at least as much credibility as the utterly bankrupt GOP establishment. Which, admittedly, ain’t saying much.

    One last point. You do not seem to appreciate how badly George W. Bush’s two wars have devastated the credibility of the Republican leadership. We sent thousands of our finest young Americans to be slaughtered or maimed for life and spent over a trillion dollars that we don’t have to “ensure free and fair elections” for people whose vision of society is “me and my brother against the clan, me and my clan against another clan…” and so on. And when it all falls into chaos the minute we turn our backs (10 years later) it’s – wait for it – “Obama’s fault.” As if these Einsteins figured there’d never be another Democrat administration again!

    Trump called them liars. Well, it’s either that or they’re idiots. Take your pick.

    Maybe you can vote for Hillary just like America’s modern Clausewitz, Robert Kagan and his charming wife, Victoria (“F— the E.U.”) Newland.

  • Sorry. He is the front runner. I do read and I do understand. By not backing him and not recognizing he’s bringing millions of people to the table is just plain suicidal. That’s all I’ve got to say and must move on. Too busy processing income tax returns and ensuring compliance to the Obamacare provisions which prevailed due to a weak GOP and a runaway DNC. Good luck.

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  • Johnny Monday

    Thank you for speaking the truth and not giving in to the Drumpf hordes.

  • I understand, I have to get back to work too..;)…Yes he is the frontrunner right now, but we’re still in the primaries & I don’t support someone in the primaries only because I think they can win just because a bunch of political hacks told me he could. Like I’ve been saying, I used to like him, then I vetted him & found out more. I’ve always like Ted & will be voting for him in the primaries. Ted is also bringing millions of (key word here) “conservatives” to the table because he’s a good candidate who walks the walk. If Trump should win the primary, then I will support him over a commie/socialist plain & simple! Obviously we are not going to agree. Have a good day & good luck to you as well.

  • Like I said, no candidate is perfect & we didn’t live in that time so we weren’t there obviously. That being said, other presidents have done the same like FDR during WWII, I’m not saying that I agree with it, but Lincoln did stand up for the constitution through most of his presidency better than most of the others in our history. There is so much about Lincoln that most people do not know because they have been brainwashed to believe the opposite & because so many real pages of history have been ripped from the present history books.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    I’m afraid you are going the wrong direction here, but we’ll have to agree to disagree on this. If Trump is elected, I will hope that you are right and I’m wrong.

  • All some of us are asking on here is for you to better vet your candidate. And if you call yourself a conservative & then slam Michelle Malkin, then you’ve given yourself away as an obvious progressive/ liberal…sorry your mask is off…Many of the others I agree with but not Michelle. Please do a google & watch her speak at CPAC. She is an amazing conservative who has been writing books and researching for years all of the dirty details on what our government has been trying to pull with the Amnesty.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    So if your guy isn’t the nominee, you wouldn’t vote for the GOP nominee? You’d sit this election out, just like so many sat out the 2012 election.

    And how did that work for you?

    Nobody is “Tossing Trump Out.” This is primary season, and this is how a candidate gets selected. Trump 384 delegates, Cruz 300 delegates, Rubio about 150 delegates. My state doesn’t have a say for another couple of weeks…so I really don’t have a voice; it will all be decided before my state gets around to having its caucaus meetings.

    But it is quite clear that the majority of GOP voters don’t want Trump, or, at very least, favor another candidate over Trump.

    And, of course Cruz won’t beat Hillary if you and folks like you decide to stay home.

  • NJJoanJettFan

    The fact is Michelle “Fucky-Sucky Five Dolla” Malkin wrote an editorial against Trump the other day, it pretty much mirrored Cootie Pavlich’s and “Coaster-Head” Shapiro’s pieces. Was it a coincidence? I think not. They’re ALL under contract to Eric Erickson’s Salem Media which is part of Willard “King of the Rats” Romney’s Bain Capital. It’s simple if the aforementioned don’t want to be attacked they should refrain from doing the bidding of their RINO/GOPe bosses.

    BTW: Bearing Arms, the pro-2nd Amendment website is part of Salem Media/Bain Capital holdings too, see how THAT works?

  • …or you could support Trump, but obviously you would sit back and fail to support the front runner and cause what I call a ‘preemptive loss’ out of hate for Trump. My support one way or another will not help you in the general election. Disenfranchised voters by the millions will speak for me. As for Romney, I held my nose and voted for that bastard. Never again for me.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    “The states were at war in more ways that one.”

    Well…actually, no they weren’t. When Abraham Lincoln won election in 1860 as the first Republican president on a platform pledging to keep slavery out of the territories, seven slave states in the deep South seceded and formed a new nation, the Confederate States of America. The incoming Lincoln administration and most of the Northern people refused to recognize the legitimacy of secession.”

    “The event that triggered war came at Fort Sumter in Charleston Bay on April 12, 1861. Claiming this United States fort as their own, the Confederate army on that day opened fire on the federal garrison and forced it to lower the American flag in surrender. Lincoln called out the militia to suppress this “insurrection.”

    The fact is that the Confederate States had formed their own country. They clearly made a mistake by trying to take Fort Sumter by force (although no one was injured or killed in the “battle.”)

