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Mar 14 2016

Former Salesman for Trump University Speaks Out

What fun Hillary will have running against a nominee who is bogged down in a fraud trial for his Trump University scam:

Cliff says he walked away from Trump’s skeevy swindle so that he could sleep at night. You can sleep easy too if you vote for a conservative rather than help throw the election to Shrillary by supporting a con man.

Chiselers don’t come cheesier.

On tips from Torcer.

  • Wilberforce

    “Establishment, Dave!”

    Heh, just saving time for the trolls 🙂

  • William McDougald

    Cruz isn’t going to get the nomination, Moonbattery. Just start campaigning for Hillary, you attack Trump more than her. It’s too bad you can’t give reasons to vote for Cruz, just reasons/propaganda to not vote for Trump. I’m through with your blog, you don’t cover anything else anymore. I’m a team player and will vote for the eventual Republican nominee, you don’t have the integrity to be a team player. Where did your Trump hate originate from? Why don’t you have an article on your bias sometime. Why don’t you respond to me. Attacking the Trump college makes you look desperate, us that the best you can do. Come on have some courage and respond, don’t be an arrogant coward behind a keyboard.

  • Thanks to Moonbattery for staying true to conservatism. I’m disgusted at Breitbart, Drudge, Fox, Palin, etc. for selling their conservative souls.

  • Dolan Tump

    He’s already explained with the words of a smart enemy…

    5 reasons Ted Cruz is even more dangerous than Donald Trump.

    1. He’s more fanatical. Trump is a bully and bigot but doesn’t hew to any sharp ideological line. Cruz is a fierce ideologue: He denies the existence of man-made climate change, rejects same-sex marriage, wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, believes the 2nd amendment guarantees everyone a right to guns, doesn’t believe in a constitutional divide between church and state, favors the death penalty, opposes agreements, embraces a confrontational foreign policy, rejects immigration reform, demands the repeal of “every blessed word of Obamacare,” and takes a strict “originalist” view of the meaning of the Constitution.

    2. Cruz is a true believer. Trump has no firm principles except making money, getting attention, and gaining power. But Cruz really does detest the federal government, and has spent much of his life embracing radical right economic and political views. When Cruz said “we are facing what I consider to be the epic battle of our generation,” he wasn’t referring to jihadist terrorism but to Obamacare.

    3. He’s Smarter. Trump is no slouch but he hasn’t given any indication of a sharp mind. Cruz is razer-sharp: It’s not just his degrees from Princeton and Harvard Law, along with an impressive record at Harvard, or even his winning arguments before the Supreme Court. For his entire adult life he’s been a fierce debater with a intensely-logical debater’s mind.

    4. He’s more disciplined and strategic. Trump is all over the place, often winging it, saying whatever pops into his mind. Cruz hews to a clear script and a carefully crafted strategy. He plays the long game (as he’s shown in Iowa). Cruz’s legal career entailed a sustained use of the courts to achieve conservative ends, and he plots his moves carefully.

    5. Cruz is a loner who’s willing to destroy institutions. Trump has spent his career using the federal government and making friends with big shots. Not Cruz. Most of his Republican colleagues in the Senate detest him. And Cruz is eager to destroy: He has repeatedly crossed to the other side of the Capitol and led House Republicans toward fiscal cliffs. In the Fall of 2013, Cruz’s strident opposition to Obamacare – including a 21-hour talking marathon — led in a significant way to the shutdown of the federal government.”

    – Robert Reich ( Liberal New York Times Author)

  • Eddie_Valiant

    William, William chill dude. It’s because of trumpies like you we stick with a Constitutional Conservative, not the white Obama

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  • GhostRider2001

    That is quite an endorsement from Robert “Big Government” Reich.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    You should visit It’s all Trump, all the time, except when they’re bashing Cruz, Rubio, or whomever Trump does not like this week.

