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Mar 08 2016

Christian Bakers Terrorized on Behalf of Gays

“Tolerance” means you comply with the agenda or you will not be tolerated:

Two Texas bakers who are under fire after refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple revealed that the most disturbing threat they’ve received so far came from an anonymous individual who threatened to burn their house down and physically harm their 17-year-old son.

“Our son got a call … where they threatened to burn our house down and violate him with a broken beer bottle,” baker Edie Delorme recently told TheBlaze. “That was probably the worst.”

Edie and her husband, David — the Christian owners of Kern’s Bake Shop in Longview, Texas — also have an 8-year-old daughter; their 19-year-old daughter was tragically killed last year in a car accident.

As for their teenage son who received the shocking threat, Edie said that he works very hard to intercept negative phone calls so that his mother isn’t forced to listen to them. And with threats continuing to pour in, their young daughter has been staying with relatives in recent days.

Problems reportedly began for the Delormes on Feb. 17, after Ben Valencia and Luis Marmolejo came in and inquired about purchasing a cake for their wedding.

Edie Delorme politely declined on religious grounds, since homosexual weddings are still depraved and blasphemous no matter what the Supreme Court decrees. That took courage.

What fun militant gays must have, hunting down Christian bakers to destroy. They steer clear of Muslims though.

Bake it or suffer the consequences.

On tips from Troy and Rob E.

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  • trapper2013

    Hey LGBT folks , God is the one that said homosexual behavior is an abomination, threaten him or sue him.
    get over it or stfu!!

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  • StephaneDumas

    Someone will shout “That’s racist” but when they’ll ask a baker of Dearborn, Michigan like Steven Crowder did to do a cake for them?

    (sarcasm on)
    Oh yeah, I can hear that kid shouting “That’s racist” now.
    (sarcasm off)

  • The blinded men of Sodom are still at it, with the full support of the “Christian” Left. Because tolerance and love.

    Genesis 19:11 And they struck with blindness the men who were at the entrance of the house, both small and great, so that they wore themselves out groping for the door.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Hey lgbt freaks – there’s this thing called the interwebs that has all kinds of information, such as “Bakeries in Longview Texas.”

    Because I’m a good Christian, I’ll save you the difficult task of figuring out who to call when one says “no” Just click this link

    It’s really magic.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    Pro tip on finding gay-friendly businesses in the wedding biz: Swing a dead cat.

  • JAO

    Notice how the radical LBGTXYZPDQABC crowd goes looking for these businesses. Did any of them just ask if the business would like to be on a website/vendor’s list that would service gay weddings? Nah, gotta make trouble for those with whom you disagree.


    American ISIS targeting Christians – nothing to see here. Move along #celebrate christianextermination!

  • Mannie

    {SHRUG} So is Lobster.

  • Mannie

    Notice that the cowardly pukes don’t go after moslem bakers.


    Slavery for Christians – forcing a group to have no say in their work

  • Henry

    Oops, I mistook the salt for flour… here, let me give you a refund.

  • Momster

    “Here’s the cake the court ordered me to bake for you. Go ahead. Eat it.”

    I would not poison it, but it would be the stalest, driest, nastiest cake in history.

  • Chocolate&Cheese

    The tyranny of the minority. ~1% of the population that rejects basic biology has more rights than others.

  • Jack

    Muslim bakers not put to the same test. Neither were Hasidic Jewish bakers. Gays are not anti-religious; they are anti-Christian; like the President.


  • TED

    AT LEAST, If I were baking it they would WISH that’s what they got!!

  • TED

    They KNOW they will get away with it, THAT is way they target individuals!! If they didn’t it would SOON END!!

  • TED

    Here’s MINE, just WAIT for the FLASH faggots!!!

  • TED


  • TED

    AND SO goes the constitution….

  • TED

    LEZZIE Barbie in design…

  • whotothewhat

    Christian’s Bakers or any Christan business need be aware that when any so-called gay couple comes into their store it is most likely on mission to destroy said baker and family. Its a cultural war people on all fronts time to wake up!

    This play nice and hope they understand that you are only standing on your christian moral code is not going to save you. Bake a substandard cake hire a 3rd party baker to make it, buy a cake and turn around and sell them that, have only a handful of wedding cake designs you are willing to make, Charge the hell out of them.

  • 762×51

    I always get the salt and sugar mixed up when baking . . .

  • 762×51

    One thing I don’t understand these days is the inability of these bakers, photographers, etc., to keep themselves out of trouble using free market principles. Agree to bake the cake, the price is $25,000.00 because I’m real busy that week.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Bake the cake, a really bad ugly cake; make it taste bad. A pepper cake sounds fine, that’s black pepper and maybe too much vanilla. When they come to pick it up, tell them I’m not a very good cake baker. Nothing says one has to be good at the skill.

    Photographers take the job and just ruin it. Don’t charge, say sorry and leave. Shit happens.

  • SouthernReality

    Pffft – this is the crazy queer equivalent of the ghetto lottery – slip and fall in Walmart = $$$. They hope they can sue and get big bucks and appear on the news as the aggrieved, injured parties.
    Aren’t the L(insert random letters here)T activists afraid they are playing into stereotypes – the little sissies can’t pick a fight with the local biker gang to rent their clubhouse for the wedding!!!

  • JAO

    Aren’t there legal defense funds to help out people like this?

  • Aussie_John

    Only if you are Jewish, living in Israel, under Mosaic law, before 33AD……

  • TED

    No idea, THERE SHOULD BE, but that never guarantee’s anything.

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