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Mar 15 2016

A Preview of the General Election if Trump Is the Nominee

This ad is just a small foretaste of what the Dems will be plastering across the airwaves if Republicans are foolish enough to run Trump against the Historic First Woman President:

Admittedly, the ad is somewhat lame. Mollie Hemingway says it falls flat not only because it lacks humor, but because Trump’s supporters already know about his attitude toward women (thus his widening gender gap); most of them couldn’t care less.

However, in the general election, ads will be aimed at the same wider public that lapped up the groundless War on Women idiocy in 2012. Big money will bring in big talent to produce more effective ads, hammering Trump for every insulting, divisive grunt he has emitted since he started clogging up the New York City tabloids a generation ago. Once he has secured the nomination, the mainstream news media will gleefully participate. As Hemingway says, Trump is “an opposition researcher’s dream.”

If Democrats are smart — and a lot of them are — they won’t be satisfied with a 50-state rout and both houses of Congress in 2016. The ads that play for months on end with be designed to tie Trump around Republicans’ necks like a millstone. Not only Trump but the hijacked GOP and conservative resistance in general will be rendered unclean in the public mind by the time the propaganda campaign reaches its climax at Hillary’s coronation.

On tips from Torcer and Varla.

  • GhostRider2001

    Even worse is Trump used in Attack Ad Against Senate Republicans by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:

    Rubio and Kasich need to swallow their pride and make this a one on one race.

  • Bully

    Trump was commenting on Rosie O’donnel. Who could disagree?

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  • jayeS

    That black woman in the ad looks like the Mooch, no one will listen to what she has to say.

  • Skip

    What you have written here is totally false. “The ads that play for months on end with be designed to tie Trump around Republicans’ necks like a millstone. Not only Trump but the hijacked GOP and conservative resistance in general will be rendered unclean in the public mind by the time the propaganda campaign reaches its climax at Hillary’s coronation.”
    One of the reasons Donald Trump’s movement is exciting people is because of what they have had to endure and continue to do so, from the Democratic Party and Obama. Hillary has way too much baggage to win the presidency.

  • IslandLifer

    Big night for Trump! Cruz….nada

  • GhostRider2001

    Trump is the king of baggage and skeletons in the closet. He makes Hillary look honest.

  • IslandLifer

    That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day coming out of an ass.

  • GhostRider2001

    Then you need to go to a Trump rally pronto.

  • ThisObamaNation

    Time for moonbattery to stop it’s fear mongering and smearing the presumptive nominee of the
    GOP. Trump is winning everything, Cruz not so much.

  • ThisObamaNation

    The more they attack and smear Trump, the more his numbers go up.

  • Tadpole

    Yup! And the idea that “the media” can derail Trump is utterly hilarious.

    Ooooh, what if MSNBC were to say: “Twump is nuffin but a waaaaacist!”

    That would finish him off for sure!


  • Krummholzt

    It is probably about time for some reconciliation and closing ranks behind our candidate, Donald Trump. From here on in, the focus needs to be on Hillary.

  • Artfuldgr

    A BLACK Donald Trump supporter who faced down an angry mob of Black Lives Matter protesters has become an internet sensation.

    man was filmed wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat at a Trump
    rally in St. Louis, Missouri, when a group of Black Lives Matter
    confronted him. “I just saw lie, the great lie, that, ‘Oh, we’re so
    oppressed’,” he says to the group in the video, which has been viewed
    nearly 400,000 times.

    When the Trump supporter says he’s “voting
    for the future”, the Black Lives Matter protester replies: “What future,
    the future [is going to] look like f***** X-Men: Apocalypse when that
    s*** comes out, man, damn.”

    Shaking his head, the Trump supporter
    says he’s “voting for the future of my people”. “I’m voting for Trump
    because I want jobs, not welfare,” he says.

    “I don’t want to be a
    slave anymore. I want a job. I want to work for my own money. I want to
    have a house. I want to pay for my own stuff with my money that I made.
    I don’t want handouts. I want freedom. I want actual freedom. “I want a
    job. I want a future that’s mine. I don’t want handouts from the

    The protesters yell: “You’ll be a slave to your
    job!”, while others accuse him of being “part of their schemes to hold
    down minorities”. “Do you believe black lives matter?” one woman asks.

    “Black Lives Matter is a movement that shouldn’t even exist,” he replies.

    want to talk about Black Lives Matter? Go to Chicago. Tell them that
    black lives matter. All of you people want to go into the streets and
    complain, ‘Oh, they got shot by the cops’, but you don’t want to go to
    Chicago and say we’re killing each other in droves.”

    Asked how he can support Trump when he has been endorsed by white supremacist groups, the man says: “So what? I don’t care.

    know what? Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, both of them [were] endorsed
    by Robert Byrd. [They] went to his funeral. Robert Byrd was a Grand
    Cyclops of the KKK. Hillary Clinton spoke at his funeral.”


    Donald was not talking about my mother, grandmother or daughter. However if he was speaking about my sisters, cousins and a few ex-girlfriends – he was dead on!

    Everyone who knew them says that about them too. It is about time we use the correct adjectives and stop worrying about hurt feelings.


    His skeletons have been sunning themselves out in the open for 30 years now –

  • CharlieZ

    So now you need the “Cuckservatives” to return to the fold? Not happening here. After forty-four years and eleven presidential elections I’ve voted Republican in every one. Donnie the Douche has broken that string. Good luck. You’ll need it.