    I too will vote for the eventual nominee. You want a reason to vote for Cruz over Trump? Cruz is an actual conservative and has been for some time. Trump has never been a conservative and only parrots conservative buzzwords that other people feed him. That doesn’t mean that Trump has no value. He will drive a stake into the heart of the GOP establishment but so will Cruz.

    Attacking Trump University is every bit as valid as Trump attacking Cruz for the latest outrage du jour.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    I used to think Reich was the stupidest man alive but this is spot on. Blind squirrels and busted clocks, I guess.

  • GhostRider2001

    I like Trump because he clearly doesn’t have any self-esteem issues, and never tries to overcompensate for any shortcomings. He is going to wave that magic wand of his and fix all of our problems in a New York minute. He has never tried to bully anyone, or buy political influence or skirt just over the edge of the law to get what he wants. He has never evicted widows from buildings or done business with the mob. He has never fleeced shareholders or bondholders at his one publicly traded company. And he really, really, really knows his policy stuff, believe me. He is just super-duper all the way around.

    That why I celebrate his candidacy with the Trump footlong at the Weiner’s Circle (look at those fingers).

  • Buffalobob

    I can see Cliff in an infomercial praising Hillary’s honesty.

  • GhostRider2001

    There are going to be a lot of Cliffs who interacted with Trump companies in some capacity making ads for Hillary/Bernie come fall. There’s a lot of dirt still to be uncovered.

  • William McDougald

    So, let me get this straight. You’re all members of BLM..You like candidates who support them, cool! I wasn’t talking to you Cuban tasters, I was talking to the author of the article. Chill out and go interrupt a rally. Don’t worry Romney will be campaigning for Teduardo soon and Soros will give him plenty of money. Then your dream of open borders and Muslim worship Will be fulfilled. Evidently you won’t support any Republican nominee just a particular one, since none of you stated so in your replies. No one told me that this an exclusive Cruz site,.it’s not specified in the title. Do you want Kasich as vp? Soros will buy him Ohio tommorow. Are all Cruz supporters like this, it makes me wonder if I stand to vote for him after he gets his masters to steal the nomination at the convention. He alienated enough people Friday night alone sucking up to the media criticizing Trump. Ted needs to come with an original idea eventually. If Trump is not the nominee, who is Ted going to copy, Kasich or Rubio?

  • No Ted
  • No Ted

    cruz is a bush boot licker

  • Torcer

    Trump Bombshell: “Tells it like it is”

  • Torcer

    Poll shows that Millennials would flock to Clinton against Trump
    WASHINGTON — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has expanded his double-digit lead among Millennials in the Democratic presidential race, but a new USA TODAY/Rock the Vote poll finds a way for Hillary Clinton to solve her generation gap: Donald Trump.

    Opposition to Trump nearly unites the rising generation.

    In a hypothetical Clinton v. Trump contest in November, voters under 35 would choose Clinton by a crushing 52%-19%, a preference that crosses demographic lines. Among whites, she’d be backed by nearly 2-1, 45%-26%. Among Hispanics, by more than 4-1, 61%-14%. Among Asian Americans, by 5-1, 60%-11%. Among African Americans, by 13-1, 67%-5%.
    Nearly one in four Republicans would defect to the Democrats if the GOP nominated Trump against Clinton. Just 7% of Democrats would defect to the GOP.

    “Trump would kind of make a mockery out of America,” worries Cameron Lee Craig, 25, a stay-at-home mom from Amelia, Ohio, who was among those surveyed. “He’s kind of a jerk.”

  • Torcer

    Can the same be said of Trump since he has allies in the establishment?

    Or does that fall under your double standards?

  • Torcer

    Is there a point you are trying to make in your litany of strawmen?

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Have you seen Reich spewing this in a video? It’s on Youtube

  • Occam’s Stubble

    I notice comments are disabled for the video. Gee, I wonder why.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    Cruz killed crony capitalism while at the FTC. Trump is crony capitalism incarnate. You’re a victim of a cult of personality. It’s time for an intervention.

