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Mar 14 2016

In the Name of Fighting Terrorism, Big Government Pours Our Money on the Somalis It Imports

Roll up your sleeves and get working; you need to generate more wealth so that the government can confiscate an ever larger percentage of it to throw at programs like this:

Six organizations that work with Somali youth in Minnesota have been awarded $300,000 in grants as part of a federal pilot project designed to combat terrorism, the nonprofit group that is administering the funds announced Thursday.

The grant recipients include a youth sports group, a program that empowers Somali parents, an organization that plans to enhance youth employment opportunities and a group that addresses mental health issues for refugees. An additional $100,000 has been set aside to help with technical assistance, professional development and other resources with the goal of keeping the programs going on their own in the future. …

Boston and Los Angeles are also participating in the federal pilot project, which the Obama administration launched in late 2014 to stamp out violent extremism.

Minneapolis’ program, called Building Community Resilience, focuses on the state’s large Somali community, which has been a target for terrorism recruiters. More than 22 men have left the state since 2007 to join al-Shabab in Somalia, and roughly a dozen people have left in recent years to join militants in Syria.

Whether any terrorism will be prevented by this spending is doubtful at best. But taking the fight to the terrorists, keeping likely terrorists out of the country, and locking up the worst of them at Club Gitmo have all been rejected by the people in charge — and the government always needs to be able to say it is “doing something.”

Last month, U.S. Attorney Andy Luger said he was working on additional funding, both federal and private. He pointed to a bill President Barack Obama signed into law in December that includes $50 million for efforts that combat terrorism as a possible source. Luger noted that $10 million of that appropriation is specifically for states’ efforts to prevent violent extremism, though it’s not yet known how much of that money will flow to Minnesota.

In a parallel effort, Minnesota lawmakers have also allocated $250,000 to programs designed to combat terror recruiting. The Department of Public Safety announced last month that it will soon start the process of awarding grants, with priority given to programs that will lead to long-term investment in communities most at risk. Meanwhile, House Democrats have also announced that they’ll push for another $2 million to dedicate to combatting terrorism in Minnesota.

“Combatting terrorism” now means bureaucrats pouring buckets of our money over the heads of potential terrorists whom they used our money to import from terrorist breeding grounds like Somalia and Syria.

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On tips from Sean C and Stormfax.

  • TED

    As long as they have their ENDLESS supply of money (YOU!).

  • TED

    AND don’t forget taking credit for it!

  • TED


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  • Giorgio Palmas

    Here’s a plan- give them an AK-47 and a one-way ticket back to Somalia. We built this country by revolting against tyranny, now you do the same with your homeland.

  • MAS
  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    And, of course, the fact that they take a healthy cut of what they confiscate for themselves to compensate them for their compassionate efforts.

  • TED

    OH YES, we can’t forget that part, although they would like us to.

  • TED


  • TED


  • ray

    Streets are full of men, many vets. Why is the American government importing and supporting Somalis?
    Yes that’s a rhetorical question. If I told you the real intent behind the Somali program, you’d really be pissed.

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