  • IslandLifer

    We don’t need pussies like you. Coward.

  • CharlieZ

    Your filthy little boy is hated by seventy percent of the country. You shouldn’t be choosy. LOL

  • RubyTwoThree

    The media is slow to turn, it is fun watching them go down.

  • Tadpole

    Anyone who has seen the pathetic scores or hundreds of yawning hard-core Dems at Hillary speeches, patiently bearing with her hacking coughs and dog-barks, and compares them with the tens of thousands of cheering fans at the Donald’s meetings, and then goes on to argue that, yep, the polls are to be believed and Trump won’t have a chance against her is living in another galaxy.

    Look at the stats for the popularity of Obamacare and tell me, yes, the people definitely want more of that sort of crap. Look at the political map of the States and see almost one vast sea of red, and say, nah, all that will be reversed come the general election. Ha! Look at the numbers for that majority of voters who believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction, and tell me they would much prefer to keep on that direction by voting for Hillary rather than take a chance on something completely new with Trump. Ha!

    Those who believe (I don’t give a shit what the polls say) that Trump has no chance against Hillary is barking as loudly as she does.

  • IslandLifer

    You keep eating that shit and your teeth will fall out

  • Lockstein13

    If there’s going to be any coronation of “the Historic First Woman President”, it’s going to be by the GOP Establishment, stealing the nomination from Trump and handing it to the only “plausible” guy who they can still control: Cruz.

    At which point, it won’t be “the conservative base”…but rather all the millions upon millions of crossover voters who support Trump who will walk away from your travelling Revival Tent preacher boy Cruz, thereby ensuring the GOP Establishment’s victory through their elite relative, Hillary.

  • HarleyBobb

    First, you are not a Republican. I read some of your past posts and in my opinion, you’re a Democrat or worse a Rhino. You said,”I’ve voted Republican in every election since ’72. With the exception of Reagan”.

    I hope you found your tampon after the string broke, you don’t want to have any medical problems like Toxic shock syndrome.

  • HarleyBobb

    He wants Obamacare to buy a new pair of choppers.

  • Jodie

    Who told that black lady in the video that that hair color looked good on her?? She reminds me of Tan Mom:

  • Chocolate&Cheese

    Thanks for that view from the fever swamp!

  • maudieNmandeville

    Forty-four years and 21 comments. You’re too easy, Sis.

  • maudieNmandeville

    This should work on the same crowd that spittle drools over rabid pro-abortion feminists lecturing on their hated of the pro-life people. To assume that 99% of politicians don’t think and talk this way is why there is an establishment with lifetime seats. FAIL.

  • Mark Daniel Johansen

    Trump is far from my favorite candidate. But one of the few things about him that I respect is that he knows how to deal with these kind of attacks. When a Democrat or a reporter for the major media (but I repeat myself) says “you’re a racist” or “you’re sexist”, most Republicans immediately back down. They promptly reverse their position on whatever issue, beg for forgiveness, and cry and plead to be told what they must do to redeem themselves. This never works, but they do it every time. Trump just brushes off the criticism, ridicules the person making such a lame attack, and moves on.
    The attacks in this video are lame. In most if not all of the quotes, Trump wasn’t attacking women in general, but specific women. The liberal position appears to be that women can and should be full participants in politics because they are just as smart and strong and tough as any man, but of course it’s outrageous and offensive for a man to criticize a woman politician because women are frail and delicate flowers and that would be ungentlemanly and cruel. Well, unless of course it’s a conservative women, in which case the rational and legitimate reply to her detailed technical policy proposals is to say that she’s ugly and deserves to be raped.

  • Johnny Monday

    Typical anti-Christian Drumpf supporter. Evangelicals who support that loser are fools.

  • Johnny Monday


  • Johnny Monday

    I hope Moonbattery stands up to the Drump regime if it comes to that.

  • Lockstein13

    What a semi-literate response!
    You can do better!!

    So, you believe it’s “anti-Christian” to mock/criticize someone who ABUSES their true faith. Gotcha. Got anything else, child?

    I’ve got my priorities straight: I’m NOT voting for the jerk who will sell out America’s sovereignty via the TPP.

  • CharlieZ

    Actually what I said was, I’ve never been completely satisfied with with my Republican choices. With the exception of Reagan. And since you seem to be very concerned with my voting patterns, I’ll give you another bit of info. I’ve never voted for a democrat in my life. Not one. So there it is. Thank you my friend for your time and concern for my well-being. May God bless.

  • Pegon Zellschmidt

    PC will be forever ruined under Trump. He’s leveled the playing field by taking that weapon away. In the past, only a Hollywood liberal, Democrat politician, liberal activist could get away with saying such things.

  • CharlieZ

    Not sure exactly what you mean. However if you’re referring to the scarcity of comments, alas that comes from having a real life away from DISQUS and other social media.

  • rex freeway

    The comments were disabled on the you tube account. I could have exploded so many liberal heads

  • Veritas

    The author ought to review Buckley’s comments to Gore Vidal on live TV after Gore became insulting. The nation isn’t as pussified as the author is.

  • Jeandmorris3

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  • Martin Wornath

    I am supporting Cruz, but what I like about Trump is that he won’t take attacks like this sitting down. Republicans should answer ads like this with people quoting Hillary and liberal Democrats attacking white people. White people need to stand up for themselves.

  • Martin Wornath

    Your link does not work. Do you have a link to the scene you describe?

  • Ray Babbitt

    actually, they’re heretics.

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