  • GhostRider2001

    Yeah, it is kinda funny watching the RINOs think about cozying up to the guy who has called them out repeatedly on the Senate floor and is probably the most hated Republican in the Senate for doing so…… but a good chunk of the RINO coalition is already in the Trump camp.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    At least Cruz licks the boots of Republicans which is more than I can say for The Donald.

  • William McDougald

    The constitutional conservative didn’t mention the 1st amendment Friday night. He mentioned Trump a lot. CNN and MSNBC showed over and over. I’ve never seen Trump attack Cruz or anybody else’s supporters. Do you consider me “low information” because I support Trump. Just because of that, no other explanation why I am low information. My original comment was for Moonbattery, NOT to any of you, I don’t know you. Your responses, Trumpbot etc. I thought Ted didn’t like the corrupt media. What difference is there between Cruz’s words compared to Hillary and Bernie last night. He agrees with them. Is he going to go pro amnnesty now? He ridiculed a wall before he saw Trump’s numbers. I think Muslims in general really don’t like us, I don’t think there’s anything wrong in bringing it up. Ted just criticizes such statements just like the MSM..Chill out I didn’t insult you personally, I really didn’t care for you saying it btw. You should tell Ted not to deride the voters, go for your rival. Ted should take a minute to attack a democrat during one hour of hisvattacks on Trump. Say what you want, but Trump at least attacks democratic candidates. Resolve of candidate to do something is important also, if somebody will say something about an issue without worrying what media the says means a lot to me. Ted hasn’t shown that, his statement Friday disappointed me.

  • Torcer

    Andrew Breitbart: Donald Trump Is Not A Conservative

  • William McDougald

    Don’t insult Ted, at least he doesn’t copy other candidates ideas after he sees their poll numbers go up.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    This is what I’ve always said: If you support Trump because of what he’ll do to the GOPe, I’m with you but if you’re supporting him because you think he is a conservative, you need to have your head examined.

  • Sauer Thirtyeight

    The dismal fact is that Conservatism, despite its philosphical merits, has failed at the presidential level. It simply isn’t giving us any viable candidates. The Republican party has failed as well. It seems to be getting comfortable as a Progressive lackey, a permanent (and feeble) opposition party. Somebody had better wreck it and build it back up into something else, because what it is now ain’t worth having.

    Cruz talks a decent game, but he’s a put-on, a bigger con-man than Trump. I had to watch him a while to figure that out, but after his comments about the Chicago brownshirt incident, well … if he’s a Conservative, it’s no Conservatism I recognize.

  • No Ted

    I wouldn’t trust anything RCP says.

    Who owns Real Clear Politics???

    Forbes bought it in 2007

    Well look at this now, Forbes sells to Hong Kong:

    Bet they don’t like Donald. An would be much happier with the Sell out Clintons and the Bush boot lickers Cruz / Rubio. All you quoting RCP and pound sand.

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  • Tadpole

    Now if only the loony left haters would agree that Cruz is the biggest danger to the Left, but so far their BIG target is Trump.

  • awake

    Regardless, Trump has destroyed the GOPe already, and any shenanigans at the convention, should Trump not get the requisite delegates to secure the nomination will only serve as the final nail, with the hammer securely in Trump’s right hand.

  • IslandLifer

    It was the nail in his coffin. This site has gone completely off the rails for Cruz and just another attack pet for team tEd. Trump will win the nomination but these so called Cons have done their damage becoming bitter pills digested by the left. Let’s just hope we get enough cool heads to prevail so we all don’t suffer under Shrill. Cruz is going nowhere 2016

  • Esthergnickerson4

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  • Johnny Monday

    Trump has destroyed the Republican Party. Mission accomplished.

  • William McDougald

    Your inflatable Ted Cruz doll is leaking, why don’t you blow it up.

