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Mar 10 2016

Hate Hoaxing Lesbian University Instructor Mari Poindexter Punches Herself in the Eye

The hate hoax moonbattery running rampant in academia has been spilling out into surrounding communities, as in the case of Mari Poindexter:

After publicly sharing the details of an alleged attack motivated by her sexual orientation in August, a Central Michigan University instructor was sentenced last month for filing a false police report regarding the assault.

While attending a Toby Keith concert at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort on Aug. 19, a man imposed on Mari Poindexter and her family’s personal space then spewed bigoted slurs at Poindexter, including calling her a “cross-dressing fag,” Poindexter told the Morning Sun in August.

Later that night Poindexter said that same man attacked her in the parking lot of the Cabin Bar, punching her in the eye and spitting on her.

Poindexter, who is noisily lesbian, broadcast her tale on social media.

Her message went viral; it garnered thousands of shares and messages of support, media coverage in the Morning Sun and other news outlets and a public statement of support from CMU.

No doubt the incident would be a big help regarding future promotions — except that like virtually all “hate crimes” against privileged groups, it was a hoax, as police have confirmed:

“(Poindexter said) she made the story up about being assaulted by a male subject at the bar and punched herself in the eye because she wanted to raise awareness about the social hardships of people in the LGBTQ+ community,” read a police statement in the court records.

Her punishment:

Poindexter pleaded guilty Jan. 14 to two misdemeanor counts of filing a false police report. She was sentenced Feb. 25 to pay $225 in fines and serve six months of non-reporting probation.

Other conditions of Poindexter’s sentencing calls for her to “take meds as prescribed” and continue counseling.

If only the latter part of this sentence could be applied more widely throughout the LGBTQ+ community.

Poindexter has taken a leave of absence from CMU, “because of the state of her mental health.”

In addition to punishment, there is reward. Mari Poindexter has earned a position on the Hate Hoax List.

Mari Poindexter
Mari treated herself to a lovely shiner.

On a tip from Dave F. Hat tip: Downtrend.

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  • Occam’s Stubble

    Her(?) sentence should also include tracking down every social media post she made about this incident and updating it to indicate that it was a hoax.

  • TED

    WITHOUT LIES there would NOT be a LEFT, it’s the OMLY way they can prove any of their BS.

  • TED

    EXACTLY!! ON both points!

  • Jim

    Looks like one of the garbage truck drivers in my city.

  • guest


  • guest

    Before the sickness was politicized into “normality”, one of the main characteristics of the condition was known as paranoid grievance collection (don’t remember the actual term).

    That is the sick person is always paranoid that everyone everywhere was out to get them to the point of making up alternative reality.

    Mari is a shining example of the symptom. She needs treatment as she’s a danger to herself and others.

  • TED

    MOST shocking is the fact this GARBAGE is teaching our children!!! THIS IS the biggest threat to this country – ROT FROM THE INSIDE!

  • AC

    ^^^ THIS ^^^
    She certainly makes the case for forcible admission to a mental hospital.

  • AC


  • TED

    YAH, that’s HER(?). .

  • rambler

    Gee, nothing like having the special snotflakes needing to make up crimes to feel persecuted, since the rest of us can’t be bothered accommodating them.

  • 762×51

    Only one question, are you sure it was a Toby Keith concert and not a Cher?

    She should of hired it done professionally.

  • Agrippa

    “Take [her] meds as prescribed” — that says it all! Not just a Libtard, but a mentally ill Libtard. How perfect that she “teaches” young skulls full of mush (and they stay “mushy” all their lives, thanks to dolts like this one).

  • Chocolate&Cheese

    Clearly she didn’t put enough effort into it.

  • whotothewhat

    Geez what a Poindexter!

  • Hungjumper

    ….and call you a Nazi, Islamaphobe, homophobe, facist, goon.

  • Hungjumper

    We’ll you know what they say…bulldyke’s gonna bulldyke.

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Here- let me make that a matching set!