    But then, how are the Confederate States leaving the US any different from the US leaving Great Britain? As a nation of free men, living in states that freely joined the union, do we have the right to force

    Kinda like drafting guys to fight for freedom.

  • Agreed. But I’m actually standing my ground. Others seem to be going in other directions.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    And what did you have against Romney? That he was a RINO? That he was a very successful businessman? That he proved that he could reach across the aisles and make deals with the democrats in his democrat controlled legislature? Or that he authored RomneyCare, as a way to deal with all the uninsured people in his state who, the federal government demanded that they provide medical care to?

  • I said voted for him. But since you asked, I felt he would lose because the conservative base would sit out the election…which they did….and we lost…and we got Obama. Did I mention Romney did not want to attack Obama? Trump would not do such a thing. Later…got to get back to work. Thanks for the debate and best to you.

  • 762×51

    LRRP actually . . . brah

  • Mr. Freemarket

    The conservative base sat out the election for one of the following reasons:
    1. Romney wasn’t an actual conservative. He was a RINO.
    2. Romney isn’t a Christian (this conclusion was reached by those who believe that both the Pope and Donald Trump is a Christian).
    3. Obama can’t possibly win so no need to go to the polls.

    I can’t think of any true conservative because Romney’s debate performance sucked. Sure he didn’t attack Obama (which we all wished that he had), but that certainly wasn’t a reason to stay home.

    And, FWIW….Romney was my third choice for the GOP nominee.

  • I get your point & didn’t say that I agreed with everything he did but it was a bit different than with the British. We had a constitution with states making various agreements when they became states. From what I’ve read, Texas is the only state to have a very different set up where they could vote & be allowed to succeed legally that is…

  • She’s a sell out because she refused to be a zombie follower of someone whose principles & past actions go against everything she believes in? I call people who go against their principles & beliefs a sell out. ..maybe you should look in the mirror & see who the real sellout is…hmmm…;)

  • ray

    I know what The People are, and I know how to compose a cogent sentence. So that’s two things you don’t know. Three, counting me.

  • Like I said, I didn’t stay home. I voted for Romney in the general election, but please don’t tell anyone.

  • 762×51

    No, I fault him for being a phony.

    LEADERSHIP means doing the hard stuff,not going along with the system, then acting like you don’t. You Trump guys are so in love with this charlatan you refuse to even recognize when he is exposed for being a fake. He has participated in sending jobs overseas, he has participated in the corruption in DC. but you still think he is going to make those problems disappear because that is what he tells you, despite evidence that he is DOING the opposite. Clearly you do not know what makes a leader.

    This makes him part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  • 762×51

    Trump is a Progressive, he has demonstrated that all his life. He is a do as I say, not as I do, totalitarian. Bury you head in the sand and ignore the real world if you want, that doesn’t make it untrue.

    I don’t care what you believe because I know I can’t fix stupid.

  • 762×51

    Yeah, personally, I don’t care how hard he dry slams the GOPee establishment. They will be better of than what I would do to them. It would start with waterboarding and its gets worse from there.

    I’m still not going to support Trump just to hammer the GOP. It’s like getting rid of Nero to get Caligula.

  • 762×51

    Man if you think this continues on until 2050 without a shooting war, you are dreaming. You have already seen the opening skirmishes.

    It’s not my plan, its what is happening. The Progressives have been working to foment a race war for nearly 60 years. I didn’t start this, and I may not survive it, but I will do what I can to stop them.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    The constitution isn’t a limitation on what the states can do; it is a limitation on what the federal government can do. There is no way that any set of laws can specify all the freedoms that you have. Likewise there is no set of laws that need specify what freedoms the individual states have.

    The Articles of Incorporation specified that “once you join, you must stay in the union.” But the constitution is completely silent on the issue. Therefore there is no law, regulation, or provision of the constitution that states that states that have once joined the union must remain in the union.

    Of course there is always the principle of “might makes right.” Not terribly American, though.

    And, as you note, Texas has certain specified rights….like the right to subdivide into five states.

  • Krummholzt

    I used to believe as you do, but there’s not going to be a shooting war. Oregon and the Bunkerville arrests prove that the LARPing gun guys are paper tigers. They are not going to risk jail in significant numbers to do anything.

  • I agree with you on all your points & your definition of the constitution in terms of the states rights. Again I didnt say I agreed with everything Lincoln did or didnt do, I’m sure any man in that position would have a tough time during a civil war, I was simply defending the fact that most of what Lincoln did was done as a constitutional conservative ..people were saying that Lincoln was the opposite & I was coming to his defense on many of the contitutional principles that he did try to adhere to… 😉

  • Mr. Freemarket

    There is a very important question that may need to be answered in the near future: Do states have the right to succeed from the union, and where in the constitution or in law are they prevented from doing so?

    It is clear that many liberal cities and states are mired in debt (usually incurred by themselves). They do not revere the constitution as conservatives do. So why not resolve our differences by peaceably separating? We will call them the Socialist States of America, and we can call the remainder anything we wish….though I’m partial to The United States.

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  • I don’t think the club will be exclusive to Trump supporters.

  • Okay, I know this is off subject but that’s one of the best parts of the movie.

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