  • GhostRider2001

    The left is dying to run against Trump. There are so many skeletons in that guy’s closet, not to mention his complete lack of policy expertise. They will make him look like a fool. He is the only candidate in the race who makes Hillary look honest and knowledgeable.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    All these anti-Trump postings go for naught. Cruzies, you’re shrieking into a howling gale. You are ineffective. As this

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Conservatives sold their souls when they kept voting Republican in the face of overwhelming GOP rejection. Their inability to see that is why they keep losing.

  • Wilberforce

    The Communist Party USA fist is okay to use, as long as it’s rotated 90 degrees to the right.

    Got it.

  • Artfuldgr

    Cruz sides with protestor brownshirts that deny the right of free speech, and the right of peaceful assembly, and he will defend our constitution

    and dave who thinks that not protecting free speech and that is ok, and thinks a real constituational conservative would not defend those things

    now thinks innocent until proven guilty is a wrongness as well
    that a trail by press and show trial as in communism, is the way to go

    not bad… sticking up for the constutution by violating it is not constitutional conservativism.. its just maoist might makes right.

  • Artfuldgr

    Trump did not destroy the GOP destroyed itself and trump stepped into the vacume the same way that the left destroyed the dems during the nixon election and their fighting put nixon in office… duh

  • Artfuldgr

    they dont… its hard to build a miltary on islands that dont belong to you then claim them yours, extend the boundaries of your state, and then suck up all the oil from the other weak countries… if the USA has no one with balls to stop them..

    and i already know cruz has none, as he sided with the protesters against trump, not sided for free speech, right to assemble, etc…

    thats not someone who will preserve the constitution, he had his chance to show that, and he didnt, he joined in with the power comes from the end of a gun crowd and the communists against free speech and assembly.

    Jeden mas seine..
    you get what you deserve (from socialists)
    the words above the gate at buchenwald…

  • FrozenPatriot

    And Ed’s intelligence is revealed. Cruz is the only of four major candidates left between both parties who ISN’T advocating socialist policies. Bernie and Hitlery obviously are, and Trump is advocating socialist healthcare and YUUUGE public works projects (e.g. walls) akin to FDR’s Public Works Administration.

    We don’t need a wall, we need to enforce existing laws.

    We don’t need a wall, we already have the state guards.

    We don’t need a wall, it’s just another government growth and corruption opportunity.

    We don’t need a wall, we need to shoot some invaders in the head, and they’ll retreat all by their little ol’ selves.

    We don’t need a wall, because we don’t need more government.

    On this thread, we don’t need Trump, we need someone who will beat Hitlery in November. That man is Ted Cruz.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    No, it is more like Cruz is cranking his carrot. That ‘Fist of Power’ isn’t going back n’ forth, it’s going up and down. Stand back, don’t get any on you.

  • FrozenPatriot

    Trump has the hammer, now all that’s left is the sickle…

    Increasingly progressive income tax. (from each according to his ability)

    Socialist healthcare. (to each according to his need)

    YUUUUUGE public works projects. (FDR is cheering)

    For the youngsters out there who never learned history, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” was popularized by Karl Marx.

    P.S. Karl Marx was a communist.

    P.P.S. The Hammer and Sickle are the symbol of the soviet communist (see my avatar). Why do I have to explain all these things to Trump supporters?

  • FrozenPatriot

    First you reveal your intelligence, now you reveal your maturity. How rich….

  • Ed. G. Mann

    If Cruz was going to be more than a shot in the dark, he would have produced by now. He hasn’t, he won’t. You can call Trump any name you wish but there is one you will be calling him soon: Mr President.

  • FrozenPatriot

    Wow, first intelligence, then maturity, and now it’s reading and comprehension! What’s next, ladies and gentlemen?

    1. What name have I called Trump in our conversation?

    2. Cruz is producing. You’re just ignoring it:

    3. You can’t read and comprehend graphs very well, as evidenced by the last graph and this one:

  • Fiberal

    Can we ever expect this same level of vituperation on MB to be directed against Hellary, or whatever expectorate the dims cough up for the general?