  • 762×51

    I think it’s called “injustice collecting” now and is symptomatic of the Borderline Personalty Disorder (BPD) family of mental illness.

    She is CLEARLY a threat to herself as demonstrated by her externalized aggression and self injury. Whether she would further devolve into a threat to others depends on the type of BPD she has. Medication and observation are a must in case she becomes psychotic.

  • 762×51

    Interestingly enough, this is the training that universities are providing these days. These people weren’t born this way, they have been indoctrinated into a belief system that is centered in mental illness.

    Who knew that insanity could be learned.

  • Joe Joe

    She did it to “raise awareness.” Couldn’t this idiot even think of an original excuse?

  • Joe Joe

    I’d appreciate your taking the Christian symbol off of that piece of crap. I agree that the SJWs are making themselves into a cult, but they are not Christians.

  • KHarn

    I don’t think I’m fully “aware” of the problem. She should hit herself again so others like myself will get it.

  • Joe Joe

    Maybe she can walk into traffic as well.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    True Prog, did a half-assed job. Only one eye and no fat lip. Didn’t improve her looks either.

  • TED

    I’m with you Joe but I didn’t put it on there and if it is on there it must be some organization that made the graphic, I’ll try to find out who they are…

  • TED

    In the mean time, it’s the best I can do. I don’t really have a good graphics program…(paint)

  • TED

    I still say THIS is the biggest threat to this country, ROT FROM THE INSIDE, they are rotting our children’s minds…a couple of generations and the human race won’t be able to think with ANY CLARITY. All because STUPID votes LEFT.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    “she wanted to raise awareness”

    THIS is such a recurrent theme in libtard land. When no one wants to listen because it’s not much of a ‘thing’ in the real world the foam-at-the-mouthers add zeros to any real number, hang nooses on doorknobs, do a ‘Tawana Brawley’, etc.

    I am so overdosed on libs and their manias.

  • chuck_in_st_paul


  • chuck_in_st_paul

    excuse me Agrippa, but isn’t “mentally ill” the SAME as libtard?

  • Joe Joe

    Thank you. Looks like a giant mole. 😀

  • Joe Joe

    I know. I appreciate your response.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    In her case, it helped her appearance.

  • rex freeway

    Come on Mari show the world how evil straight people are by shooting yourself in the forehead and blaming them.

  • 762×51

    Yeah, the enemy inside the gate is always a bigger threat than the one outside.

  • rex freeway

    I know it’s gross but if the shoe fits….

  • TED

    Yah, I recolored it skin tone, looks better…

  • TED

    Actually, I was looking at the subject and there’s really not much that CAN make her(?) look worse. 😎

  • R E Calcitrant

    LGBTQ+ community

    Really? the police should not give this scrunt the time of day. What exactly does it teach at CMU. Google reveals nothing more than a professional activist. Perhaps Poindexter can buy itself a gun and do the right thing.

  • CurlyBill

    That aint nothing! She should be shamed… publicly, and held up for all to see. Just because the facts arent on her side, she had to try and create one… the fact is your a fraud and should not even spawn this much attention.

  • RightWingConspirator

    That’s funny… I don’t think I’ll get it until it steps up its game. Maybe a baseball bat next time.

  • Joe Joe

    I thank you very much for this and for your respect in what is, for me, a spiritual matter.

  • TED

    We are the right-wing here, we understand respect. OBOZO (and his ilk), as you know, CAN’T even spell it !!! LOLOLOLOL 😎

  • Joe Joe

    True enough!

  • hoohoolianFUCLA

    This is a fine example of what “social justice” is: a lie to hurt other people to satisfy weak cry-babies.

  • Mark

    I’m so tired of hearing that damned leftist phrase. When I hear that it really means, “Since we have nothing to bitch about we’ll just make it up because we’re weak crybabies”.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    you nailed it Mark

  • Dieter Himmel

    She should go to jail. It does not matter if she is sick. Of course she is. And she should not do criminal acts while she is sick. Go to jail, and have mental treatment while being in jail!

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