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Mar 10 2016

Dutch Men Fight Colognization by Wearing Skirts in Public

Moonbattery created the “refugee crisis” in Europe. Could it also be a solution? In January, some Dutch guys gave it a try:

A group of 400 men took to the streets of Amsterdam wearing miniskirts to show support for women’ rights following a series of mass sex attacks on Cologne and other European cities that took place on New Year’s Eve. …

The demonstration was organized by an alliance of Dutch youth political organizations, including the Green Party and Labor Party.

It’s not just that moonbats enjoy cross-dressing. They were making a point:

“Too often sexual violence against women is put down as a women’s problem: don’t wear short skirts. That is never the solution. Short skirts are not to blame,” wrote the organizers.

What is to blame then? No one will say, because that would be politically incorrect.

Given the history of Islamic conquest, it is unsurprising that this strategy for putting an end to Europe’s colognization does not seem to have worked.

No Charles Martels or John III Sobieskis in this bunch.

On a tip from Rob E. Hat tip: Bare Naked Islam.

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  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    Poor idiots. They are what they have been designed and molded to be. The fools probably believe that women’s clothing and good intentions will be enough. It might slow the Islamists down for a moment while they stop and have a good laugh.

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  • Professor Hale

    Morons. If they really wanted to show support for women, they should have taken to the streets wearing shotguns and ax handles.

  • George Lortz

    Given the muzzies penchant for young boys, these guys were pushing the envelope. I hope they enjoyed it.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    Guys, the fact that you’re males isn’t really a deal breaker for most Muzzies.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    @georgelortz:disqus Young boys? Sheep and goats are more like it with a bit of young ass tossed in for change. These clowns will just be part of the rough trade.

  • Stephen

    Foreign born population in the Netherlands = 11.1%
    Foreign born population in the US = 12.9%

    It’s sometimes easier for us to see that the Euro countries are killing themselves, but the reality is we have a big head start on and a much more difficult road ahead.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    Though we do have some key advantages that the European population does not. The left is doing all they can to erode those advantages, of course.

  • whotothewhat

    And this why Europe is dying.

    Why fight like your ancestors did to protect there kin. Put on a skirt (which most women do not wear anymore) and and embrace your emasculation.

  • magic1114

    I think it might be better to walk the streets with a good old fashioned “Louisville Slugger”! Hit a few home runs and they might get the point….

  • Rotohammer

    Their women must feel a lot safer now.

  • MAS

    Real men might wear Kilts (never a dress) but they would be armed and ready to defend others from the true barbarians.

  • TED

    YES, the WHOLE point here is it gave leftist males(?) the opportunity to CROSS DRESS and parade around in public! SOLIDARITY, BS!

  • TED

    REAL MEN, not pictured…opportunists.

  • TED

    THEIR women KNOW for sure NOW!

  • TED

    Why their dresses and underwear are ALWAYS wrinkled.

  • Momster

    If my legs looked like that I wouldn’t wear short skirts.

    For the record–they do and that’s why I don’t.

  • TED


  • TED


  • TED

    More like TROLLING for muzzie action!

  • TED

    There would be MUZZIE ASS laying all over the place KICKED!!!

  • TED

    TYPICAL leftist reaction.

  • Momster

    Muzzies like them young–get ‘m at 8 before it’s too late.

    However, wasn’t out ambassador in BenGhazi raped? I wonder if it happened before or after he died. Lends a whole new level of depravity.

  • Momster


  • TED
  • TED
  • 762×51

    Interesting choice.

    They could have gone for this look though. Not only does haji hate it, he also understands what it means.

  • gabwin

    Effective or not, they made a good point, and it was sweet of them to do so…

  • gabwin

    Boy, is the SF Bay Area going to be empty. I so look forward to it!

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