    I’ve never seen such devoutness on MB, either when BO excreted into the WH or when the rotund duo, Kagen and Sotomayor were plopped into the SCOTUS by BO and his RINOs.

    I mean far be it from me to wonder what it would look like if a small percentage of this anti-Trump MB energy were to be directed toward the republican candidates who blamed Trump for the riots at his rallies.

    Or heaven forbid that when blaming Trump for violent rallies that the numerous conservatives that have been shut down at other elections by liberals, or that have been set upon by liberals at Universities would be vaguely mentioned on MB at this time.

    Aren’t these conservative issues?

    But no. Trump must be defeated at all costs due to his lack of conservative purity – even if it means risking a continuation or escalation of foreign invasion.

    How would a comment or two about the countless Americans killed by illegals who are now supported, or once supported, through amnesty by Kasich, Cruz or Rubio play into the tiny hands of the evil Trump?

    When so many Cruzzettes around the country have solemnly pledged to defeat Trump by supporting Hellary, who is inarguably the most privileged and corrupt politician in the history of U.S. elections, one can only hope that Trump will win by such a landslide that will make these ‘conservative’ voters as irrelevant as the Rent Is Too Damn High party in 2016.

  • whotothewhat

    Well at least so far Trump has no dead bodies to stand on, like Hillary does. I will take a President who is a businessmen who has created thousands of jobs built careers and has taken chances good or bad, Then someone from Political class who only accomplishment has been to read Green Eggs and Ham during a filibuster or someone who has enjoyed foam parties, or a person who recently came out said he will give amnesty to illegals within the first 100 days in office. Pissed off students of a business college does not make a conspiracy on par with Hillary’s entire life in politics.

  • FrozenPatriot
  • FrozenPatriot

    Hong King is among the most free and prosperous country on earth. If they don’t like the Teflon Don, why do you?

  • Gene

    Yes, that will make a good campaign slogan: “Well, at least my guy hasn’t gotten anyone killed.” Or, “Trump isn’t as big a liar as Hillary.”

    Somehow that doesn’t do it for me.

  • TED
  • TED
  • One Voice

    Hillary tried for treason,
    Trump tried for fraud,
    Americans might start feeling like laws are for everybody!

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Yes, we saw Cruz produce on Super Tuesday. Now that definitely is a Cruz trend. Florida, North Carolina, Illinois and Missouri does a trend make. Kasich winning Ohio is now on the road; he might want to put on shoes.

    Tell me again about the producing part…

  • Deirdre Mullen

    Yes, this guy is definitely telling the truth about Trump and his swindlings’t . I totally believe him and the usual sue-happy New Yorkers suing Trump because they sucked at doing anything with real estate. Cliff isn’t a money-hungry guy who has just received an entire lifetime’s wealth by agreeing to appear on media trashing Trump. He’s just joining everyone else and being well paid for it.
    I don’t care if Trump is lying his ass off and is utterly corrupt but I do doubt it. I’d still rather see him destroy the republicans who are the biggest traitors to the white Americans ready to support them so many times. I’d be happy to see them crash and burn.

  • Torcer

    Then there isn’t a point then?

  • Torcer

    The GOPe has rolled over and refused to do what they have promised FAR to many times in recent years, but they are opposed by Ted Cruz so in many ways you have the best of both worlds.

  • Occam’s Stubble



    Can we include all the Chiselers in Washington DC who have been chiseling the American Taxpayer for decades and these same DC Chiselers STILL fail to understand this “movement” that is happening….from FED UP Americans?!?..
    Dam it.


    What resonates with a lot of the voters from day one is his stance on the border…He wants to Build a Wall, he said we will have that WALL — (and everyone has been waiting 30 years for this Government to seal our border )….

