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Mar 13 2016

Detroit: Death by Democrats

If social justice warriors really want to address injustice, they should turn their attention from microaggressions to what liberal Democrat rule has inflicted on once-great cities like Detroit:

On a tip from Mod.

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  • Willard the Newt

    Liberal Democratic rule destroyed Detroit?
    If you believe that, I have a few bridges to sell you.
    I swear, folks that actually believe that liberal Democratic rule is what caused the destruction of Detroit are some of the most blind-to-reality naïve schmucks to ever walk on the planet Earth. You guys aren’t seeing the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

  • Stephen

    Maybe he meant to say “Democrats” destroyed Detroit.

  • Willard the Newt

    Demography, as in demographic change destroyed Detroit.

  • rambler

    It’s a wonder that everything hasn’t collapsed sooner.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    Why did the demography change?

  • Deep North

    Its not Democrat rule; its black rule. Plenty of northern and mid-western cities have recovered from the loss of manufacturing jobs. Those cities happen to be white. Blacks, once they gain demographic and political control end up reverting back to African standards of poverty, despotism and crime. Its biologic, not political.

  • ragman

    So Democrats are to blame for the fall of Detroit? What about liberal cities like Portland? Portland is not in ruins despite being run by Democrats.

    Hmm….. Wonder what the difference is between Portland and Detroit?

  • Donna M

    The difference is the greed, averice, and lack of vision, foresight and “discipline from an early, “only black lives matter” criminal mayor, supported by local municipality and gov and adminstration…and of course foreign car manufacturers and white flight!

  • Donna M

    Well, when an area becomes “depressed” due to incompetent gov and criminal behavior, and things just don’t get better, but only worse the longer they stay…
    People that are not “stupid”, just get “the hell” outta’ there!
    To some other place, that is safer.

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  • Willard the Newt

    Well, Mr. Spock, Scotty beamed up all the white people and left behind a population of dindus …. but you already knew that.

  • Ol’ Uncle Lar

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