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Mar 13 2016

Muslims on an Escalator

Recent experiences in the Middle East suggest that Muslim societies may not be ready for democracy. It might be best to introduce them to the modern world more gradually. First, let’s see if they can adjust to escalators:

Okay, so escalators are premature. But the Directorate of Religious Affairs for Turkey did recently issue a fatwa making it permissible to use toilet paper, so progress is being made.

Via Bare Naked Islam, on a tip from Rob E.

  • Henry

    Right out of the 7th century…

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  • Abenaki

    This is a serious problem — suggest the use of flying carpets. Stay with what you know…

  • Jodie

    The only thing that would have made that more fun to watch, would be the Benny Hill theme song playing in the background.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    sand savages. Supposedly these retards are going to improve our culture, because diversity. Or something.

  • chuck_in_st_paul


  • MAS

    To quote Jed Clampett “Yee dawgies granny! Careful of that cement pond, she’s purdy deep”.

  • 762×51

    Use toilet paper, Dave? They can’t even be trained to use the toilet, much less toilet paper.

    In the Muslim world, you just let a log drop wherever you happen to be standing at the time the urge hits, just like livestock. Lobby of the hospital? No problem, SPLAT! It’s not like hospitals have public restrooms.

  • 762×51

    We can probably help them more. Consanguineous marriage has weakened the Muslim world over the last 1,400 years and they need new blood to survive.

    Islam is literally what you get when cousins marry.

  • jayeS

    When I first saw that video a while back I couldn’t believe it. They are nasty ass people, they smell and they can’t be trained to act like a human being.

  • ramrodd

    The Quran And Sharia Together Are Islam’s Declaration of War Against Non-Islamic
    Civilizations And Societies | Winds of Jihad

  • RKae

    Oh, my God! GHOSTS!

  • 762×51

    Naturally they smell. You can’t just let a stink pickle slide down your leg and walk away without some “residue” all down your legs and clothes. Barnyards smell the way they do for this same reason. No wonder Muslim men don’t have a problem with goat humping, it’s no less nasty than their women. How uncivilized does one have to be to just squeeze one out in a crowded hallway? The video also tells me that the invention of underwear hasn’t hit the Islamic world yet.

    They don’t have furniture or underwear or understand indoor plumbing but Obama thinks they will be fine with nuclear weapons.

    What could go wrong?

  • Steven Yarnell

    I hate how the word “Democracy” is being thrown out so freely. I think that the word Dave Blount was looking for is “Westernization.” You see, we’re not trying to spread “mob rule”, but, instead, we are trying to share our way of civility! Hence, civilization.


    Quite a fitting symbolism: 7th Century primitives cannot use our technology so they shut it down and force everyone around them to abandon that technology to appease them.

    Back to the Future

  • Xavier

    Don’t expect too much – they’re just talking monkeys.

  • Xavier

    Just like liberals and constitutional republics.


    Cousins? I do believe the gene pool is a bit more shallow.. spit bubble shallow.

  • upcountrywater
  • Mr. Freemarket

    Wait….don’t the sheep and goats add to the gene pool?

  • Mr. Freemarket

    If Allah had wished stairways to move, he would have invented them.


    Perhaps body lice too?
    Inbred filth plotting to kill us = diversity

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    OMG! she really did that!
    what a bunch of savages

  • Gwendolynaellis

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  • CrushAllDems

    Like Xavier stated above; disgusting talking monkeys…

  • whotothewhat

    Western culture will certainly be helped by allowing this Brain Trust in.

  • Gary Nelson

    How about Muslims at a Fuffy Convention? I would have paid money to see this, Hope no one was a goat this year…LOL

  • jayeS

    I think watching their burka getting torn off on the escalator would have been really laughable as they tumble around.

  • ScarletPimpernel

    Now that is too funny!!

  • ScarletPimpernel


  • TED

    THIS has more to do with just living in the 4th century, THIS IS statement of their COMPREHENSION OF how the world works!! People ONCE among the smartest on the planet have been REDUCED to MONKEYS by their GREAT PROPHET!

  • TED

    OMG! There would be fur flying everywhere! Muzzies raping women is one thing but something reminding them of their GOATS…CHAOS!!!

  • TED

    ANOTHER TRAIT they have in common with the LEFT!

  • TED

    ANIMALS! Something ELSE they have in common with the LEFT!!!

  • TED

    ROTFLMAO!!! THESE people are ONE BIG joke to the universe! IF they didn’t kill everyone that isn’t as STUPID as them.

  • TED

    AH YES, as stated below, GOAT COUSINS have also contributed to that pool, SO HAS THE WOMAN IN THE HOSPITAL…

  • TED


  • Gene

    Escalators are more dangerous than you might think. There was a power outage in Ridyah and thirty Muslims were stuck on the escalator for eight hours in the summer heat. Two died of thirst when their supply of camel urine ran out.

  • George Lortz

    I’d have let them walk almost all the way up, and turned it back on. Watch ’em roll all the way down.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    STILL the funniest post of the week!!

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    Italy helps them with their religious obligations…

  • AlanOne7

    In fairness, I used to work in a restaurant that had a revolving door in front. It was astonishing how many 60-year-old Americans have never seen a revolving door. People would stand outside and point and stare, trying to figure out how it worked. Then they’d come in, stop dead, get hit on the shoulder because it was still moving and look around totally befuddled. Little kids would burst into tears because they wanted to exit “at the same time” as Mommy. People would leave in a hurry, give it a shove, and women behind would stop and stare: “Oh dear, look how fast it’s going, there must be a motor in there.”

    THAT SAID … Smithsonian magazine ran an article c 1999 profiling a family from Somolia new to the US. They needed *everything* explained to them: running water, toilets, toilet paper, grocery stores, bank accounts, credit cards, driver’s licenses, insurance, washing machines, electric stoves, sprinkler systems, lawn-mowers. That simply is not fair to the family, the neighbors, the store clerks, anybody in customer service or the school teachers.

  • acidulous

    Haven’t visited this site in a long time. See it is loaded up with anti Trump porn. Good effin’ riddance. Who do you think has been reading your material and visiting your sites your jerks? It’s those of us who support Trump as well as others. Good job. You prove why the left is winning. They don’t slash and burn those who are ostensibly on their side.

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