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Mar 16 2016

Ultra-Leftist Thomas Perez Floated for Hillary’s VP

hillary thomas perez
Vice President Thomas Perez?

It would seem impossible that the Democrat Party could go even farther off the tracks to the left than it already has under Obama — and yet:

Aside from the wonkiest of Washington circles and the most progressive corners of the left, no one’s heard of Tom Perez. He isn’t young or handsome. He has zero foreign policy experience. The highest office he’s been elected to is a suburban county council.

Yet the labor secretary has emerged as a sleeper pick for vice president, with chatter building among top Democrats — including Elizabeth Warren.

What Perez has to offer is that no one who has ever lived could outflank him on the left. As noted 2 years ago,

If there is one wriggling insect in Washington that causes the skin to crawl even more than the others, it is Thomas Perez of the Department of Social Justice, who has taken a lead role in attempting to reenact the 2008 housing market collapse by forcing banks to make race-based loans (see here and here). Obama has rewarded his aggressive racism by nominating him for Labor Secretary. This pushes the radical left envelope too far for Senator David Vitter (R-LA), who cites Perez’s role in the infamous New Black Panther voter intimidation case, as well as a thuggish attempt to facilitate voter fraud in Louisiana.

As Labor Secretary, Perez has waded so deep into the fever swamps of hard left ideology as to proclaim that amnesty for illegal aliens would raise wages.

Washington Free Beacon describes a few scandals he has stepped in:

New Black Panther Party

In 2008, two men from the New Black Panther Party, one brandishing a nightstick, stood in front of a polling place in Philadelphia and became aggressive when a video tracker asked them what they were doing. The Department of Justice had a straightforward case against the two, according to former attorney J. Christian Adams, until Perez, then head of the agency’s Civil Rights Division, intervened. Adams resigned in protest after the charges were dropped. He called Perez the “most extreme cabinet nominee” he had ever seen.

No Voting Rights for White People

An investigation into the Civil Rights Division by the Department of Justice’s inspector general revealed extreme views held by Perez. He told investigators that white people were not entitled to protection under the Voting Rights Act.

Abandoned Whistleblower Lawsuit

The House Oversight Committee found that Perez engaged in a quid pro quo that cost taxpayers $200 million in order to prevent a discrimination case from reaching the Supreme Court.

Perez pressured underlings to cover up the deal by omitting any mention of the reasons behind the decision. “Mr. Perez inappropriately used a whistleblower as a bargaining chip,” said Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.), the committee chairman. Issa said the deal was “arranged to ensure an ideological pet policy of the Obama Administration would avoid Supreme Court scrutiny.”

Hillary-Style Email Shenanigans

Perez would be a fitting running mate for Clinton given his use of private email to dodge accountability laws and his refusal to surrender potentially damaging material to the public.

Ignoring and Misleading Congress

Perez has insisted that the Labor Department is not legislating from the executive branch or coordinating with other labor regulators to push workplace rules that crack down on franchising. However, Perez came under fire when congressional investigators discovered coordination after uncovering files from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)—records that did not turn up in Perez’s submission to the committee.

For more details on Perez’s career in hyper-moonbattery, refer to Discover the Networks.

Considering Hillary’s precarious health, having this kook a heartbeat away should make the hair stand up on the back of any patriot’s neck.

Some reasons Perez is unfit for Labor Secretary, much less VP.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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  • GhostRider2001

    That’s almost enough to make me want to hold my nose and vote for corruptocrat Trump if the election is close.

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  • Chocolate&Cheese

    Nah, you rather see the country burn.

    Let it Burn, right?

  • William McDougald

    INo go vote for Hillary, you’re a TRUE conservative, right? True conservatives commenters on this site ONLY hate Trump, I don’t ever see people criticizing Hillary! This the first anti democrat article Ivve seen by Moonbat in weeks. You can are a Cruz supporter, you have to hate Trump. He said bad things about Ted. Look be a man and contribute to Hillary, what better way is there to show you hate Trump. Trump probably upset you when he said Muslims hate us, right? They love us, just read the papers. The best way to express your Trump hate is to vote for Clinton, then you can say”Trump was mean to Ted, so I sat out or voted dem. It’s Trump’s I did it. I don’t like an overbearing government, more gun control, open borders amnesty and I think we should maybe check out these”refugees”, but Donald said these same things the ‘wrong way”. You have to be politically correct.Don’t laugh Moonbat will be a Hillary supporter soon. Remember don’t worry about the little rights you lose, just hate Trump.

  • GhostRider2001

    Let it burn like it is 1968 and the leftists are in the streets funded by, Soros, and whoever else.

    Or maybe we should just tear down the IRS, the EPA, the Dept of Education, the Dept of Energy, the Department of Labor, the FCC, the FTC, etc. etc., all those things that waste massive amounts of taxpayer money…… the list goes on and on and on.

    Sorry, but I see Trump as the ultimate insider, the influence peddler in chief, who has no firm convictions or beliefs about anything other than the greatness of Donald Trump, and is very adept at using and manipulating people to get what he wants. He’s the ultimate confidence man or huckster who makes bold proclamations and can make people believe almost anything, but who can’t even consistently articulate his own positions (hence the way he talks that everything is “tremendous,” “wonderful,” the best,” “amazing,” “fantastic,” “great,” “huge,” “terrific,” “super,” “unbelievable,” to conceal the lack of substance in what he is saying). Would I vote for Trump as the least worst of two numbskulls– possibly, still deciding.

    On another note, has anyone bought any of the Donald or Ivanka clothing or purses, etc. that are making China/Indonesia/Mexico great again? Is any of that stuff really worth the money?

  • Artfuldgr

    Elliot Abrams “Ignoring and Misleading Congress” back wiht iran contra, send weapons to iran not unlike obama is adding to, sending cocaine/crack to the blacks in inner cities, to fund a takeover of a foreign state… all without any permission and in violation of congress… which is why he needed a pardon.

    but he is with Cruz, so that makes it ok for dave…

    Ignoring and Misleading Congress

  • Artfuldgr

    Reserve Funds Hillary and Cruz, but Not Trump – See more at:
    Federal Reserve Funds Hillary and Cruz, but Not Trump
    Fed gives over $18,000 to Clinton, $2,000 to Cruz, and $0 to Trump

    Donald Trump, who called for an audit of the Federal Reserve, has gotten zero donations from the Fed unlike Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, the latter of whom skipped a recent audit vote.

    Federal Election Commission data reveals that Fed employees have donated over $18,000 to Clinton, $2,000 to Cruz, $750 to Rubio and $0 to Trump.

    Trump previously said it was important to audit the Fed and even called out Cruz for skipping a vote on Sen. Rand Paul’s “Audit the Fed” proposal back in Jan.

  • TED

    But then the LEFT WOULDN’T have a problem with that either, would THEY!

  • TED

    LOLOLOLOL! Oh LOOK, another TROLL thread!

  • Eastwood Ravine

    “He told investigators that white people were not entitled to protection under the Voting Rights Act.”

    Yea, that’s a problem. We just need to get on with the civil war that is already been all-but declared by the Left already.

  • Jeandmorris3

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