    …Trump says either we have a country or we don’t…THAT is ‘one’ of the things Trump says he ‘will’ do (and Make Mexico Pay for it) THAT is one of many things that resonates with me…. Cruz says we will ‘secure’ the border….

    ….when Cruz says it (‘we will secure the border’) Not – we Will Build a big Wall!! it sounds a ‘little limp’ from Cruz for my taste…almost like it’s an after thought…

    I say what if? What if Trump turns out to be a really Great President??.
    TRUMP 2016!!

  • Occam’s Stubble

    I understand his appeal. The problem I have is that he never elaborates on “how.” There are a couple of ways to get Mexico to pay for the wall. You could tax remittances or you could withhold foreign aid. Which plan will he use? How will he get Congress to approve it? How much revenue does he think he can get? What will the wall cost? How long will it take to build? How will he succeed where Reagan failed?

    The other thing is that he says he’s going to deport all the illegals but he never says how that’s going to happen, either. How do you find them? How many border patrol agents are you going to have to deputize? Where will you get the funds for that?

    He then says he’s going to let the “good ones” back in. He can only do that by granting them some kind of legal status. Before Trump, if any candidate had said anything about granting illegals status, he would forever be known as an amnesty shill. Why does Trump get a pass?

    Couple all that with his past financial support for Democrats and his flip flopping on other important issues and you’ve got the makings of a raging RINO. Again, why does he get a pass?


    I know this is long (sorry), but, hear me out especially the end…

    Look Trump is not a blabber mouth like Obama…letting the enemy know when we are going to leave Iraq so the “enemy” bides their time waiting to move in… to fill the ‘void’ which is exactly what they did…
    What Trump does in the “Art of the Deal” is when possible secure the deal first….then show your cards. Trump is only showing some of his cards…

    You worry how ‘Trump’ is going to ‘Pay’ for it (the wall) yet no one questions where 20 Trillion dollars went to..(we are not in a day to day ‘war’ like under Bush – where 8 trillion could be justified), but, I question it, and no one has a concrete answer.

    One place I do know where Trillions went to was the Health Insurance Companies, (Industry)…the same health care industry that the brain dead Liberals were complaining about “ripping’ off the Working people…they made out like bandits under Obamacare…
    You said –
    “The problem I have is that he never elaborates on “how.” ”
    -Trump says Mexico gets 58 Billion dollars from the US…
    yes, withhold the aid…make them pay.
    – I believe he said it would cost 10 million to build the wall along 1000 Miles…the rest is natural wall. If we have to build more I’m In…
    How long? – Months – Will be under schedule and on budget (he runs a tight ship)
    “How will he get Congress to approve it?”

    He will negotiate with them…
    “How do you find them?”
    Once the wall is built, you only have to worry about who is here…lessen the flow…Once they realize there won’t be any jobs…they will self deport. Once they realize there will not be any ‘free aid’ (Free Money) they will self deport. He will probably have devised a way to lure out the rest.
    Trump is not going to do Amnesty.
    Reagan failed only because he trusted the Democrats to keep their word about building a wall ( securing the border). He admitted later on it was the worse decision he ever made.
    His past support for Democrats…
    “I” used to be a democrat until I realized what kind of Crap they were spewing….(young and ignorant)
    Trump is a businessman…Trump has said over and over he sees what the Democrats (Liberals) have done to this country…He sees our infrastructure crumbling…he sees the breakdown of the middle class…

    The things he is saying now…about trade he has said 20 years ago…(on Oprah – she asked him on her show if he would ever think about running for President – He said no, not at that time he had small kids…and a business to run…now his kids are older and he has handed the reins to them while he does this).

    In his speech (you should watch it) on Tuesday night after winning the Primaries…He said he did not have to do this…he loves his country…he wants to Make America Great Again…His way of “Giving Back”…Trump is a very intelligent man, he puts good people behind him…he hangs with winners…

    Who says something like this if he is only out to screw the American People??

    TRUMP 2016!!

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