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Mar 15 2016

ESPN Assigns Mike Ditka to Doghouse for Thought Crime

MSNBC is not the most rigidly leftwing channel offered by most cable packages. Even amid the deranged ravings of Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, you can occasionally hear sane opinions from guests, or at least an acknowledgment that alternate views opposing leftist orthodoxy do exist. Not so with ESPN, which would never make it as a news network because its cartoonishly intolerant commitment to sheer moonbattery would render it unwatchable to anyone who didn’t tune in to see something other than politics. Occasionally someone hired by ESPN steps out of ideological line. When this happens, they are quickly punished. The latest is Mike Ditka:

Mike Ditka will be replaced as a panelist on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, it has been revealed.

The announcement came less than a week after Ditka, both a former player and coach for the Chicago Bears, revealed he believed Barack Obama was the worst president ‘we’ve ever had’.

Ditka, who has been a main panelist for the ESPN show since 2006, said Obama was a ‘fine man’ but not a leader when he went on WABC’S The Bernie & Sid Show last Thursday.

‘He would be great to play golf with,’ Ditka continued.

‘He’s not a leader. This country needs leadership. It needs direction. It needs somebody that steps up front.’

Even cushioned with compliments, failure to appreciate Obama’s greatness as POTUS is beyond the bounds of polite conversation among the militant moonbats who run ESPN.

Sources say Ditka is not leaving ESPN entirely but will have an ’emeritus-type’ NFL role going forward with the network.

Maybe if he submits humbly to a spell in the doghouse with Curt Schilling, and promises to never have anything but praise for Obama, the suits will eventually let him have his position back. Or maybe Ditka will have the good sense to tell them what they can do with their “emeritus-type” role.

Not ESPN material anyway — to his credit.

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